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Trumpism: America’s Kinder, Gentler Fascism

GOP Candidate Promises A WWIII That Will Kill Only Non-Whites

Eugene Stovall, Oakland, California

December 31, 2015

Trump, a billionaire real-estate developer, says he is largely financing his own campaign and not relying on big donors or special interests, which is unusual in itself. But he is also plowing new ground because he has based his effort so far not on paid advertising or a huge staff – which saves him money – but on free media [emphasis added]. He has been able to generate endless news coverage in the mainstream media almost at will and is a huge presence on social media, including Twitter and Instagram.

U.S. News

Kenneth T. Walsh

The media wants America to unleash its full military might in its current crop of wars. Toppling governments, killing civilians and creating a tsunami of refugees that is now engulfing Europe is not enough. The media wants all restraints removed, boots on the ground and America’s enemies dead. The oceans of blood caused by every imaginable American weapon ___ designed to smash, burn, explode and shred human bodies into charred pieces ___ is not sufficient for the media. Calls for a bloodier, more expansive, no-holds-barred defense of America’s plutocratic grip upon the world’s wealth and resources has given the media the very person willing to do the job ___ Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, a person without any diplomatic or moral compunction, is willing to kill more effectively, more ruthlessly and more abundantly. He is willing to take on the enemies of America’s billionaires whoever and wherever they are. Donald Trump is the media’s darling. The media presents Trump’s racist, xenophobic rants as the ideology needed to force the rest of the world ___ especially the non-white world ____ to accept American ‘exceptionalism’ and imperialism. Trumpism updates the neo-con, war liberal doctrine of endless war.

"America has been the rightful successor of the British Empire for the past 70 years. The brave historian Niall Ferguson, amongst others, has embraced that fact and urged America to acknowledge and embrace the good that it is with the power it holds. It is time for the politicians to embrace it as well, before we lose it to those who do not believe in what we do. This is part of the Trump Phenomenon as such a view is seen as right by a large segment of the American public [sic]."

Donald Trump and American Exceptionalism

by Larry Provost,

The big media outlets love Trumpism. For every minute of TV airtime that ABC World News Tonight devoted to the Bernie Sanders' campaign this year, ABC has devoted 81 minutes to Donald Trump's campaign. The media cannot get enough of Trump’s call for racial hate and bigotry. When he is president, Trump vows to wall off Mexico from Texas and seize Mexican funds to pay for the wall’s construction. He will prohibit all Muslims from entering the US and order the National Security Administration to keep a database of Americans who practice the Islamic faith. Trump’s simpleminded formula for maintaining white supremacy derives from the well-known fascist philosophy of racial superiority.

Today, many respectable political commentators, including conservatives, believe that the short, wig-wearing billionaire who looks like a toad is a fascist. So in order to make Trumpism acceptable to the public, the media portrays Trump as a kinder, gentler fascist. According to his apologists, Trump’s fascism isn’t as bad as Hitler’s Nazism. Trump, himself, doesn’t even wear a uniform. But that’s because he has never served his country in the armed forces. Billionaires, like Trump, expect others to do the dying. And just like Hitler, Trump mocks soldiers who allow themselves to be captured.

MSNBC Calms America’s Fascist Fears

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes doesn’t believe Trumpism is all that dangerous. On his show, All In With Chris Hayes, that aired on Wednesday, November 25th, Hayes observed that Donald Trump was being called a fascist. So the commentator asked: “What is fascism anyway?”

According to Hayes, fascism is just another political ideology and fascists are just patriots who are concerned with America’s decline. Non-whites do not share America’s white supremacist values and are bringing America to its knees, so Hayes believes fascists have a point when they say that America has lost the ethnic purity that made it great. Fascists believe that only a strong, populist leader will apply the tough remedies necessary to who initiate a cleansing process. This is the process that sees white cops on a murder spree against black people. Hayes and his guest commentators believe fascism will restore America’s diminished imperial presence through a systematic campaign of murder and torture, at home and abroad. Yet, Hayes attempts to dilute Trump’s fascist rhetoric by conjecturing that Trumpism is just a ruse. Hayes suggests that the ideology of Trumpism is meant to deceive right wing conservatives. If Trump becomes president, Hayes argues, the racist billionaire would be forced to move to the left. This is the same lie the German media told its people about Hitler. Hayes and the other propagandists for white supremacy want a liberal public to ignore Trump’s racist rants, religious intolerance and distain for the constitution until he becomes president. These so-called ‘liberal’ commentators would have the public believe that a Trump presidency would not be so bad for America. The media ___ the propaganda organ of the plutocrats ___ is orchestrating Trump’s march to the White House.

