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OpBlog: ‘Obama Founded ISIS’ Says Trump

What Was The Role Of Clinton And Obama In The Rise Of ISIS?

Eugene Stovall

Oakland. California,

August, 2016

"He’s the founder of ISIS” Donald Trump shouted hysterically over and over again to his supporters packing the Broward County arena. “Along with Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama is their most valuable player.”

Did Obama Create ISIS?

By October 2006, thousands of Iraqi insurgents had joined the guerilla movement known as the Mujahedeen Shura. The Mujahedeen guerilla movement had proclaimed the formation of the Islamic State of Iraq [ISI]. In August 2011, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq, sent fighters into Syria. The ISI fighters sent into Syria by al-Baghdadi called themselves, the al-Nustra Front and claimed to be moderate anti-Assad rebels. As moderate anti-Assad rebels, the al-Nustra Front seized control of Syrian territories using American-made weapons and American-supplied intelligence. In April 2013, al-Baghdadi announced that the al-Nustra Front occupying Syrian territories and ISI holding territories in Iraq would join together to form the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Later, al-Bagdadi announced that the Islamic State of Iraq the Levant (ISIL) ___ also known by the Arabic language acronym as Daesh ___ would become the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria [ISIS]. According to al-Baghdadi, ISIS was now a worldwide caliphate with religious, political and military authority over all Muslims, regardless of sect. Militant organizations, affiliated with ISIS, occupied territories in Libya, Afghanistan and Nigeria and guerrilla bands claiming allegiance to ISIS were operating in North Africa and Southeast Asia. Al Qaeda, however, had its own al-Nustra subdivision. Al Qaeda and al-Nustra were founded by Osama bin Laden with the assistance of the U.S. in the 1980s, to oppose Russia’s occupation of Afghanistan. When the Mujahedeen guerillas kicked Russia out of Afghanistan, they and the U.S. installed a Taliban government. When al-Baghdadi announced the formation of ISIS, al-Qaeda and al-Nustra denounced ISIS as a CIA front group.

As of December 2015, ISIS fielded an army of 40,000 trained fighters, controlled vast territories of Iraq and Syria with a population of 8 million and was driving America’s puppet government out of key Iraqi cities. Armed with American weapons and intelligence, ISIS was on the verge of collapsing Iraq’s puppet government. Obama launched drone and missile strikes against ISIS strongholds in Iraq. Obama also increased the number of American troops in Iraq to tighten his control over the Iraqi population.

Was Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi really Jason Bourne?

The Matt Damon movie character, Jason Bourne, did not know that he was a ‘spook’ assassinating world leaders for the CIA’s ‘blacks ops’ program. Not so, for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

According to The New York Times, many in the Middle East believe that a covert pact between the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia created ISIS to destabilize the region, control the world’s oil supply and support Israel’s seizure of Palestinian lands. Rumors about the U.S. sponsorship of ISIS became so widespread that the U.S. embassy in Lebanon issued an official statement calling the rumors complete fabrications. But despite the State Department denials, Iran claimed that the ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was actually Simon Elliot, an actor, and an agent of Israel’s Mossad intelligence service.

On June 12th 2016, the international press reported that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi died from wounds suffered in a US airstrike. As reported by Express writer, Vincent Wood, the ISIS leader was mortally wounded in the air attack on the convoy taking him to a meeting with other ISIS leaders. However, there were conflicting reports over the location of al-Baghdadi’s convoy. Depending on the report, the American air strikes took place either in Raqqa, Syria or Mosul, Iraq. Jndependent news reporter, Lizzie Dearden writes that a ‘fake propaganda statement’ prompted ‘false reports’ of al-Baghdadi's death. Dearden claims that the conflicting accounts about the location of al-Baghdadi’s convoy when it was attacked discredited the report of al-Baghdadi’s death.

Al-Baghdadi's death was reported just days after Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter, swore allegiance to ISIS on a 911 telephone call. Mateen made and received several calls during the massacre at Pulse nightclub, where he killed 49 people and wounded dozens more. Omar Mateen’s father is Seddique Mateen, a noted Pakistani politician, television personality and long time CIA operative. Seddique Mateen is also a contributor to the Clinton Foundation.

