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Junipero Serra Canonization

The Soul Of White Folks

Eugene Stovall

Oakland, California October 15, 2015

In the final event of his papal visit to the US, Pope Francis canonized a man, responsible for the enslavement, torture and murder of 300, 000 native American people. Unlike other Jesuits sent to the New World, Serra was more interested in the native people’s hereditary lands than their immortal souls. Serra’s California missions delivered fabulous riches to Spain from which the Vatican got a healthy cut. So with pomp and ritual, the Pope canonized the man who played such a dramatic role in furthering western civilization’s expansion and white people’s centuries-long crusade against non-white people. The calculated deliberation with which Pope Francis canonized Father Junipero Serra gave the world a frank glimpse into the soul of white folks.

With Serra’s canonization, Pope Francis gave himself an opportunity to endorse the ultra right extremist policies pursued for decades by the United States, at home and around the world. For centuries, the Vatican has encouraged religious crusades against non-Christians. The Catholic Church’s crusade against the Native American peoples of the Americas gave the Vatican the wealth it now enjoys. And the Pope made clear in canonizing Junipero Serra that genocide against non-white peoples was as praiseworthy in the 18th century and as the genocide occurring in the Middle East is praiseworthy today. Francis wants America to “stay the course” until western civilization has established total dominance over its ‘enemies.’

The ‘Saintliness’ Of Junipero Serra

In the early eighteenth century, the King of Spain learned that Russian fur traders were invading the fabulous land in the Americas known as California. The Russians had even named an important California waterway, Russian River. The king directed Jesuit priests ___ accompanied by Spanish soldiers ___ to baptize and educate the native peoples living in this land so they could become Spanish subjects. Spain based its claim to lands in the Americas on the people loyal to the Spanish Crown living there. The king directed the Jesuits to protect both the native residents whom the king considered Spanish subjects, as well as the land which the king considered belonging to Spain. By taking up residence in the villages of the native peoples and living with them, the other Jesuit priests carried out the king’s instructions. Junipero Serra, however, decided that the king’s directive gave him a mandate to engage in regime change and empire building.

Serra reasoned that the king really wanted settlements in California inhabited by Spaniards, not squalid villages occupied by natives. So the Franciscan priest directed his soldiers to loot the Indian villages of their valuables, animals and food supplies and then burn them to the ground. Afterwards Serra offered the survivors a choice: convert to Christianity and submit to perpetual servitude or die. With an unlimited supply of free labor and an unlimited amount of building materials and supplies, Serra embarked upon the construction project that made Spain dominant in California for the remainder of the eighteenth century and into the nineteenth. Serra’s missions___ spaced a day’s ride from one another between Los Angeles and San Francisco ___ served as military outposts, agricultural plantations as well as religious communities. For the native peoples, however, Junipero Serra’s missions were death camps administered barbarously, inhumanely and sadistically.

The native peoples labored on Junipero Serra’s missions from sun up to sun down. They built all the buildings, cleared and cultivated the lands and slaved in the fields. Serra designed shackles that prevented the Indians from bending their knees. After awhile the Indians became permanently hobbled, making it impossible for them to run away. The soldiers continually beat the natives, men and women. Women, however, were never beaten in front of the men. Serra did not want the women’s cries to incite the men to revolt. Neither did Junipero Serra want the men to hear the women’s screams when the soldiers routinely raped them. As many natives died from syphilis carried by Serra’s soldiers as from physical abuse. If a woman grieved the loss of a child or a husband, she received a punishment more severe than just a routine flogging. Serra would not allow women who had miscarriages to mourn. Instead, the priest accused the women of having abortions and forced them to hold a carved figure of an infant Jesus while standing outside of the mission church until he decided to give them absolution.

Junipero Serra enslaved and exterminated 300, 000 human beings. His savagery is what distinguishes him from the other Jesuit priests sent to California; his inhumanity is what makes him a saint of the Catholic Church. Junipero Serra represents the soul of white folks ___ a soul driven by the demonic urge to plunder and murder non-white peoples. Pope Francis canonization of Karol Józef Wojtyła, Pope John Paul II reveals even more about the Vatican’s mission.

In early 1940s, the I.G. Farben Chemical Company hired a Polish chemist and salesman to provide malathion, cyanide and Zyclon-B to Auswitz Concentration Camp. Fearing arrest as a war criminal, the chemist entered a seminary and was ordained in 1946. The chemist now priest was consecrated a bishop in 1958. In 1978, after Pope Paul VI was poisoned, the poison gas chemist and salesman succeeded him as Pope John Paul II.

