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Blog:Obama Suffers Defeat In

His Global War OF Terrorism

US Coup Against Turkey Falters… for the time being

Eugene Stovall

Oakland California, July, 2016

On the evening of July 15th, a group of Turkish army officers announced that they had staged a military coup d’etat against Turkey’s president and had assumed control of Turkey’s government. The dissident Turkish officers claimed that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had fled for his life and that the military was in the process of restoring order.

But on July 16th after the coup seemed to have faltered, President Barak Obama said at a White House news conference: “Any reports that we had any previous knowledge of a coup attempt, that there was any U.S. involvement in it, that we were anything other than entirely supportive of Turkish democracy are completely false, unequivocally false.”

But the story behind the coup against the Turkish government reads like a James Bond spy thriller.

US Neocons Enraged By Turkey’s Geopolitical Shift

When Turkey began shifting its geopolitical policies away from Washington, the neocons running the Obama administration flew into a rage. They demanded that the POTUS do something to halt Turkey’s betrayal of American interests. Thus Turkish officials were convinced that U.S. neocons pushed Obama into instigating an overthrow of Turkey’s democratically elected president.

“America is behind the coup,” said Turkey’s Labor Minister Suleyman Solyu __ a close ally of Turkey’s president. The Labor Secretary charged that Obama used the Islamic cleric, Fethullah Gulen, ___ a known CIA asset ___ to instigate Erdogan’s overthrow. Furthermore, Solyu claimed that by allowing Gulen to remain in the U.S., Obama was harboring an international terrorist.

In December 2014, A Turkish court issued an arrest warrant for Gulen; the warrant is still outstanding. In November 2015, another Turkish court issued an arrest warrant for Gulen based on a 10,000-page indictment. In April 2016, Turkish police rounded up 2,000 of Gulen followers accusing them of creating a “parallel” Turkish government. Many in Turkey believe that Gulen’s “parallel” government not only included his followers but the CIA’s network of Turkish spies and high ranking European Masons.

Though Fethullah Gulen lives in a secluded, 26-acre gated compound in Saylorsville, a town in rural, northeastern Pennsylvania, officially, the State Department says it is “factually incorrect” to say that the U.S. is harboring the Turkish cleric. According to government officials, Fethullah Gulen is a legal immigrant who operates a religious community, the Golden Generation Worship and Retreat Center. The center is a billion-dollar global Islamic educational institute with friends inside and outside the U.S. government. The Turkish press revealed that Fethullah Gulen, as a member of a Masonic lodge in Brussels also has close ties to officers in the supra-national European Union. Barak Obama and Bill Clinton are also Masons. Obama may have been depending upon his Masonic contacts to stifle European opposition to the coup. Gulen and members of his religious center have contributed substantially to the Clinton Foundation as well as to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

After Egypt, Tunisia, Ukraine, Libya, Yemen and Syria, can the coup-crazy Obama administration use deceit to worm its way out of the Turkish debacle or will it stir up more unrest and turmoil in Turkey?

According to F. William Engdahl, a strategic risk consultant, in his article, Behind The CIA’s Desperate Turkey Coup Attempt, the reason that the Obama administration found Erdogan’s geopolitical shift away from Washington so disturbing was that the Turkish president was aligning with Russia and Syria. Erdogan had fired his Prime Minister, Ahmet Davotoglu, and appointed Binali Yıldırım, in his place. Davotoglu was Washington’s key contact within the Turkish government and a faithful supporter of EU and NATO policies. Yıldırım, on the other hand, is an Erdogan confidant.

In reopening talks with Putin on the Russian Turkish Stream gas pipeline, U.S. intelligence discovered that Erdogan had agreed to cease Turkey’s efforts to topple Assad, stop covert support for ISIS-DAESH and other terrorists in Syria and curtail ISIS sales of oil on Turkey’s black market. This intelligence so alarmed the administration’s neocons that they pushed Obama for executive action. Though European capitals already feared the ominous “war clouds” being generated by American recklessness, Obama gambled that European leaders would support a coup in Turkey. He believed Europe would ignore the overthrow of the democratically elected president of Turkey just as it ignored the U.S. overthrow of the democratically elected president of Ukraine. After all, Erdogan was not actually a white European. But Obama’s Turkish coup ___ instigated through his “army” of CIA agents ___ was as desperate as it was poorly executed ___ giving America’s global war of terror a defeat too significant to immediately assess. Obama’s Turkish gambit could even catapult Donald Trump into the White House.