Kill Their Families

As broadcasters like Chris Hayes recast Trumpism as a positive ideology, they deftly avoid any real discussion of the essence of fascism. But fascists are neither kind nor gentle. Fascists are serial killers who justify their distain for the basic principles of civilized behavior and human decency behind a façade of patriotism. Fascists are criminals who seize government power to pursue their own economic pursuits using state-sanctioned violence, terrorism and murder. When fascists commit war crimes and offenses against humanity, America puts them above the law, refusing either to indict or punish them. Billionaires, like Trump, who have gained economic success by corrupting the American political system, turn to fascism as a way of extending their control and increasing their wealth.

Fascists are not intellectuals as anyone who listens to Donald Trump quickly realizes. Fascists are thugs. It is not an accident that any non-white person attending a Trump rally is liable to get punched and beat up ___ on Trump’s command. Neither are fascists trustworthy; a fascist is as likely to murder friends and family as they are to kill a stranger. Trump’s proposal to defeat terrorism by killing the families of terrorists is a typical fascist strategy. Throughout WWII, fascists used Trump’s strategy to burn villages and shoot and hang men, women and children.

"The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. They care about their lives, don't kid yourself. [But] When they say they don't care about their lives, you have to take out their families."

Donald Trump’s strategy to combat terrorism

As reported by Tom LoBianco, CNN, December 3, 2015

Though Trump’s call to kill innocent women and children merely continues the US policy enacted by the Bush and Obama administrations, the media applauds Trump’s savagery and bloodthirstiness. And White America responds by unleashing a reign of terror against blacks without compunction or consequence. Whites feel safer when they hear that Arab children are being slaughtered or Hispanic children are being crammed into pens or black children are being shot down in the streets. Trump’s fascist ideology is modeled upon Benjamin Netanyahu’s genocidal campaign against the Palestinians ___ a campaign supported by billions of American tax dollars. Trump, who claims to be Presbyterian but has Jewish relatives, admires and intends to emulate the policies of Israel’s fascist prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. In an interview with The Jerusalem Post, Trump touted the Israeli prime minister as “…a terrific guy, a terrific leader, and great for Israel.” The GOP frontrunner expressed his regret that Netanyahu, who spent much of his childhood in Philadelphia, had not been elected president of the United States, but Trump vows that his presidency would import many of the racist principles that Netanyahu uses in Israel.

"I've been loyal to Israel from the day I was born [emphasis added] ," said Donald Trump. "My father, Fred Trump was loyal to Israel before me. The only one that's going to give Israel the kind of support it needs is Donald Trump."

By JPOST.COM STAFF \ 08/16/2015 11:15

Israelis: Nazis or AshkeNazis

Israel was born from fascist terrorism. The Irgun was a Zionist terrorist paramilitary organization that began in 1931. The Irgun policy was that every Jew had the right to enter Palestine in order to wrest control of the land from the Arabs using armed aggression. At the start of the Arab-Israeli War in 1948, the Irgun ___ best known for the bombing of the King David Hotel and the Deir Yassin massacre ___ was absorbed into the Israeli Defense Forces. At the conclusion of the 1948 Arab War, the Irgun reorganized itself into the fascist Likud party. The Likud has dominated Israeli politics for the past seventy years, conducting state sponsored terrorism against Palestinian Arabs ___ murdering thousands while seizing their land. From the very beginning, the Irgun’s fascist leader, Menachem Begin pursued his vision of Israeli apartheid. When the Germans invaded Poland in 1939, Menachem Begin, the savage leader of the Irgun, the founder of the Likud party and a future Israeli Prime Minister, was still living in the Warsaw Ghetto. But on February 1st, 1944 before D-Day and while WWII still raged, Menachem Begin was living in Palestine and, on that day, the Jewish fascist proclaimed an armed Jewish revolt against the British government.