Adapted from Beyond A Pale Horse

It is not to much to say, in fact, that the chosen purpose of John Paul’s pontificate --- the engine that drives his papal grand policy and that determines his day–to-day, year-to-year strategies --- is to be the victor in the greatest historical confrontation humanity has yet gone through.

From The Keys Of This Blood: Pope John Paul II Versus Russia and the West For Control Of The New World Order

By Malachi Martin

20th Century Armageddon: Catholicism Vs. Godless Communism

The first third of the twentieth century had barely ended when armageddon between godless Communism and the Vatican erupted. Though the people of Spain had elected a republican government, Pope Pius XII determined that communism would neither succeed nor flourish on the Iberian Peninsula without a fight. For such a fight, Pius called upon the Carlists, the landed aristocracy that had ruled Spain with the Vatican’s blessing for centuries.

The Carlist political party could not win control of the Spanish government through the electoral process, but the landowning monarchists were still powerful enough to pull off a coup. General Francisco Franco, the Carlist general who had been banished to the Canary Islands for expounding his right wing monarchist views commanded an army of African mercenaries mostly from Spanish Morocco. But Franco’s real advantage against the government forces were the assault troops armed with the latest weapons and supported with massive air power provided by the catholic dictators, Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. Pius XII secured military assistance for Franco through the Lateran Treaty the Pope signed with Mussolini six years earlier in 1929.

With Hitler and Mussolini supporting him, Franco crushed Spain’s weak and ill-equipped republican army. After his victory, Franco launched a nationwide roundup of anyone suspected of being communist and held them in detention camps for years.

Franco signed a concordat with Pope Pius XII. The concordat gave Franco the privilege of approving the bishops that the Pope selected for Spanish dioceses. In return, the Vatican received a religious monopoly; no other Christian sect was permitted to conduct religious services or teachings in Spain. Franco also gave Pius XII control over Spanish education and the Spanish press. Pius XII was ecstatic. He decided to expand the Vatican’s power and authority by signing another concordat. In 1939, Pope Pius XII signed a concordat with Adolf Hitler.

A Vatican Army: The Galician Waffen SS

When Hitler seized Czechoslovakia, in March of 1939, the Vatican directed the Catholic Slovak Peoples Party to align itself with Germany’s National Socialist Party. After being accepted as a Nazi Party affiliate, the Czechoslovakian Catholic Party declared the independence of the Slovak Republic with a government led by Father Jozef Tiso, a Franciscan Roman Catholic priest. Father Tiso ran Germany’s puppet government and led the Christian Slovak People’s Party while, at the same time, performing his duties as a priest by saying mass and hearing confessions.

Bishop Gregory Rozman, the Pope’s advisor on Ukranian affairs, instructed Father Tiso to recruit soldiers for a Slovakian Home guard exclusively from the republic’s Ukrainian Catholic and the Ukrainian Greek Catholic congregations. The Slovakian Homeguard was trained and commanded by German SS officers. Catholic priests served in the guard as chaplains; they also kept the Vatican informed of the unit’s activities. The home guard chaplains held the rank of Waffen-SS officers, a rank also held by Father Tiso, himself. Once trained and combat ready, the Germans redesignated the Slovenian Homeguard as the Galacian Waffen SS. The Germans used the Pope’s army against resistance fighters. Tiso’s army massacred thousands ___ some partisans and others innocent women and children. Father Tiso assisted the Germans round up thousands of other Czechs for the death camps. After the war, Father Jozef Tiso, was convicted of war crimes.

Poglavnik of Croatia

When the combined Italian and German armies annihilated the Yugoslavian army and occupied the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Pope Pius persuaded Hitler to use the Ustashi to run Germany’s puppet Yugoslavian government. On 10 April 1941, Hitler and Mussolini recognized Ante Pavelić as the absolute leader of the former kingdom of Yugoslavia ___ renamed the Independent State of Croatia. Pavelic adopted the Ustashi title, "Poglavnik" meaning leader, in honor of his sponsors, el Duce and der Fuhrer.

The Ustashi used terrorism to support Roman Catholicism and Croatian nationalism. Ante Pavelic unleashed his Ustashi a ‘reign of terror’ against the Yugoslavian population that lasted until WWII ended. While the Pope encouraged Ante Pavelic to forcibly convert Yugoslavian Serbs and Muslims to Christianity, his Ustashi slaughtered over 500,000 men, women and children ____ far more than they converted.

The Ustashi were sadists who used medieval rituals to torture their victims. Mimicing Dominic Guzman, St Dominic, whose Spanish torture chambers were legendary, the Ustashi gouged out eyes, severed limbs and removed intestines while their victims yet lived. Ustashi slaughtered their victims like animals. They slit their victim’s throats from ear to ear, draining all of the blood. They struck others in the head with massive sledgehammers laying them low. The Ustashi buried still others alive.

