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Eugene Stovall

Oakland, California October, 2019

When he exposed Hunter Biden’s involvement in Ukraine’s puppet state, the media attacked Donald Trump like a swarm of hornets. Trump’s search for dirt on Joe Biden boomeranged on him. The Democrats weren’t interested in Ukraine’s corruption nor was the public interested in the Cold War brewing on Russia’s border. The public and the Democrats only wanted to know if Trump would be impeached for withholding Ukraine’s weapons purchases and delaying America’s newest war of aggression.

Trump sent Giuliani to Ukraine to investigate Burisma, the secretive Ukrainian energy company that put Hunter Biden and other prominent Americans on its board of directors. Trump believed that the Americans on Burisma’s board were covering up the company’s illegal acquisition of drilling licenses and its illicit money laundering operation. Giuliani discovered that, prior to the coup and prior to Biden’s appointment to Burisma’s board, Burisma’s owner, Mykola Zlochevsky, paid an investment firm owned by Hunter Biden and John Kerry’s stepson, Christopher Heinz, a substantial amount of money. The payments were either to cover up Zlochevsky’s corruption or to launder Burisma’s profits or both. Giiuliani also discovered that after the coup, members of Burisma’s board of directors were directing America’s proxy war against Russia.

The Ukraine Coup

In September 2013, the Washington Post reported the IMF’s plans to force Ukraine into a European trade agreement. Ukraine was experiencing widespread suffering because of massive unemployment and needed economic development. The EU was pressing Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine’s president, to implement austerity programs in return for IMF financing. Yanukovych didn’t want to force further hardships on his people so he spurned the EU-IMF financial proposal in favor of a Russian offer that did not require forcing austerity upon Ukraine’s people. The Obama-Biden administration used Yanukovych ’s rejection of the IMF-EU proposal as an excuse to destablize Ukraine’s economy and overthrow its government.

The Obama-BideDEMOCRACYn administration used the National Endowment for Democracy [NED] to finance a propaganda campaign that undermined the Yanukovych’s government. Obama -Biden directed NED to stir up anti-government feelings and create dissent throughout Ukraine. NED paid reporters and media outlets to rub raw the sores of discontent and instigate resentment against Yanukovych, his cabinet and his government.

NED followed up its anti-government propaganda by funding a Ukrainian shadow government whose gangs of neo-Nazis were organized into anti-government para-military units. NED’s shadow government instigated violence all over Ukraine. In Kiev, protests disrupted the economy and paralyzed the government. Working around the clock, Yanukovych met with opposition leaders trying to reach a settlement. But just as it seemed that he would be successful, NED’s neo-Nazis rampaged throughout Kiev, indiscriminately killing policemen and protesters, alike.

The Obama-Biden administration used the neo-Nazi killing spree to justify launching its coup. Declaring the Yanukovych government illegitimate, Obama-Biden directed Secretary of State John Kerry to recognize NED’s shadow organization as Ukraine’s legal government and convince his EU and NATO counterparts to do the same. NED-equipped para-military units mounted all out attacks on the local police. They seized government buildings and arrested and executed, along with their families, police and government officials opposing the coup. Hundreds of civil officials fled the Obama-Biden massacre while the press proclaimed the legitimacy of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi state.

NED Endowed For Regime Change

William Casey, Ronald Reagan’s CIA director created the National Endowment For Democracy [NED] to implement regime change around the world. NED created a CIA slush fund that was used elect a congress whose Democrat and Republican members would support torture, terrorism and regime change without reservation.

Massachusetts Senator Edward Boland attached an amendment to the 1982 defense appropriations act that made it illegal for the US to instigate or engage in regime change in Nicaragua. But Ronald Reagan violated the so-called Boland amendment with regularity. Reagan even financed his attempted overthrow of Nicaragua’s government by importing drugs into the US and selling them in the US inner cities. Congress caught Reagan in so many violations of the Boland amendment that it considered impeachment. Casey attempted to hide Reagan’s crimes from congressional scrutiny by creating a disinformation campaign that worked “when everything the public and Congress believes were lies.”