"I have a special attitude concerning what the Germans did to our people," Menachem Begin told a group at a Holocaust ceremony. "You see, I know how my mother, my father, my brother, and my two cousins - one four years old, one five years old - went to their deaths. … My father was the secretary of the Brest-Litovsk Jewish community… He walked to his death at the head of 500 Jews. The Germans pushed them into the River Bug. They opened fire with machine guns from both sides, and the river became red with blood. The water turned to blood. That is how they died." And my mother - she was an old woman, sick in hospital. They summoned her and all the sick women in the hospital, and slaughtered them. So, yes, I don't deny it - I live with this. It colors everything I do.”

Menachem Begin “You Fought In The Warsaw Ghetto

By Yehuda Avner \ 04/25/2006 The Jerusalem Post

The Transfer Agreement

In 1940, immediately after their invasion of Poland, the Germans walled up 400,000 Jews, including Menachem Begin, in the Warsaw ghetto. Yet in 1944, several thousand Jews from the ghetto were living in Palestine and fighting with the Irgun and other terrorist Jewish organizations. How did this happen?

During World War I, Kaiser Wilhelm II smuggled Lenin and Bolshevik fighters into Russia to get Russia out of the war. Hitler used the same tactic. He smuggled thousands of Jewish fighters into Palestine ___ including Irgun terrorists under Begin’s leadership ____ to fight a clandestine war against the British on behalf of the Third Reich.

Juergen Stroop, SS Brigadefurher, was Heinrich Himmler’s top administer in Warsaw. In 1943, Stroop submitted a leather-bound, illustrated report to Himmler, entitled “The Warsaw Ghetto Is No More.” However, William Shirer writes in The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany: “General Stoop’s arithmetic is not very clear since this report leaves some 36,000 Jews unaccounted for.” Stroop had sent these 36,000 fascist Jews including Menachem Begin to fight the Allies. In The Transfer Agreement : The Untold Story of the Secret Pact Between the Third Reich & Jewish Palestine, Edwin Black describes how the Germans to sent another 60, 000 thousand Jews from Germany to Palestine. Long before the conclusion of WWII, the Nazi fascists had sent nearly 100, 000 Jewish fascists to fight in Palestine


Donald Trump identifies Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of the Nazi or AskeNazi-inspired Lukud party, as his role model. Netanyahu’s Likud party murders women, starves children and creates legions of orphans in a steady campaign to seize Palestinian land. Trump’s fascism mirrors Zionist fascism. As president, Trump would neither be kind nor gentle.

The Jew Who Was SS Member No. 2

Emil Maurice was an early member of the National Socialist German Workers Party, the NSDAP, which for some reason was called the Nazi party. Emile Maurice was a founding member of the SS. Adolph Hitler was SS member No. 1 and Emil Maurice was SS member No. 2. However, according to the 1933 Nuremberg laws, Emil Maurice was a Jew. Despite being racially impure, Emil Maurice was Reichsfuhrer over the entire SS ___ before Heinrich Himmler. But when Maurice was caught dallying with Hitler's niece, Geli Raubal, whom Hitler deeply loved, Hitler replaced Maurice with Himmler. Geli Raubal was not as fortunate; Hitler shot her.

Though Maurice was a senior SS officer with the rank SS-Oberfuhrer, Himmler wanted Maurice ____ along with Maurice’s brothers ___ expelled from the SS. Hitler refused. In a letter addressed to Himmler on August 31, 1935, Hitler formally declared that Emil Maurice as well as his brothers were honorary Aryans and the Fuhrer allowed the Jews to remain in the SS.

