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Set against the background of the Roaring Twenties when lawlessness, government wrongdoing and the Ku Klux Klan rule the land, Blood and Brotherhood dramatizes the epic struggle of the New Negro to win his freedom. It tells the story of military's obsession with the 200,000 Negroes returning from the Great European War. The military trained Negroes to kill whites in Europe and now believes these Negroes will to do it again in the United States. It also tells about the secret brotherhood of black men bound by their loyalty to each other and how in preventing the lynching of Negroes in the first world war, the brotherhood saves the son of it's founder in the second.

In Blood and Brotherhood, PETE JENKINS, a former veteran of the Great European War, joins Marcus Garvey's African Legion and rises to the rank of Security Commander. GRADY JONES, a soldier whose life PETE saves, is recruited by military intelligence to spy on Garvey's movement. GRADY also must learn the identity of the double agent leaking information to Negro militants. Military intelligence is especially alarmed that a double agent informs the African Blood Brotherhood of the KU KLUX KLAN's plan to destroy the Negro community in Tulsa. GRADY uses the green-eyed Jamaican beauty, JULIA DUNCAN, to seduce PETE. However, when JULIA and PETE fall in love, they must flee to Los Angeles to escape both Garvey's hit men and government agents. PETE and JULIA arrive in Los Angeles just in time for PETE to become involved in the KLAN's threat to apply theā€  Tulsa-solution to LA's Central Avenue neighborhood.

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