But Reagan was determined to undermine regimes and overthrow governments around the world. So Casey created the hundred million dollar slush fund that he called the National Endowment for Democracy. Casey used NED to fund political campaigns of compliant Democrats and Republicans who would do as they were told. Casey’s NED-financed politicians not only overturned the Boland Amendment, but supported a broad array of coups, assassinations and covert military operations. Once he had Congress under control, Casey added business, labor and the press to NED’s payoff list. Today NED distributes over a hundred million dollars to the Democratic and Republican national committees, the Business Roundtable and the National Labor Council. The government operates on National Socialist principles maintaining a bloated defense budget and dispensing billions in corporate subsidies. Preoccupied with toppling governments and looting treasuries, the US continually terrorizes the world into doing its bidding.

Casey’s corruption of Congress was so successful that George Bush used ‘faith based’ funding to ‘buy’ the support of religious leaders prior to his Iraq war. Thus the moral majority became neither. But unexpectedly and beyond all comprehension, Donald Trump threatens to topple the entire evil empire.

The Atlantic Council: America’s SPECTRE

Russia’s reaction to the Ukraine coup was immediate. It poured troops into Crimea and armed militias loyal to Yanukovych. Complaining that Russia’s interference with its coup violated US security, America imposed economic sanctions and sent a half billion dollars worth of arms to its puppet state. With Nazi troops massing on Russia’s border, the US and its NATO allies were already congratulating themselves on having won their new Cold War. However, it was one thing to launch a coup; it was a different thing to control the outcome.

Needing control over Ukraine’s government, the Obama-Biden administration turned to NATO’s Atlantic Council to conduct a SPECTRE-central operation. Special Executive for CounterTerrorism, Revenge and Extortion operations control the day to day activities of a puppet state by using an invisible hand to pull the strings. Once Ukraine became a US puppet state, Obama-Biden needed someone to ‘pull the strings’ and give the orders. With its $211 million budget and far-flung foreign operations, the Atlantic Council of the United States had the logistical, financial and organizational assets required to establish a SPECTRE-central in Ukraine.

After the Bay of Pigs fiasco, Dean Acheson and Christian Herter feared that John F. Kennedy would make good his promise to “break the CIA into a million pieces.” So they established the Atlantic Council of the United State to continue the Cold War operations that Kennedy threatened to end. The Atlantic Council of the US was a NATO organization. The White House had no authority over the council’s covert action operations. Other NATO members formed their own Atlantic Councils and networked them under the authority of the North Atlantic Council, NATO’s supreme governing body.

The Atlantic Council of the US directs regional centers that ‘manage’ international security and global economic activities. In other words, the Atlantic Council of the US is the politically independent spy and espionage organization that conducts SPECTRE-international. The current CEO of the Atlantic Council, James L. Jones, is a retired four-star Marine Corps general. He is the former commander of U.S. European Command and is NATO’s former Supreme Allied Commander. The chairman of the Atlantic Council’s International Advisory Board is Brent Scowcroft, a retired Air Force general. The Atlantic Council adviser on Afghanistan and Russian policy is NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk leads a neo-Nazi party and is a member of the Atlantic Council of the United States.

The Atlantic Council, The Ukraine Coup And Burisma

After the US orchestrated the Ukrainian coup and sent Nazi death squads to execute Ukraine’s government official, the Atlantic Council’s agents on Burisma’s board of directors and in Burisma’s senior management operated SPECTRE- to run Ukraine’s government and conducted America’s proxy war.

Advertising itself as one of Ukraine's largest private natural gas producers, Kiev’s Burisma Group is hidden away in a nondescript, five-story residential building. But when Trump asked Ukraine’s newly elected president, Volodymyr Zelenksy, to look into Burisma’s corrupt pre-coup acquisition of gas drilling licenses and money laundering activities, the NED-funded American press unleashed a firestorm of criticism. Before the coup, the Atlantic Council protected, Mykola Zlochevsky, Burisma’s owner and one of Yanukovych’s more corrupt cabinet ministers. The Atlantic Council included Burisma and Zlochevsky in its post-coup plans. After the coup, in the midst of the Ukranian civil war, the Atlantic Council supported Zlochevsky’s drilling operations while Burisma’s board of directors directed the affairs of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi government. Sitting on Burisma’s board, Hunter Biden played a critical role in the cover up. the coup and conduct of the American proxy war.

