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The Other Reason John Conyers

Should Resign

Conyers’ Failure To Challenge Detroit’s

2016 Fraudulent Election Gave Trump The

White House

Eugene Stovall, Oakland, California

December 2017

It is far easier to lie to people, than to convince them that they have been lied to… Mark Twain

After the 2016 Presidential election, the Green Party’s Jill Stein raised the $2.5 Million fee that Michigan required to demand a recount. On the other hand, Detroit’s Democratic Party leadership, including Congressman John Conyers, made no effort to demand a recount though they knew a majority of Detroit’s black votes had been illegally suppressed.

In 2004, the Green Party presidential candidate, Davis Cobb successfully challenged the use of defective electronic voting machines in Ohio and the election official responsible for the deployment of the defective voting machines went to jail. California banned the use of fraudulent machines following the Green Party’s 2004 challenge.

“I’ve demonstrated that in just a few seconds, anyone can install vote-stealing malware on those machines that silently alters the electronic records of every vote.” J. Alex Halderman, professor of Computer Science and Engineering University of Michigan

Trump and Michigan Attorney General, Bill Schuette, fought the Green Party's demand for a recount of the 2016 vote by arguing that Jill Stein had no proof of voter fraud and the Green Party’s demand for a recount was an abuse of the state's recount law. The Republicans argued that the goal of Michigan ‘s recount law was to assist a legitimately aggrieved candidate and not to audit the state's election process. Since neither Clinton nor the Democratic Party claimed to be aggrieved by Detroit’s fraudulent voter results, the court found that Jill Stein and the Green Party had no standing to demand a recount.

Stein pointed out that Michigan’s voting system tallied 75,000 ballots that had no presidential selection. The 75,000 ballots cast without any presidential selection were twice the number of blank presidential ballots cast in 2012. Trump won Michigan by only 10,704 votes. Had there been a recount, there would have been physical evidence that the ballots were marked but not counted and Donald Trump would not have been elected president of the United States. But, apparently, neither the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton nor Representative John Conyers wanted Detroit’s black vote counted.

Democrats Didn’t Challenge Results In Michigan … Or Anywhere Else

After the election, the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton did nothing to challenge the fraudulent election results either in Michigan, Wisconsin or anywhere else. Democratic Party post-election activities focused entirely upon a media campaign to convince the American people that the Russians had hacked the Democratic National Committee and interfered with the 2016 elections. It was a stunning repeat of what happened in the 2000 elections, when Al Gore and the Democratic Party did not demand the Florida recount that would have made Al Gore president. Why did the ‘liberal’ Democrats rollover so easily for Donald Trump and the Republican Party?

One possible answer is that ‘liberal’ Democrats get their millions in campaign contributions from the same billionaires who contribute to ‘right wing’ Republicans. These billionaires bought the 2016 elections, so that the Republicans could reduce their taxes and so that the Democrats would stay out of the way. Big corporations control Democratic liberals as thoroughly as they control Republicans. Big Oil’s control over the California Democratic Party and its ‘liberal’ Democratic governor, Jerry Brown is an example of their control.

Jerry Brown and the Democrats have not only paved the way for Big Oil to drill off the California coast, they have given oil fracking companies unlimited license to destroy the environment. At the height of California’s drought, at the time Democrats were forcing Californians to pay skyrocketing water rates and endure water rationing, Brown allowed oil frackers to waste billions of gallons of water and pollute billions of gallons more. Not only are oil frackers polluting California’s drinking water, many believe that Jerry Brown’s oil fracking policies may have contributed to the massive wildfires that engulfed thousands of acres in northern California and destroyed thousands of homes and businesses. Still, without any Democratic Party resistance, California continues oil fracking programs. Another reason that the Democratic Party might have allowed Trump to win the White House has to do with Israel.

