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If he’s dead, I’m happy about it …” The Cycle MSNBC 4-17-15

Eugene Stovall

Oakland, California

May 14, 2015

No matter the malady, if you have a problem, you just want it fixed. Societies are the same way. Societies always seek the quickest, simplest, cheapest way to make social problems just go away ____ and murder is the prescription western societies most use to solve their problems. When students, clerics, politicians, union leaders, intellectuals, nationalists threaten oligarchs and plutocrats, murder removes the threat. As the current US president boasts: “I’m really good at killing folks.”

Rulers use murder to suppress discontented and disaffected populations. The lords of western civilization murdered to seize power and facilitate regime change. And they continue to murder to grab land and steal wealth. The film, Once Upon A Time In The West, demonstrates how the powerful expand their rule through threats, terrorism and murder:

Morton: Tell me, was it necessary that you kill all of them? I only told you to scare them.

Frank [Henry Fonda]: People scare better when they’re dying.

When the rulers run out of victims, they fall on each other, sending their own people to “kill or be killed.” Ritualized murder is called war. According to Homer, foul murder and war gave birth to western civilization.

A thousand Greek ships gathered to attack Troy. But they were about to disperse. The winds were unfavorable. To save his expedition, Agamemnon, the king of Sparta, had to act quickly. He ordered the Greek war chiefs to assemble before a great pile of sacrificial stones and told them that ‘God’ needed a sacrifice. Agamemnon then had his young daughter, Iphigenia, bound hand and foot and placed upon the altar. Then in full view of his war chiefs, the king of Sparta slit his daughter’s throat, allowing her life’s blood to drain away. The child’s disbelieving eyes remained wide open even in death. Then, according to Homer, God sent favorable winds, driving the thousand Greek ships like voracious birds of prey to plunder Troy.

… and foul murder continued to resolve some of western civilization’s toughest problems.

Protecting the Established ‘World Order’

From the time God appeared to Charlemagne and said to him, In hoc signo, vinces ___ In this sign, you will conquer ____ Christians have murdered to protect their world order. The 20-year murder spree known as the Albigensian Crusade is but one example.

In 1209, Pope Innocent III branded the Christians, living in the Languedoc province of France, heretics. Known as Cathars, these Christian were peaceful, industrious and worked for the happiness and prosperity of all. Gathered in the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains, the Cathars farmed and manufactured, trading with each other in local marketplaces throughout the province. Languedoc flourished. Cathars began to travel outside Languedoc bringing their goods to distant French markets. Some of the Cathar goods even found their way into Italy. Wherever the Cathars went their activities were viewed as an affront to catholic orthodoxy and the pope’s authority. In the feudal order, peasants who served their lord ate; peasants who did not serve a lord went without food and without shelter. The hungry and homeless crowded into towns and villages. Destitute peasants admired the Cathars’ independence and envied their prosperity, but Pope Innocent III viewed the Cathars as threats to the established order. The pope directed his papal legate to mount a crusade against every Cathar in Languedoc. Fearing that many of the Cathars would pretend to be Catholics, the papal legate asked:

“Holy Father, what shall we do? We cannot distinguish between the faithful and the heretics.”

Pope Innocent III replied, “Kill them all for the Lord knoweth them that are His,”

For twenty years Pope Innocent’s army roamed about Languedoc, living off of the land, slaughtering peasants by the thousands, Cathar and Catholic, alike. Pope Innocent III murdered a population to eliminate economic competition. Thus was the established order reaffirmed.

Punishing Scapegoats

In December, 1914, Enver Pasha, the Ottoman Empire’s Minister of War, implemented a German plan to encircle and crush the Russian Army at Sarikamish. But the Russians repulsed the Turkish attack and annihilated the Turkish army. The German officers, in charge of the Ottoman army, blamed the defeat on the Turkish troops. If any of the empire’s troops were cowards or traitors, Enver Pasha replied, they were certainly not the Turks, but the Armenians. And to mollify his German masters, Enver Pasha ordered all Armenians discharged from the Turkish army.

After ‘cleansing’ his military of the Armenian ‘traitors,’ Enver Pasha rounded up and executed all the Armenian intellectuals living in the Ottoman capital of Constantinople. Once he had dismembered the Armenian leadership, Enver Pasha ordered the systematic extermination of all Armenians in the Ottoman Empire ___ including those living in their historic homeland. One million Armenians were murdered as scapegoats for the Turkish disaster at Sarikamish.

Regime Change

Germans conducted mass murder on an industrial scale. Germany instituted regime change, grabbed land and looted wealth simply by rounding up segments of various European populations and, depositing them in death camps. They exterminated discontented and disaffected populations, discreetly, scientifically, economically. Over a thirteen- year period, the Germans murdered over 50 million people.

