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Eugene Stovall, Oakland, California. April 2, 2015


Last week, Eric Harris, an unarmed black man, fled when the Tulsa police jumped out of their car, guns drawn. Less than a minute later, Eric Harris lay face down on the ground bleeding and crying out “oh shit man, he shot me, he shot me! Oh, he shot me!” One Tulsa police officer puts his knee on Harris’s head and tells Harris to “shut the fuck up.”

Then, when Harris moans “I’m losing my breath,” another Tulsa police officer says, “fuck your breath.” The cop turns and smiles at Robert Bates, the 73-year-old insurance executive and wealthy supporter of the sheriff’s department who shot Harris. One hour later, Eric Harris was pronounced dead. Like Otis Byrd and Lennon Lacey, Eric Harris was another victim of a premeditated lynching.

Eugene Stovall, Oakland, California, April 16, 2015

Visiting Oakland on Thursday, April 9, 2015 , Cornel West recalled the death of Oscar Grant at the hands of a BART police officer in 2009. West then discussed the recent murder of Walter Scott, the unarmed black man, shot dead by a police officer in Charleston, South Carolina. West then asks the rhetorical question: When Will Black Lives Matter? And in response, his largely Negro audience assembled at Allen

Tenple Baptist Church bobs their heads up and down and made muttering sounds that some hoped might be taken as words of wisdom. The assembled audience which included Oakland’s clergy were happy with the outpouring of pious platitudes and even happier that no one dared to question why America’s first “black” president and his “black” attorney general has not done anything about the serial killings that have been the hallmark of the Obama administration.


In the 1984 movie, Mass Appeal, Jack Lemmon plays Father Tim Farley, the likeable pastor of an affluent suburban Catholic Church. By delivering folksy homilies filled with practical advice and funny jokes, Father Tim maintains a close relationship with his congregation while adhering to diocesan policies governing his pastoral duties. Sidestepping issues that might make his congregation uncomfortable, Father Tim was known for his repertoire of charm, harmless white lies, and inane jokes. With his repertoire platitudes, Father Tim kept well within the boundaries of what his bishop and his congregation expected the pastor. When a young seminarian criticizes his pastor for failing to take on a controversial issue impacting his congregation, Father Tim retorts that platitudes are all that are expected of him. The preachers attending Cornel West’s Allen Temple lecture would also agree that platitudes are all that is expected of them

___ and very little more.


According to Lacy Ford, professor of history at the University of South Carolina, the wrenching journey from Old South to New finds its continuity in the timeless commitment of white southerners to the common cause of white supremacy. Lacy insists that the theme of southern history is one of resolve, indomitably maintained, that the South and, indeed, the entire United States is and shall remain a white man's country.

Hunter Wallace, a popular right wing blogger, explains:

Virginia was a White Republic. South Carolina was a White Republic. Kentucky was a White Republic. Alabama was a White Republic. The Confederacy was a league of White Republics. The Ku Klux Klan fought to overthrow Reconstruction and restore the White Republic. The White Citizens’ Councils sprung up in the 1950s to fight integration and to preserve and defend the White Republic. From 1865 until 1965, Dixie was the “White Republic” within the United States. The 14th Amendment was nullified here and the Democratic Party was explicitly the party of white supremacy.


Throughout its history, America has been maintained as a white man’s country ____ even during the presidency of a Negro. And white rule has been maintained through America’s distinct tradition of violence. In his inaugural speech, Governor George Wallace recalled for his supporters the fight their forefathers waged when the South was attacked by carpetbagger and federal troops. Nigras wanted to have the same rights as white men, Wallace reported. “Our forefathers won then and now it is our turn to fight.”

Indeed, over the past fifty years, the deadly struggle over full rights of citizenship has been expanded all over the United States. White arch-segregationists have chosen a cadre of Negro leaders and placed them in academia, political offices and most importantly in the pulpit to support the policy of white privilege. With support of their Negro servants, whites have a declared policy not negotiate, but to infiltrate, intimidate and assassinate. During the month of March, alone, white policemen have murdered over a hundred people. So confident is white supremacy in its power that when Otis Byrd, a black man, was found hanging on a tree near his home in Port Gibson, Mississippi, the white press echoed the official line of the Justice Department: Otis Byrd was not a victim of a lynching, he committed suicide.


When the body of Otis Byrd was found hanging from a tree near his home in Port Gibson, Mississippi, on March 19, 2015, Obama’s Justice Department under a ‘lame duck’ attorney general, working with Mississippi’s County Sheriff, issued a preliminary finding that the black man lynched himself. Quickly ordering the black man’s body cremated, the Mississippi Sheriff announced that the family and friends of Otis Byrd needed to be patient and allow the authorities do their job. “Do not feed into the foolishness and hearsay,”the sheriff said. Just because a black man is found hanging from a tree does not mean he was lynched.

