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"The Idumean Covenant" Tears Away the Shroud Covering an ancient mystery...

Death, destruction and the persecution of an entire nation at the hands of the Roman army set the stage for "The Idumean Covenant" giving readers a front row seat for the Year of the Four Emperors, the bloody Roman civil war that tears apart the nation of Israel.Orchestrating the violence and mayhem is the Roman general, Titus Flavius Vespasian, and the governor of Galilee, Titus Flavius Josephus, who turns his back on the Jews to pave the way for the glory of Rome. The Idumean Covenant" becomes a locomotive taking the reader on a historical adventure of cynical plots, unconventional alliances and impossible loves pitting the most powerful men of the Roman Empire against each other…Moreover, "The Idumean Covenant makes a convincing and thoroughly factual connection between the Temple of Jerusalem and the Priory of Scion, between the Temple Guards and the Order of Templars.

With mercenaries, priests and the wrath of the Roman empire driving the action, "The Idumean Covenant" keeps the readers guessing from the very beginning into whose hands Jerusalem and the whole of Israel will eventually fall.

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