After WWII, the American government, the Vatican and the Red Cross conspired to bring thousands of SS officers ___ the designers, managers and superintendents of the German death camps ____ to the US. Former German SS officers were placed in top scientific, academic and research positions at major American universities, research centers and industrial ‘think tanks.’ The SS officers who carried out Germany’s ‘ethnic cleansing’ now were the masterminds behind America’s ‘black ops.’ Operation Phoenix was one of America’s best-known Nazi-inspired murder programs.

Between 1965 and 1972, the CIA implemented Operation Phoenix ____ an infiltration, terrorism and murder program targeting South Vietnam’s Viet Cong rebels. CIA “black ops” and “hit squads” operated numerous intelligence collection centers inside Vietnam. Targeting and killing leaders of the opposition to the US-backed Saigon regime, Phoenix abducted civilians thought to have information on the Viet Cong. At local CIA interrogation centers, Vietnamese citizens were tortured using electric shocks, suspension from ropes and vicious beatings. Under Phoenix, the US abducted and murdered 41,000 South Vietnamese civilians. During a 1972 Congressional hearing on "U.S. Assistance Programs in Vietnam," Operation Phoenix was described in the Congressional Record as a "sterile depersonalized murder program." When Phoenix was officially shut down in 1972, another murder program, code-named "F-6", secretly replaced it.

Jonestown: An American ‘Death Camp’

Many Christian prophets have predicted God’s destruction of the world. Some Christian preachers have even urged their followers to commit self-destructive acts. Jim Jones was such a preacher. A ku klux klansman, Jones convinced one thousand members of his church, the People’s Temple, located in San Francisco, to escape the world and join him in a Christian paradise called Jonestown. Many of Jonestown’s children were orphans, assigned to People’s Temple church by the California Youth Authority; others were paroled to Jonestown by California courts.

Jonestown was located in a remote jungle in Guyana, a South American country located on the eastern border of Venezuela. The ‘Christian paradise’ of Preacher Jones was a former US military base with barracks, dining and administrative facilities. The federal gift of land to People’s Temple was a forerunner of current federal ‘faith-based’ funding programs.

On November 18, 1978, one thousand Jonestown residents, 90% black, were murdered. The tragedy occurred the day after a surprise visit from a US congressman. Peoples Temple, a popular interracial, though predominantly black, church located in Congressman Leo Ryan’s San Francisco congressional district was as political as it was controversial. Many of Ryan’s political rivals within San Francisco’s Democratic Party machine supported the pastor of the People’s Temple. Reverend Jones got out the vote. For reasons of his own, Leo Ryan decided to make a surprise visit to Jonestown and personally investigate the numerous complaints from his constituents that Jonestown was a “death camp.” But Preacher Jones sent armed ‘deacons’ to meet Congressman Ryan’s plane when it landed at the Jonestown airport. The deacons told Congressman Ryan that he could not go out to the compound. However, when his deacons radioed Preacher Jones that Ryan was accompanied by large press entourage which included TV crews with satellite links, the klansman decided to allow the congressman accompanied by two aides to see Jonestown. One of the congressman’s aids, Richard Dwyer, was a known CIA agent. On the other hand, Preacher Jones ordered Ryan’s press entourage to remain at the Jonestown airport.

The next morning, a beat up pick-up truck sped onto the airport tarmac heading to where two chartered airplanes were parked. Inside the truck was a white family of four taking the opportunity to escape Jonestown with Leo Ryan, the congressman and his two aides. Frantically scrambling aboard one of the two charter planes, Ryan screamed to the pilot to take off. But it was already too late. Two truckloads of gunmen ______ armed with a variety of automatic and semi automatic weapons including M-16s ____ came racing towards Ryan’s two charters. The trucks stopped, the gunmen leaped out and began shooting everyone they saw. They killed Leo Ryan, newsmen and television camera crews. Then the gunmen sped back to Jonestown to massacre the remaining internees in Preacher Jones’ “Christian paradise.” Richard Dwyer did not board the charter with Leo Ryan, but disappeared into the jungle before the shooting started. On a mysteriously recorded tape found at the camp, Preacher Jones is heard shouting to his deacons, “Get Dwyer out of here before something happens to him.” A NSA record has Richard Dwyer reporting the Jonestown massacre over a radio transmitter using a special CIA frequency.

Agents of the Guyanese government, posted to observe the ‘comings-and-goings’ at Jonestown, reported the massacre to the Guyanese government. The government immediately sealed off the compound with troops and ordered an investigation. The Chief Medical Examiner for the Guyanese government, Dr. Mootoo, in charge of the investigation. was examining the Jonestown dead within hours. Dr. Mootoo’s forensic team counted the dead, examined the bodies, and identified the deceased by matching personal belongings to different bodies. While the American press issued specially prepared government propaganda statements blaming the deaths on mass suicide by “Cyanide-laced Kool-Aid,” Dr. Mootoo forensic investigation reveal a more sinister cause.

