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Welcome to Kenny's world. Little Kenny Kiley watched his brother die at the hands of the LAPD during a candy heist.

As a teenager living in the black slums of Los Angeles during the 1950s, Kenny is driven to join one of the toughest gangs in L.A. before shipping out for Vietnam. As an adult, Kenny struggles to overcome a lifetime of prejudice to make a life for himself and the woman who became his family. The blinders of honor are removed in the jungles of Vietnam and American soldiers are exposed the harsh reality of war and the conspiracies and political games that cause them.

"[Kenny] finds that there is no honor or humanity in war; he commits many atrocities that haunt him upon his return to the U.S. He also discovers that the information given to the American public regarding what is really going on in Southeast Asia has no bearing on reality. He is not imagining a conspiracy theory. He is living it."

Back in the U.S., Kenny slips into a life of government supplied drugs to support himself and his new family. Hazel, his wife, is not caught up in the CIA and Rand conspiracies weaved on the UCLA campus., but becomes a pawn in the cointelpro schemes activated by an undercover police officer, who was Kenny's erstwhile friend. Government crime, conspiracy and scandal drives the action as it does the life of a black man caught in the grips of a police state.

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