When rumors of Ustashi atrocities reached Rome, Pavelic sent a priest, Father Cherubino Seguie, to defend the Ustashi’s evangelical work. But Father Seguie found that, in Rome, Ante Pavelic’s Ustshi were universally despised. Many prominent members of the most important Roman Catholic circles told Father Seguie that the Ustashi were nothing more than barbarians and cannibals. But the Pope Pius looked upon Croatia as his Christian frontier and held Croatia’s "Poglavnik," in the highest esteem.

The Vatican Ratline

Even before the war’s conclusion, the Vatican began mobilizing resources to save Axis sadists, terrorists and war criminals from Allied courts, prisons and gallows. Like rats off of a sinking ship, legions of Nazi war criminals sought to escape Allied justice by fleeing to the western hemisphere.

In the spring of 1945, the Pope’s Slovakian Home guard ___ serving in the German army as the Galician Waffen SS ___ was renamed the First Ukrainian Division of the Catholic Army of the Ukraine. Pius XII’s advisor on Ukraine affairs, Archbishop Ivan Buchko, appointed Pavic Shandruk, a Ukrainian SS general, commander over the Vatican’s Catholic Army. When everything was arranged, Archbishop Buchko directed General Shandruk to surrender the renamed Galician Waffen SS unit to the British.

One year later, in the spring of 1946, members of the Galician Waffen SS, bivouacked in a British prisoner of war camp, were shipped to England as ‘non-political free settlers.’ The Vatican obtained the limited and rare ‘free settler’ immigration documents through the Ukrainian Relief Committee of Great Britain ___ a front group for British Intelligence. British intelligence agreed to provide asylum for the Pope’s war criminals in return for allowing the British government to use the Vatican ratline to bringing its Nazi scientists and administrators to England. In this manner, Archbishop Buchko arranged for every man in the Galician Waffen SS ___ renamed the Catholic Army of the Ukraine ___ to be resettled in England, Canada and Australia. In all, over 33,000 Nazi war criminals ___ SS, Gestapo and Abwehr officers, doctors and scientists ___ escaped justice. The majority of them escaped over the Vatican’s ratline.

The architect of the Vatican’s ratline was Father Krunoslav Draganovich. That Father Draganovich was able to build such an effective network in such a short time was simply amazing. Even with the assistance of the Americans and British, as well as the connivance of the Red Cross and the Swiss, the creation of a network capable of transporting, hiding and re-classifyng thousands of Nazi war criminals as ‘war refugees’ was an incredible feat. Father Draganovich’s Vatican ratline included Franciscans who printed false identity documents, Benedictines who located seminaries, convents and monasteries to serve as safehouses and Jesuits who deflected “blowback” by laundering money, coordinating propaganda and launching the ‘black ops’ that would become common practice during the cold war.

War Criminals, Illegal Immigration and the GOP

William Casey ___ a Roman Catholic and a member of the Vatican’s mysterious Knights of Malta ___ began his career as a CIA spook in 1950. As the director of the International Rescue Committee, a CIA front group, Casey provided the American immigration documents that permitted Father Draganovich to smuggle Nazi war criminals into the US. Like the British, the Americans also wanted access to Nazi scientists, police interrogators and concentration camp administrators. Casey worked for James Angleton, the CIA’s principal expert on Nazi intelligence and the CIA’s liaison with the Vatican. Angleton and Casey used the Pope’s need to find a sanctuary for his Nazis to launder Nazi gold and silver buillion as well various currencies looted from occupied territories through the Vatiican Bank and into the West German economy. With its involvment in the multi-billion dollar CIA money laundering program and the illegal immigration of thousands of Nazi war criminals to the US, the Vatican entered into an ‘informal’ concordat with the US engaging in a broad rangeed, multi-dimensional criminal enterprise.

Beneficiaries of the CIA’s whites only “backdoor” immigration policy was Vatican favorite, Ante Pavelic and his Ustashi war criminals. In fact, William Casey settled so many Ustashi Nazis in the US that in 1972, the Nixon State Department received an inquiry from the Australian government regarding known Ustashi terrorists operating from within the US. Casey advised Nixon’s State Department to tell the Austrailians that the Ustashi were essential in turning out the ethnic vote in several federal, state and municipal elections for the GOP. The illegal Ustashi immigrants had become effective storm troops and reliable precinct workers for the Republican Party.

Senator William Proxmire [D-Wisconsin] was wary of William Casey when he said in a Senate hearing:

Mr Casey has cut corners when he considered it to be necessary for business profit. He has wheeled and dealed his way into a personal fortune. And he has made less than a complete and accurate disclosure to Congress.