Cyanide poisoning is a painful death. The muscles contract in spasms, limbs twist and contort and breath comes in spurts. The facial muscles draw back into a deadly grin, called “cyanide rictus.” None of the Jonestown dead had these symptoms. Their limbs were limp and relaxed; their faces showed no sign of contortion. Instead, Dr. Mootoo found needle marks at the back of the left shoulder blades of many of the victims. Prior to injection, these victims seemed to have been held down or clamped down with restraints like those on operating tables. The victims without needle marks had been shot. Dr. Mootoo’s team took several pictures showing bodies with multiple gun-shot wounds. Those with needle marks had been dead days, even weeks, longer than those with the gunshot wounds. Other dead, mainly children, had been strangled. Many of the bodies had probes and electrodes implanted throughout their bodies ___ into their legs, arms and into their brains. Chief Medical Examiner Mootoo’s testimony to the Guyanese grand jury investigating the Jonestown murders led it to conclude that all but three of the nearly thousand Jonestown dead had been murdered by some “unknown persons.”

Many months before …

Dr. Vernon Mark, Dr. Frank Ervin and Dr. William Sweet developed a theory that a deficiency in black peoples’ brains caused the 1967 riots in Newark and Detroit. In their article, "Role of Brain Disease in Riots and Urban Violence" in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Marks, Sweet and Ervin asked, "if slum conditions alone determined and initiated riots, why are the vast majority of slum dwellers able to resist the temptations of unrestrained violence?" Mark, Sweet and Ervin suggested that the answer was that blacks had a brain dysfunction. Calling for large-scale studies of inner city blacks to pinpoint those with a propensity for violence against white people, the white researchers received funding from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) for experiments in psychosurgery for violence control. Ervin also received money from the Department of Justice for research on genetic factors contributing to violent crime.

Mark and Ervin implanted brain electrodes in a large number of black patients at Harvard hospitals. A patient named Jennie was 14 years old when they put electrodes in her brain. They took photographs showing the patient smiling, angry, or pounding the wall depending on which button they pushed on the transmitter box sending signals to the electrode they had inserted into her brain.

One of those interested in the Boston neuropsychiatric experiments was James Fisk, a former high-ranking officer in the Los Angeles Police Department. Fisk taught political science at UCLA and participated in a secret Criminal Conspiracy research project. The LA cop shared his interest in neuropsychiatric experiments with a fellow member of the Criminal Conspiracy project, Dr. Louis Jolyon West of UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute. “Jolly” West, another CIA operative, experimented on blacks, the poor, Indians, women and children at UCLA. When the opportunity presented itself, West arranged to have a decommissioned US military base in Guyana transferred to Ronald Reagan’s California Department of Mental Health. Reagan gave the base in Guyana to UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute to utilize as a research facility.

The former US military base was ideal for Jolly West’s grotesque human experiments being conducted on black people. The base had its own airstrip and was so remote that the Guyanese people hardly knew it existed. And this suited UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute and the CIA researchers. The facility was accessible by river. The government gave Jolly West boats to transport weapons, medications, drugs and official visitors without being observed by the Guyanese government ___ or so they believed.

Preacher Jones forced the black people incarcerated on the former US military base to write letters to friends and family telling what a wonderful place Jonestown was. The reality was far different. The blacks were prisoners. They were stripped and brutalized. Children were thrown down wells and put under water until they drowned. Others were put under floorboards or locked in empty hollow spaces. They were drugged and worked twelve hours a day. Food was scarce. Fourteen people were crammed into each of the tiny cells. Doctors came from all over the US to marvel at UCLA’s research facility. It was a model medical clinic, that is, until Leo Ryan arrived. Nothing could hide Jonestown’s sinister activities from the congressman. Despite the use of ammonia and oil of wintergreen, the humid Guyanese jungle dispersed the overwhelming smell of rotting flesh everywhere. Four hundred and nine blacks had already been murdered prior Leo Ryan’s arrival. Many of the rotting bodies were still being experimented upon. The congressman’s unexpected arrival caught the CIA researchers without a plausible explanation for the death camp activities ____ and Ryan was not on the CIA’s payroll. Murder was the only prescription for this public relations nightmare.

Forty years later, state-sponsored murder still rages throughout the black community. When two black men were found lynched and hanging on trees, the white press said that the two black men committed suicide ___ the same white press that declared the thousand blacks murdered in the Jonestown death camp had drank poison.