As many as 40 Democratic Congressmen and Senators hold dual American/Israeli citizenship. The number of state and local political officials with dual American/Israeli citizenships in the Democratic Party are in the thousands. Even in ordinary circumstances, these Democrats are more loyal to Israel than to their American constituents. However, since Donald Trump is a Jew and Benjamin Netanyahu wanted him in the White House, the entire Jewish establishment bankers, Wall Street, the media as well as the dual American/Israeli officeholders coordinated their resources to get Trump into the White House. This explains the true nature of the antagonism between Donald Trump and the ‘deep state’ and why the Democratic Party did not challenge the fraudulent Detroit vote. But it does not excuse John Conyers.

John Conyers Knew About The Fraud

On Friday, September 16, 2016, two months before the November presidential election, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund sponsored a 2016 Voter Protection Series conference in Washington, D.C.

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s (CBCF) 2016 Voter Protection Series, in cooperation with Rep. John Conyers and the Judiciary Brain trust, the Voting Rights Caucus, and the Voting Rights Alliance, aims to highlight challenges and solutions in order to overcome restrictive voting laws and ensure voter turnout in the upcoming elections. The series will open with two policy panel discussions aimed at strategizing around the dilution of the Voting Rights and the negative implications of voter suppression. …NAACP LDF Conference Overview

The most basic principle of the American democracy is free elections. Whenever the fairness or legitimacy of free elections is in doubt, significant legal remedies are available. John Conyers, the Congressional Black Caucus and the Democratic Party were aware that the Republicans intended to steal the election by suppressing the legitimate black vote, yet they did not avail themselves of the legal redress that the Green Party sought. Any reasonable person must conclude that John Conyers did not want to prevent Trump from entering the White House.

Trump’s presidency is no small thing, Trump has elevated a confirmed fascist to the Supreme Court, stripped civil rights from minorities, instituted the Muslim ban, directed the FBI to target so-called black identity terrorists, incarcerated undocumented aliens in concentration camps and black sites inside and outside the United States, dismantled legal and institutional protections for consumers, minorities and the environment and allowed billionaire oligarchs to loot the treasury in preparation for the complete dismantling of Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security entitlement programs. The belief that Robert Mueller ___ a member of the deep state ____ is standing between the complete fascist takeover of the United States government is a fantasy. The deep state has been been planning the fascist takeover since the end of WWII. They just do not want to share power with Israel and intend to stamp out Trumpism not fascism.

Conyers’ Reparation Bill: A Promise Of Heaven On Earth

Since 1989, Rep. John Conyers has repeatedly introduced—HR. 40— known as the black reparations bill. Conyers’ reparations bill recommends that a seven-member commission with an $8-million budget be appointed to examine the legacy of slavery. The commission would complete a study and recommend to Congress "appropriate remedies" including a formal apology from the Government of the United States to the descendants of former slaves. The commission would also determine whether "any form of compensation to the descendants of African slaves was warranted." The bill acknowledged the fundamental injustice, cruelty, brutality, and inhumanity of slavery in the United States.

Conyers’ HR-40 was similar to the law that apologized for the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. That law provided a $20,000 cash payment to each surviving former internee. Though Conyers said that his commission wouldn’t necessarily provide monetary compensation to descendants of slaves, his bill never went anywhere. The high point for HR-40 came in December 2007, when it received its first public hearing by the House Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties. HR-40 did not even advance to the full House Judiciary Committee, despite the fact that John Conyers, himself, was chairman of the full committee. Some commentators believed that Conyers’ HR-40 was a ‘grandstand play.’ Conyers’ reparation bill was merely intended to give blacks a view of the “promise land” but not take them there.

Black politicians are good at grandstanding before the media and in front of friendly audiences, but few of them have the grit, intelligence or leadership needed to challenge, change or combat white racism. Strutting about, collecting their perks, and pretending to live in a post-racial society, black leaders serve their white masters. Andrew Young, a former preacher and disciple of Martin Luther King perfectly fits the mold of the black leader chosen to serve white folks interests.