On the Night of the Long Knives, Emil Maurice accompanied Adolf Hitler and a company of SS goons on a surprise raid upon Ernst Roehm and his entire SA command staff. Roehm and his staff were vacationing in the Bavarian village of Bad Wiesse. The regular army as well as the industrialists who made Hitler chancellor of the Third Reich feared the Roehm’s 500,000-man army of SA storm troopers and demanded the SA’s dissolution. On the Night of the Long Knives, while Hitler broke into Roehm’s bedchamber, at the Hotel Hanselbauer, Emil Maurice crashed into the adjacent bedroom occupied by Edmund Heines, Roehm’s second in command. Maurice had the SS seize Heines and his male companion and take them outside into the hotel courtyard where Maurice shot both men dead. More executions followed until the entire SA officer command staff had been either executed or secured in Munich’s Stadekheim Prison. Afterwards Emil Maurice, the Nazi Jew, decided to settle an old score with a Nazi Jesuit.

Adolf Hitler had dictated Mein Kampf to Emil Maurice, however a Jesuit priest, Father Bernhard Stempfle, edited the final version. Bernhard Stempfle was prominent in Germany’s Catholic anti-Semitic movement. Father Stempfle was Hitler’s confidant and advised him on all religious matters. Stempfle published the Munchener Beobachter, the Nazi’s daily newspaper that relentlessly attacked Jews as atheists. Father Stempfle preached the moral acceptability ___ and necessity ___ of persecuting the Jews. Pogroms, the priest argued, defended catholicism. Father Stempfle also led the secretive, right wing Kanzler Organisation that worked to undermine the Weimar republic by prohibiting Catholic politicians from dealing with Jews or all other leftist politicians in the German Reichstag.

During the Night of the Long Knives, Emil Maurice had his SS bring Father Stempfle to Dachau prison just outside Munich. After he had concluded the grisly events at the Hotel Hanselbauer, Maurice fetched the anti-Semitic priest out of the Dachau, transported him into the woods near Harlaching and had the priest’s neck broken in a very unpleasant manner. Afterwards Emil Maurice shot the priest three times through the heart.

In 1936, Emil Maurice became a deputy for Leipzig in Germany’s Reichstag. After the Reichstag was dissolved, Hitler appointed Maurice chairman of the Munich Chamber of Commerce. In 1940, Maurice joined the Luftwaffe.

The Israeli Luftwaffe

At the outbreak of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, the State of Israel had an air force composed of a variety of aircraft. But the workhorse of the Israeli Air Force was Germany’s Messerschmitt Bf-109 fighter-bomber, built from spare Messerschmitt parts in Father Jozef Tiso’s Slovak Republic, Hitler’s puppet government. The rebuilt Messerschmitts had numerous problems ___ especially upon landing. It took skilled pilots with hours of training to handle the generally unreliable aircraft. But despite its unreliability, Israeli pilots flying the German Messerschmitts against Egyptians flying English Spitfires achieved complete air superiority in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. Though some commentators believed the Israeli pilots were successful because of the Messerschmitt’s superior firepower, the reality was that the Israeli pilots had many more hours of combat training than their rivals. From 1940 until 1948, Emil Maurice, SS Member #2, had organized the Israeli air force by training its pilots in German aircraft ___ even while WWII still raged. Donald Trump follows in the path of Menachem Begin, Benjamin Netanyahu and Emile Maurice; all Zionist fascists.

Trumpism: A Vision For America

The media has carefully cultivated American public opinion to accept WWIII. White people not only have a positive attitude about the coming nuclear holocaust ___ some are even wildly enthusiastic. Like in the past two world wars, the idea of annihilating their enemy makes white people feverish with anticipation. The media whips up the clamor for more war in both democratic and republican party debates. The idea of slaughtering whole populations of non-white people is described as a moral crusade ___ a reaffirmation of white privilege.

Trump’s vision for America is a fully functional police state, defending white supremacy, at home and abroad. His message is as appealing as it is fallacious. Trump’s role models, Benjamin Netanyahu, Menachem Begin and Emile Maurice have provided the barbaric blueprint. However, far from stopping white supremacy’s demise, Trumpism is likely to accelerate it.