ISIS: An Intelligence-fed Organization With A Mission, Men, Munitions And Money

In 2000, President George W. Bush was so confident of American global supremacy in the post-Cold War world that he publicly declared his intention to impose regime change on Iraq. Furthermore, Bush threatened to launch a pre-emptive military strike against any country that dared threaten American interests. The Bush doctrine became America’s policy of perpetual war and global terrorism.

In September 2001, the nation was shocked by an attack on the New York City World Trade Center. Days later, poisonous anthrax received in the mail killed five people. These provocations gave Bush the justification he needed to implement his doctrine. Bob Woodward, in his book, Plan Of Attack, says that Langley sent out a cable to CIA stations and bases around the world, with the heading, Action Required: Your Thoughts.

The CIA is in the process of developing an unprecedented new covert action program with the clear goal of wreaking havoc upon and eliminating the sponsors of radical Islamic terrorism. Think about how… clandestine officers in the Directorate of Operations …[will] put forward their boldest, most radical thinking on how to conduct the massive terrorist manhunt. No restrictions.

In 2002, CIA Director George Tenet sent teams into Afghanistan to conduct assassinations and other ‘black ops’ missions designed to drive the Taliban from power. George Bush, vowing to oust the Taliban regime and suppress the al-Qaeda organization everywhere in the world, signed a Memorandum of Notification authorizing the CIA to use lethal covert action.

In the 1980s, the CIA funneled money, munitions and intelligence into Afghanistan to support the Mujahedeen guerillas fighting the Russian occupation. The Mujahedeen guerillas were members of the Taliban and al Qaeda. But when Bush sent the military to invade Afghanistan, US forces quickly controlled most of Afghanistan’s major cities. The capital of Kabul was abandoned and thousands of Afghanis fled south to the Pakistani border allowing Bush to replace the ruling Taliban with his own puppet government. The success of his Afghanistan adventure convinced Bush that the formula of CIA penetration followed by a full military invasion was the blueprint for successful regime change and population control anywhere. So Bush decided to apply his blueprint for regime change to Iraq.

Bush gave the CIA $200 million for covert operations against Saddam Hussein. The $200 million budget dwarfed the $70 million budget the CIA received for covert operations in Afghanistan, but Bush wanted a covert army capable of launching a campaign of terrorism, immediately.

The CIA Iraqi Network [Prior To 9/11]

Prior to 9/11, the CIA already had a ‘black ops’ network thoroughly implanted in the Middle East. In the 1970s, after Saddam Hussein signed a ‘friendship agreement’ with the Soviet Union, Richard Nixon authorized the CIA to build up an espionage and spy network throughout the region. Spread over five countries, Iran, Turkey, Syria, the Soviet Union as well as Iraq, Nixon’s spies were initially funded at $5 million annually, but the very next year the CIA received an additional $7 million. Even with the additional funding, the CIA deemed the authorization insufficient for building a covert army in the Middle East. The CIA’s budget was increased first to $35 million and finally to $75 million annually. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger used covert funds to finance American terrorist activities throughout the region. He disrupted the Arab-Israeli peace process, blocked the implementation of the two-state solution and forced the world’s acceptance Israel’s policy of expansion into Palestinian territories and genocide against the Palestinian people.

In 1991 ‘Poppy’ Bush signed an authorization for the CIA to topple Saddam Hussein and funded anti-Saddam groups throughout Iraq. In 1998, Bill Clinton gave the CIA $98 million to fund Saddam Hussein’s opponents. So even before ‘Baby’ Bush initiated his campaign of terrorism, he already had a functioning CIA network.

At 48, George Tenet, a high-level member of Bill Clinton’s security team, became a star in the Bush administration. Tenet had risen to power in the intelligence community from his lowly staff position with the Senate Intelligence Committee to a high-level staff position with the National Security Council. The son of Greek immigrants, Tenet spent endless hours developing personal relationships with the rich and powerful inside and outside the ‘beltway.’ Certain that Tenet would serve their interests, an international clique of bankers and intelligence officers paved the way for immigrant’s rise to power. Though the world’s most important foreign intelligence officials were his friends, Tenet’s closest confidant was Karl Rove, George Bush’s most senior political advisor. In 1995, Bill Clinton named George Tenet deputy director of the CIA and in 1997, Clinton appointed Tenet CIA Director.