Senator Proxmire could have been referring to William Casey’s CIA money laundering scheme that finally made the headlines and embroiled the Vatican in an intermational scandal. Long after the Nazi loot had been dispersed, James Angleton and the CIA continued laundering money thrugh the Vatican Bank. The CIA used Michele Sindona and his confederate, Roberto Calvi, to funnel money from the Vatican Bank into anti-communist causes all over Europe including the campaigns of Vatican-backed Italian politiicans. However, unbeknownst to the CIA, Sindona and Calvi were also handling a phony stock scheme masterminded by the American, Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, the Vatican Minister of Finance. Archbishop Marcinkus used Sindona and Calvi to peddle phony securities to Italian banks. But when the investors discovered the scam, the Italian banks collaspsed and the Vatican Bank’s criminal activities became an international scandal. Casey made a fortune on the fraud. In 1980, William Casey became Ronald Reagan’s Director of the CIA.

The Brooks Brothers Riot

On November 19th, 2000, the nation’s eyes were on a courthouse in Miami-Dade County, Florida, where a federal court-mandated recount of ballots cast in the 2000 presidential election was taking place. The Democratic National Committee was confident that that the substantial number of votes that had not been counted would surpass George Bush’s lead and elect Al Gore, the next president of the United States. The DNC did not count on the GOP’s ‘dirty tricks’ expert, Roger Stone.

Hundreds of "paid GOP crusaders" descended upon the South Florida courthouse in what has been called the “Brooks Brothers Riot.” Half a dozen of the demonstrators at Miami-Dade court were paid members of the George Bush’s recount committee. These storm troops vocally and physically opposed counting the 10,750 that had been cast on election day, but had not been counted. Congressman John Sweeney, a Roman Catholic Republican from New York, organized the Brooks Brothers Riot, but the brains of the operation were Sweeney’s fellow catholic, Roger Stone.

Roger Stone was a master at playing ‘dirty.’ He learned his craft as a member of Richard Nixon's 1968 campaign committee. Roger Stone was Casey’s political operative. Casey provided the intelligence; Stone did the ‘dirty’ work. Casey and Stone’s relationship actually went back to the days when Stone worked for Senator Joe McCarthy ___ another Catholic ____ who providing the “Red Scare” propaganda that covered Casey’s illegal emigration of Nazi war criminals into the US.

During Nixon’s 1968 campaign, Stone made contributions to the Humphrey campaign in the name of the Young Socialist Alliance. He then provided the receipts, along with a press release, to the media. Stone was even able to convert Humphrey’s limo driver into a Nixon spy. Under Casey’s tutelage, Stone milked the driver for intelligence about Humphrey campaign ___ sabotaging the Democratic Party standard bearer whenever he could. Casey’s intelligence and Stone’s dirty tricks are credited with helping the ‘underdog’ Nixon eked out a narrow victory in the 1968 Presidential election.

In 1980, Roger Stone applied his ‘black arts’ on behalf of Ronald Reagan against President Jimmy Carter. Stone “bribed” a leader of New York’s Liberal Party to deliver the Liberal Party’s endorsement to independent candidate, John Anderson. In the general election, Anderson siphoned off 7.5 percent of the liberal vote. That was all the help Reagan needed to carry New York.

In 2000, Stone orchestrated the hardball tactics that interrupted the Miami-Dade Presidential recount. His Brooks Brothers-clad goons mobbed the courthouse while thousands of Catholic Cuban-Americans marched outside. The disruption caused the recount to be delayed past the deadline set by the federal court. The US Supreme Court refused to order a resumption of the recount and George Bush was proclaimed president without winning the vote.

The Vatican and the Souls Of White Folks

Pope Francis’ canonizstion of Father Junipero Serra shows how the Vatican plays “politics” with religious ceremony and uses faith and belief to amass property and wealth. Serra’s canonization reveals that the soul of white folks is greed. For all the papal platitudes, white folks are concerned only with their material comforts, their privileges and their political domination of this world’s resources.

When Pope Francis lectured about climate change, he failed to mention the American catholic dioceses and other Catholic institutions that lease drilling rights to oil and gas companies to bolster their finances. When Francis discussed defending the family, he does not announce his plans to protect thousands of families still risk from pedophiles incubated and sheltered within the Church. When the Pope discussed the economic gap between the rich and poor, he does not account for the billions his church has amassed over the centuries through violence and terrorism.

Father Serra stole the native peoples’ land, their freedom and their lives. But what matters to the Pope is the gold and silver that the Vatican now hoards in its vaults from Junipero Serra’s activities while hr greedily eyes opportunities for seizing more loot, controlling more land and enslaving more people. Deus vult ___ quod dico!