“White Nationalists Are The Forgotten Americans”

In the wake of the white nationalist riots in Charlottesville, Virginia, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd interviewed Andrew Young, former mayor of Atlanta, US Congressman and ambassador to the UN. The noted non-violent civil rights advocate made a career of serving white folk’s interests. At the time, Donald Trump was pushing the narrative that the white nationalists in Charlottesville were merely expressing their legitimate concerns and asked Andrew Young to be his surrogate on Chuck Todd’s MSNBC Meet The Press program. Andrew Young was only too happy to serve Donald Trump.

Once Trump became President, Andrew Young occasionally received calls from Trump seeking advice. Donald Trump was a great admirer of Andrew Young’s plantation philosophy. What the president especially admired was Young’s disrespect for the concept of black manhood. So Trump decided to use this intellectually decrepit and morally bankrupt old black man to defend his Charlottesville narrative. And Andrew Young was only too happy to apply his well-known plantation philosophy to defend the president.

“I feel uncomfortable condemning the Klan,” Young told Chuck Todd. “They are almost the poorest of the poor. They are the forgotten Americans. Klansmen have been used, abused and neglected. And that just doesn’t make sense in today’s world.”

Furthering Trump’s racist narrative, Young made the blatantly assertion that black people, themselves, were responsible for provoking white nationalists. “The white nationalists see progress in the black community and on television and everywhere and white nationalists don’t share in this progress.” Todd remained impassively silent with this statement for several seconds before asking the former civil rights preacher how he came to his unique political philosophy.

Young responded that he had been born 50 yards from the German American Bund and Nazi party headquarters. As a child, Young claimed that his proximity to American Nazis during WWII gave him the ability to deal with Nazism and white supremacy from the time he was four years old. His father had advised Young to get smart and find a way to help the Nazis and klansmen. This was how Young developed his own personal strategy for dealing with white racism ____ a strategy of service, deference and self-abasement. Young admitted that this strategy did not work for most black men. Young says that most black men hide behind militant and, presumably, wrong-headed solutions. Black men don’t keep their eyes on the prize Young said. Neither vengeance nor getting even was important. Black men didn’t understand that the prize was redemption. Redemption was the prize that white folks give blacks who do white folks bidding and serve white folks interests.

By defending Trump’s racist Charlottesville narrative on Meet The Press, Andrew Young sought to find his redemption. But in reality, Andrew Young cannot be redeemed. Like most of the SCLC-type preachers that white folks put in charge of black people, Young is nothing more than a hedonist and a moral, intellectual and physical coward. Creatures like these will never find redemption for their betrayal of black people.

Secularizing The Plantation Political Philosophy

From the 1950s, Andrew Young’s ‘plantation’ political philosophy ___ a product of Martin Luther King’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference ___ has kept the majority of black people quite content with white racism, white supremacy and white privilege. But in the post-civil rights period, black preachers seemed to be losing their appeal. Black men were being subjected to a ‘war on drugs’ resulting in their mass incarceration. In 1988, John Conyers successfully secularized the plantation political philosophy by substituting the promise of a heavenly reward with the idea of ‘black reparations.’ This ‘pie in the sky’ promise was concocted with the assistance of the Congressional Black Caucus and Democratic Party. But in November, 2016, Conyers and the black political leadership were faced with the defining political challenge of a generation ____ the challenge of halting America’s headlong march into fascism. And the black Democratic Party leadership failed to meet the challenge. Like Andrew Young, Conyers was too old, too decrepit, too tied to the Democratic Party establishment to act. Thus Conyers and the Congressional Black Caucus handed the presidency to Donald Trump.

For his cowardly betrayal of his black Detroit constituency, John Conyers should resign. Possibly, someone else with the guts and manhood to prevent the suppression of Detroit’s black vote in the future might take his place,

Andrew Young to Chuck Todd: “I saw Steve Bannon carrying a book some months ago. I read that book and I was just thrilled.”

If Andrew Young wants to read a thrilling book, relevant to black people, he should read,

Blood And Brotherhood: A Novel Of Love In A Time Of Hate.