George Tenet personally selected the person he wanted to head Bush’s ‘beefed up’ Iraqi covert operations group. Tenet selected his man from the CIA’s Directorate of Operations, the group with years of experience conducting ‘black ops’ including assassinations, ‘enhanced’ interrogations and physical and digital sabotage. Tenet chose a seasoned ‘spy’ born in a small town in Cuba whose father was involved in the CIA’s infamous Bay of Pigs fiasco. Tenet chose someone with no compunctions about carrying out Bush’s policy of pre-emptive war and terrorism.

Post 9/11 Invasion Of Iraq

In the run up to the Iraq invasion, Bush’s CIA director did not play by any set of rules ___ moral, legal or political. Bush tasked Tenet with duplicating in Iraq, the 30,000-man army the CIA had in Afghanistan. To accomplish this task, Tenet had to play dirty. He needed intelligence and access for his Iraqi team. So the CIA director promised, cajoled and lied to everyone from Iraqi tribesmen and religious leaders to contacts within various foreign intelligence services. Though the Turks and Kurds hated each other, Tenet needed both to give him free access and transit through both Turkish and Kurdish territories. Tenet used the kind of leverage that no other covert operator in the world could match. Tenet had money. Millions, tens of millions ___ in $100 dollar bills. And the CIA director exploited his leverage to the fullest.

So in the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy, George Tenet unleashed his massive CIA army. Tenet inserted a team of CIA professionals into Northern Iraq to provide the CIA army with supplies, weapons, command and control, intelligence and communications. Money was one thing, but the CIA army also required a command and control structure as well as supplies. Tenet’s CIA turned post 9/11 Iraq into the wild west. Massive payoffs to local Turkish officials guaranteed that the Americans could smuggle weapons, supplies and people across Turkey’s border. Inside Iraq, Tenet’s agents paid off Iraqi officials to gather intelligence. They bought off members of the Iraqi military. They obtained Iraqi intelligence reports and secret documents from the Iraqi Interior Ministry. They also obtained blueprints of government buildings, plans of port facilities and details on communications and power grids. All the while, Saddam’s intelligence agents were searching for America’s spies, but unfortunately for Saddam, his agents were searching for the Americans in southern Iraq.

Tenet’s covert team reached out to Iraq’s most important tribal leaders and put them on the CIA payroll. One day a well-dressed Iraqi ___ claiming to represent a powerful Iraqi organization ___ met with Tenet’s spy master. With a friendly smile and speaking excellent English, the visitor announced, “I really want to help you guys.” The Iraqi visitor gave a complete rundown of his ‘clients’ ___ a group with enormous power within Iraqi society and unbelievable influence over thousands of tribesmen. Members of this group held positions at the highest levels of Iraq’s military, intelligence and police services. Langley discovered that the group was so powerful that Saddam had already jailed and executed many of its leaders.

“We will give you all the support you need,” the Iraqi diplomat said. “And we are completely loyal. All we want are guarantees that we will have your backing once Saddam has been eliminated ___ and we need money.”

“Money is no problem,” the American replied, “but what guarantees do you want?”

“We want total control over Iraq’s Ministry of Interior.”

When the CIA readily agreed to the Iraqi proposal, the die was cast. Tenet initiated an action from which there was no return. America and the CIA now had a partner that even Saddam Hussein feared.

Though George Tenet gave his boss glowing reports about his CIA army, the Oval Office wanted proof of the group’s effectiveness. So On Saturday, March 15th 2002, a team from the CIA army was given explosives and a CIA technician. The team blew up the rails of a busy railroad track connecting Mosul to Baghdad. Soon afterwards, a freight train, transporting oil tankers, hit the severed rail lines. Careening off of the tracks, out of control, the oil tankers collided with each other and exploded. The explosion engulfed the entire area in an inextinguishable inferno. Shortly after that, a passenger train plunged into mass of burning oil tankers, impaling passenger cars upon the twisted, molten wreckage. The scene was horrific. Mangled and dismembered bodies were everywhere and the screams of dying passengers trapped inside the train compartments punctuated the smoke-filled air. When Washington insiders received reports of the covert operation, the policy makers were elated. More attacks were ordered. So even as Colin Powell made his hypocritical appeal to the UN for a diplomatic solution to the Iraqi ‘crisis’, George Bush was already ordering his CIA army to kill Iraqi civilians. Though many Americans might find it difficult to believe, after the U.S. invasion, Iraqi victims of American terrorism joined Iraq’s Mujahedeen Shura by the thousands. The Mujahedeen Shura would soon become known as ISIS.