Addressing this travesty, Claiborne County Supervisor Edwin Smith said: "I'd like to apologize on behalf of the county. These people deserve action. We've been disrespected. If they can look at a satellite and get your tag number, we can surely get some closure on this." But this is merely a 21st century platitude. It is exactly what the Negro leaders will repeat and their followers will believe ___ Negro leaders something to say. The Negroes want closure, not justice. They want the lynching of Otis Byrd to be swept away; they are not interested in identifying and prosecuting Byrd’s murderers. All the while, the white folks in Claiborne County, Mississippi know who done it ____ and some of the Negroes know, too.

The national chair of the New Black Panther Party, Krystal Muhammad, led a Saturday afternoon community meeting on the Claiborne County courthouse steps. "We know that Otis Byrd was lynched," she said. "We're not going to let it just be a cover-up. We went and looked at the scene ourselves. It's impossible that he lynched himself, and we're not going to let Mississippi get away with their old Mississippi ways."

On August 28, 2014, lynching of Lennon Lacy got even less attention. Authorities in Bladenboro, North Carolina, said that the black teenager left his home late one evening and hung himself. When the white police found Lacy’s body, they took no photos or measurements. They turned away the coroner and ordered that no autopsy be conducted. The Bladenboro cops knew who murdered Lennon Lacy. The family knows Lennon Lacy did not commit suicide. But neither our ‘black’ president, nor his Justice Department is interested in investigating the lynching of a black man. Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department expects Negroes to accept the government cover up of these lynchings ____ what Barack Obama has called during his presidential campaigns ‘perceived injustices.’


On February 12, 2015, Fox News articulated America’s policy for dealing with threats to white privilege on its news program, Happening Now: “You’ve got to kill them…You’ve got to kill them all.”

White privilege is the bedrock upon which America’s national honor, cultural values and political unity is based. From its very foundation, America has abhorred negotiation; preferring instead intimidation. Threats to white people ___ who believe they are the perennial victims ___ are met with violence, legal or extra-legal. The American creed is: America does not negotiate with _____,

American policy is to kill them. A short study shows how this American creed has been applied throughout history.

America did not negotiate with Indians, American policy was to kill them.

America did not negotiate with Spainards, American policy was to kill them.

America did not negotiate with the Barbary pirates, American policy was to kill them.

America did not negotiate with representatives of the First Philippine Government, American policy was to kill them.

America did not negotiate with Japanese, American policy was to kill them.

America did not negotiate with Vietnamese, American policy was to kill them.

America did not negotiate with Grenadians – the inhabitants of a tiny Caribbean Island, SE of Puerto Rico, American policy was to kill them.

America did not negotiate with Panamanians, American policy was to kill them…

and today,

America does not negotiate with black people, American policy is to kill them.


If black people at any time in the future want to stand on their feet instead of crouching on their knees, some intelligent behavior is necessary. Although it might be far too much for their fragile resources, especially since they are so reliant on white philanthropy, the HBCUs are the only resource available to take on the task. It is really important to know what all these murdered black men have in common ___ besides being black and unarmed. Moreover, black people need to know what the NAACP negotiated with the Ku Klux Klan in their several well-publicized meetings as well as in their many more unpublicized ones. If black people had a real leader in the White House, foundations, endowments and nationally recognized research organizations would already have mounted a major effort to find out who and what is behind the serial killings of black people throughout this country. But now the undertaking falls to the HBCUs. Would that black scholars had the intellectual capability and moral commitment required to take on the challenge. But in the meantime, Obama is preparing to give black people the most insulting platitude of all: Attorney General Loretta Lynch.


Obama has been amazing at creating jobs for whites for which blacks need not apply. This is not an accident. Obama made a pre-election promise that whites need not fear that an Obama administration would give blacks special privileges or jobs. But he failed to mention that under his administration, black voting rights would be restricted and cities with black majorities ___ like Detroit ___ have been stripped of their political rights. Without legal authorities, private interests have swooped in and cannibalized everything of value including the pensions of retired city employees. Under Obama, America’s top manufacturers have increased their profits by using the involuntary labor of pool found in the government-funded private prison industry. The recent lynching of a black man in Mississippi barely got any attention, demonstrating that, in the Obama years, a black life really doesn’t matter. Yet, the lives of some proper Negroes apparently do.