Obama’s Designated Turkish President

Obama staged the Turkish coup using a network of Army officers loyal to Fetullah Gülen. In 2013, Gulen received a green card from his CIA handler after being forced to flee Turkey. Erdogan charged that Gulen was preparing a coup by staging mass protests against him in Istanbul, Ankara and elsewhere in Turkey. Just as in Ukraine, coup preparations included a massive nation-wide propaganda campaign to inflame religious sentiments. Using Turkish CIA media outlets, Gülen continually railed against Erdogan, calling him a secular, irreligious tyrant. Erdogan decided to move against the cleric that Obama designated Turkey’s next president. Erdogan launched raids on Gülen-controlled media outlets including the cleric’s widely read daily newspaper, Zaman. Rallying secular government resources, Erdogan reduced Gülen’s influence throughout Turkey rooting out his American spy network. Finally in 2013, Erdogan forced the so-called cleric to flee to the U.S.

Intelligence Experts React To Turkish Coup

Jennifer Sims, a former State Department official and intelligence expert, interviewed Central Intelligence Agency Director, John Brennan, at the Intelligence and National Security Alliance event on July 15th ___ the evening the coup against Erdogan was taking place. The CIA chief admitted that his intelligence officers were well aware that the Turkish president was under some strain and was facing significant religious opposition.

When Jennfer Sims asked Brennan, “Did we see it coming?” Brennan started to reply, “We…” and then he laughed awkwardly before continuing. “There have been a number of developments in the Turkish political scene over the last several years with President Erdogan … consolidating his power and authority…. [Turkey] sits astride a very unsettled area with challenges from the PKK [Kurdistan Workers’ Party] and Kurdish terrorists.”

Brennan continued by saying that the CIA knew that the Turkish government had taken a number of actions to address the opposition. These actions, Brennan said, reflected how much pressure Erdogan was under. When Sims asked the CIA chief what was done with the information he had on Erdogan, Brennan responded, “We made sure that our policy makers were kept informed.”

Several former CIA spooks appeared on CNN on the night that the coup was taking place. The spooks were unanimous in pointing out how amateurish the military officers leading the takeover seemed to be. They indicated that, if America had been involved, the coup would have proceeded, professionally and successfully. The commentators seemed more disappointed in the Turkish conspirator’s performance than concerned over the toppling of yet another democratically elected government.

Retired Army Gen. Wesley Clark, a former NATO commander, also appearing on CNN on the same night, said, “The thing about these coups __ and we are certainly not encouraging it; we are discouraging it __ but history shows that if you are going to execute these coups, you have to really mean it”

CIA’s Designated Figurehead

Fethullah Gulen has denied any involvement in the attempted coup. Even though the coup’s conspirators included officers of the Gulen Movement who also held high positions in the Turkish military, Gulen told the Associated Press that he didn’t know who his followers were and that the people who staged the coup could have had many different motives.

During the coup and immediately afterwards, the US mainstream media described the Gulen movement as a community of people and not a political party. Fethullah Gulen was characterized as a spiritual leader who promoted a tolerant Islam that emphasized altruism, modesty and hard work. On the other hand, the US State Department described Gulen as Turkey's second most powerful man. Yet as early as April, 2016, Turkey’s Minister of Defense warned that the Obama regime was planning to kill President Erdogan in a coup and replace him with the CIA’s “designated figurehead.” On the night the coup unfolded, Turkey’s Minister of Foreign Affairs reaffirmed the Turkish government’s belief that Gülen’s “CIA terrorist organization” was behind the plot and that Muharrem Kose, an adviser to Turkey’s military chief of staff and a follower of Fethullah Gulen, was one of the coup’s chief planners.

Erdogan Demands Gulen’s Extradition

The Erdogan government has filed a formal extradition request that the U.S. send Fethullah Gulen back to Turkey. Turkish officials have sent the U.S. State Department dossiers describing the cleric’s terrorist activities. According to a State Department spokesman, the U.S. is in the process of analyzing Turkey’s extradition request. However, no one believes Obama will ever hand Gulen over to Erdogan. Obama’s designated figurehead knows too much and the Turks would have no trouble extracting everything the seventy-year-old cleric knows.