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Hat-Shep-Sut was the world's first radical feminist whose ambitions were whetted by the power that she wielded over her father, Pharaoh Thut-Moses I as well as over her brother and husband, Pharaoh Thut-Moses II. When Thut-Moses II dies , Hat-Shep-Sut, with the help of her consort, Senen-Mut, seizes the throne. But in order to hold it, Hat-Shep-Sut must fend off her most powerful and deadly rival, the High Priest of Amen-Ra.

And Amen's high priest is no weak adversary. Bold and cunning, the high priest had attempted to assassinate Hat-Shep-Sut's own father, Pharaoh Thut-Moses I. To overcome the High Priest’s conspiracies Hat-Shep-Sut ushers in the solar cult ___ worship of the Egyptian sun god, the Aten.

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