Hunter Biden: An American James Bond

Prior to the coup, Mykola Zlochevsky needed to protect his criminal enterprise from Yanukovych’s investigators. Zlochevsky turned to Rosemont Seneca Partners, the investment firm company founded by John Kerry’s stepson, Christopher Heinz and Hunter Biden. Zlochevsky gave Rosemont Seneca Partners $3.4 million to protect him from prosecution for Burisma ’s illegal activities. Zlochevsky “sweetened the deal” by promising Hunter Biden that Burisma would cooperate with the Americans if they decided to overthrow Yanukovych.

In May 2013, as the EU pressed Yanukovych to impose austerity on Ukraine, Joe Biden got Hunter Bidem’s cocaine arrest records sealed. Then the elder Biden obtained a Navy commission for his son. In a White House ceremony, Joe administered the naval officer’s oath to Hunter. The navy commission was Hunter Biden’s passport into the Atlantic Council’s murky world of military espionage. One month later, after becoming an Atlantic Council spy, the Navy discharged Hunter Biden for failing a cocaine test, a necessary step for his SPECTRE cover.

Hunter Biden, along with Devon Archer, formed BHR Partners with Jonathan Li, a Chinese businessman. The CIA front ‘conned’ the Chinese government into using BHR to invest outside China. The illegal investment scheme cost the Chinese $1.3 billion. Hunter Biden was now fully operational, vetted by the Atlantic Council and possessing the bona-fides and contacts of an espionage agent. Now on Burisma’s board, Hunter Biden channeled the Atlantic Council’s instructions to Ukraine’s puppet-state. But Hunter Biden was not Ukraine Spectre’s sole agent. The Atlantic Council inserted three top veterans of the ‘spy game’ onto Burisma’s board solidifing Ukraine’s SPECTRE-central.

Burisma’s Board: SPECTRE Central

Hunter Biden was joined on Burisma’s board by Aleksander Kwasniewski, Poland’s former president, Joseph Cofer Black, the CIA’s most experienced and valued counter terrorism operative and Alan Apter, a wily Wall Street investment banker and Eastern European spy master. These were the Atlantic Council’s elder statesmen of espionage. Hunter Biden had the ‘best of the best’ to guide his operation and wage his war.

Even under the watchful eyes of the Kremlin, Aleksander Kwasniewski was successful in transforming Poland from a communist state to a ‘democratic’ one. Teaching politics at Georgetown University and directing Kiev’s Center for Political Studies, Kwaśniewski was a member of the Atlantic Council as well as the Bilderberg Group. Joseph Cofer Black was a recipient of the CIA’s highest award, the Distinguished Intelligence Medal. Cofer Black directed the CIA’s department of counterterrorism and served as an ambassador at large for the State Department. Cofer Black was the CIA’s top international spymaster.

In addition to its board members, the Atlantic Council put its agents into Burisma senior management. Even before Kurt Volker became Trump’s special representative to Ukraine, Volker was a senior manager at Burisma as well as a senior adviser to the Atlantic Council. Volker introduced Zlochevsky to State Department officials at a New York Atlantic Council event in September, 2018 and accompanied Zlochevsky to a Washington reception given for House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, on September 24, 2019. Though Volker resigned as Trump’s Ukraine advisor, he remains a Burisma manager and an Atlantic Council advisor.

"I believe the only reason Burisma and Zlochevsky [acquired Biden, Black, Kwasniewski and Volker] was to whitewash their reputation and to present themselves as a company doing legitimate business in Ukraine," said Daria Kaleniuk, head of Kiev’s Anti-Corruption Action Center. Burisma’s powerful board members and management staff has blocked even Trump’s investigations into Zlochevsky’s corruption so the relief of the deep state and its congressional supporters.

UkraineAlert: The Atlantic Council Takes Precautions

NED-funded propaganda instigated the Ukraine coup. The Atlantic Council takes extreme precautions to prevent counter propaganda from threatening its puppet state. Adopting a strict pro-US narrative, the Atlantic Council’s UkraineAlert filters the news circulating in Ukraine’s Russian, Ukrainian and English language newspapers as well as through its electronic media outlets. In addition, UkraineAlert funds partnerships between English, Ukrainian, and Russian-language media distributors, controlling news distribution throughout the country. All Ukraine’s news is reviewed and approved by the Atlantic Council. Opinions that oppose American control over the Ukraine puppet state, even by Donald Trump, are censored.