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Black History

As Yerby’s mind rages against his unkind fate …

Yerby’s characters rage against him.

Who of us is not a victim…

And does not serve their masters…


When the sorcerer resorts to magic to explain a mystery,

He crosses from the realm of illusion…

Into the world of reality.

FRANK YERBY is on his deathbed … and he knows it. But death frightens Yerby not at all. Death infuriates him. Death means that none of his literary accomplishments will be appreciated. And he will be denied the acclaim that he deserves. But even as Yerby’s mind rages against this unkind fate, characters from his books … his own creations … rage against him. They accuse him of being the author of his own failure and, in turn, casting them into oblivion. So Yerby's characters determine that he must unravel the mystery of the 'victim's guilt'. In part one, SUMAYLA summons Frank Yerby back to 9th century Spain using the powers of Jewish mysticism. Sumayla is allied with the grand vizier who plots to overthrow the Emir of Cordoba. In part two of the book, the leader of a Voodoo cult conjures up a spell to bring Frank Yerby to Cuba. The Voodoo priest wants Yerby to assist and protect his nephew, PEDRO, who plans to lead an insurrection of Negro slaves and Cuban haciendados against Cuba’s rulers on behalf of American southerners who want to bring Cuba into the United States as a slave state. In the third part, ELLEN, an octoroon runaway slave causes the rape and murder of her white stepsister and must flee west. When she becomes embroiled in the bloody Kansas border war with John Brown, she is sold into slavery. Only Frank Yerby is able to come to her rescue.

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