America Attacks Iraq

Weeks into the Iraq War, Donald Rumsfeld gave his Pentagon the task of reconstituting Iraq in the aftermath of the American invasion. The Pentagon claimed reconstitution authority under the Coalition Administration for Iraq. The Coalition Administration had a deputy for civil affairs and a deputy for security and support, both of whom reported to a Coalition Administrator.

George Bush appointed his personal envoy to Iraq his Coalition Administrator for Iraq. Bush’s Coalition Administrator was tasked with transitioning Iraq from being administered by the American army of occupation to being governed by an Interim Iraqi ‘puppet’ government. Bush’s administrator would handle everything from Iraq’s debt, credit and oil policies to creating the laws, institutions and political processes for controlling the Iraqi people. Two weeks after the fall of Baghdad, on May 9TH 2003, George Bush appointed Jerry Bremer, special presidential envoy to Iraq and his Coalition Administrator. Jerry Bremer was an expert in terrorism and a protégé of Henry Kissinger. Prior to his appointment, Bremer managed the multi-million dollar consultant firm, Kissinger and Associates, a consulting firm with a broad array of international and government clients.


On May 14th, Bremer’s first full day in Iraq, Washington sent him Coalition Provisional Authority Order Number 1 ___ De-Baathification of Iraqi Society. The order directed Bremer to remove members of the top four ranks of the Baathist party from their government and non-government posts and ban them from any future employment. Washington also directed Bremer to remove the managers from the top three layers of all government ministries ____ whether or not these managers were members of the Baath party. Washington directed Bremer to designate the dismissed government bureaucrats as security risks and investigate for possible crimes against the Coalition Authority. Coalition Order Number 1 drove 50,000 of the most educated Iraqi elites and their families underground and infused them with an absolute hatred for the United States and all Americans. These 50,000 Iraqi elites and their families formed the backbone of the Mujahideen Shura soon to become ISIS.

On May 15th, Jerry Bremer received Coalition Provisional Authority Order Number 2 to dissolve the Iraqi ministries of the Interior and Defense. The order disbanded the entire Iraqi military and police establishment and left Iraq completely incapable of protecting its government buildings, communications and power networks port facilities ___ or its people. The order ended Iraq’s existence as an independent political entity and subjugated its populace to the brutality of the American army of occupation. Coalition Provisional Authority Order Number 2 drove more thousands of Iraqis, familiar with weapons and military arts, to join the Mujahideen Shura.

Obama Takes Charge

General Michael V. Hayden, George Tenet’s successor at the CIA, gave President-elect Obama and Vice President-elect Biden their first briefing in December, 2008. Armed with charts and findings from the outgoing president and others, Hayden listed some of the CIA’s top covert activities:

Conduct clandestine, lethal counterterrorism operations and other programs to stop terrorists worldwide. Operations are currently active in more than 60 countries and include the use of Predator drones to terrorize populations into serving American and Saudi Arabian long-term oil interests.

Stop or impede Iran’s nuclear weapons program using dis-information, cyber attacks and international economic pressure.

Deter North Korea from building more nuclear weapons by ongoing covert operations launched from South Korea and Japan.

Conduct worldwide covert anti-proliferation operations in other countries, including Pakistan, to prevent them from acquiring weapons of mass destruction.

Carry out lethal and other operations independent of or in support of the U.S. military in Afghanistan. These operations are to be conducted by the CIA’s Counter-terrorism Pursuit Teams and unmanned aerial attack drones.

Operate ongoing lethal programs and operations inside Iraq to control unauthorized activities of American-backed paramilitary units.

Provide Turkey with intelligence and other support to prevent the Kurdistan Worker’s Party from setting up a separatist enclave within Turkish, Syrian and Iraqi territories.

Not only did Obama pardon Bush’s crimes committed at home and abroad, the president-elect fully endorsed and even expanded Bush’s policy of pre-emptive war and global terrorism. Obama’s uncritical acceptance of ‘black ops’ activities in over 60 countries helped to expand ISIS’ international appeal. Obama actually funded ISIS’ anti-Assad campaign giving the so-called moderate opposition arms, supplies and intelligence. However, despite the strategic role ISIS has played in Obama’s implementation of the Bush Doctrine, neither he nor Hillary Clinton were responsible for the founding of ISIS. George Bush and George Tenet founded ISIS.