There are many employment opportunities for the right kind of Negroes ___ especially in the media. A recent study conducted by a research team led by sociologist David Pedulla at the University of Texas found that gay black men were more likely to get a job and earn a higher salary than straight black men. Jonathan Capehart’s recent diatribe against Ben Carson “gay is a choice” remark suggests that his success as a Washington Post and MSNBC journalist results from his choice to identify with his “gay” rather than his “black” community. The mainstream media must promote the image of the “happy darkie.” It is a key ingredient of the “American Way of Life.” Objective black journalists cannot break into the media, but ‘proper negroes’ are always needed ____ and available. So Fox News saw the appeal that MSNBC’s Al Sharpton generated in the Negro religious community and decided to win over the churchgoing Negroe market. Why not? The pastors of black mega-churches have millions, while their congregations are incredibly poor. The principle of exploitative capitalism is a key element of right-wing conservatism.. Fox News would love to reach out to the membership of black churches like these:

World Changers International non-denominational church in Manhattan was founded by the Creflo Augustus Dollar, Jr. As a televangelist pastor, Creflo Dollar has a net worth of $27 million .

New Birth Baptist Missionary Church in Lithonia, Georgia compensates its senior pastor, Eddie Long, $3.07 million, annually, from his non-profit charity, Bishop Eddie Long Ministries Inc. The average annual income of a New Birth Baptist Missionary Church parishioner is $25,154.

The Potter’s House is a non-denominational mega-church in Dallas, Texas with about 30,000 members and Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes, Sr. is the pastor of Potter’s House. The Trinity Broadcasting Network and BET both air T.D. Jakes’ services and evangelistic sermons. The Texas pastor’s net worth is $18 million. The median income of the Potter’s House congregation is $56,954.

So to appeal to the religious Negro market, Fox News added Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Martin Luther King Jr., to its network news division. Alveda King who is closely allied to conservative Catholics like Paul Ryan has appeared on Fox News in the past. Praising King for her anti-abortion activism and her right wing conservatism, Fox News says King will provide social and cultural commentary, selling right wing conservatism, on daytime and prime-time Fox News programs.


Nothing demonstrates the limited imagination of black leadership than its periodic marching back and forth, in front of TV cameras whenever the occasion presents itself. They seem to believe that being seen on TV will somehow will fix the problem.. Most recently, urged by the producers of Selma, Negro political, social and religious leaders paraded across the Edmund Pettus Bridge to re-enact the historic Selma march that took place 50 years ago. This event rivals even Jonestown as the prime example of collective hubris.

The first thing the Selma marchers saw crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge was a billboard honoring the founder of the Ku Klux Klan. On the billboard under the Confederate flag are the words, “Keep the skeer on ‘em!” All along the March route were found copies of the flyer distributed throughout Selma’s neighborhoods by Robert Jones, the grand dragon of the Loyal White Knights of the KKK. The flyer reminded the marchers that the klan still existed and was still recruiting. The grand dragon’s message resonates with Selma’s citizens. Selma is among Alabama’s poorest communities with 40 percent of families living below the poverty line. Violent crime in Selma is five times the state average. Nothing has changed for blacks in Selma since 1965 and the whites still heed William Bedford Forrest’s advice to “Keep the skeer on ‘em!” But as fearful and violent as life is for Selma’s black community today, imagine what it must have been like 50 years ago in 1965 ____ after the television and news reporters left and the rich and powerful white politicians and religious leaders left and all the black civil rights leaders and volunteers left and Martin Luther King Jr, himself left taking with him the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of food, clothing and cash, donations solicited for the people of Selma. Imagine what life was like for blacks as the KKK put the “skeer on em.” And now, fifty years later, the same hedonistic jerks come marching back across the Edmund Pettus Bridge again.


Last month, Congressman Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii and Senator Corey Booker, D- New Jersey, two high-profiled congressional Democrats attended a secretive conference of right-wing mega-donors, sponsored by the conservative American Enterprise Institute. These two freshmen represent a new-style of democratic party politics and were selected to participate the conference because of their demonstrated willingness to work with the Republican congressional leadership. Most recently, Tulsi Gabbard signaled her willingness to ‘play ball’ with the Republicans with her well-publicized attendance at the Netanyahu Washington speech. Even before rising up to his senate seat, as Mayor of Newark, Corey Booker was known to serve business interests. Booker and Gabbard sat down with such as Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and Paul Ryan along with their moneymen. Since neither the press nor the public were admitted, we may not know what deals were made. However, chances are that Congressman Gabbard and Senator Booker did not discuss the need for a “Single Payer Heath Care System.”