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Amid ‘Fake News,’ White House ‘Tweet Storms’ And Mighty Wurlitzer Propaganda, National Socialism Continues To Thrive

Eugene Stovall

Oakland, California March, 2020

For decades, the mainstream press has celebrated the benefits of representative democracy and market-driven capitalism while reminding the public that socialism is the ultimate evil. The press claims that socialism is incompatible with democracy and a threat to the American way of life. Furthermore, socialist beliefs and socialist governments pose such an existential threat to American democracy that, for decades, the government has made eliminating the socialist menace a major policy objective. The government stockpiles a massive array of destructive weapons to make the world safe for democracy and Congress provides the industrial-military complex with a budget of a half trillions dollars each year to replenish America’s weapons stockpile. With its vast war machine, the US identifies, targets and eliminates socialism everywhere in the world.

For three decades, the US fought a Cold War to eliminate the socialist threat. America slaughtered Koreans, Panamanians, Cambodians, Grenedans, Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans and Vietnamese to preserve America’s freedoms. The right to vote, civil liberties and economic opportunities might have been restricted or even eliminated altogether, had socialism not been contained. On the other hand, many Americans still have their civil rights and freedoms limited by socialists___ national socialists.

At times, America’s ruling elites allow segments of society full access to civil liberties, but normally minority citizens enjoy restricted freedoms or are denied their constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties altogether. To have absolute, total access to the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the constitution, one must be a member of the white race, have social connections and belong to a privileged economic class. Indeed, after WWII, with the wholesale immigration of Nazi war criminals into the US, social policy became racial policy and the government became obsessed with white supremacy, at home and abroad.

When he left office in 1960, President Dwight Eisenhower warned the country that the military-industrial complex was seizing control of the government. Less than three years later, Eisenehower’s successor, President John F. Kennedy, was assassinated. Ever since then, the military-industrial complex has been feasting on a bloated defense budget, securing no-bid billion-dollar government contracts and enjoying billion-dollar government subsidies. The military-industrial complex grows wealthy on an independent economic system, controlled by individuals deeply imbedded inside the government. This independent economic system based on government funds under the control of the deep state is called national socialism.

Big Money, Democracy And The Mighty Wurlitzer

According to the mainstream press, market-driven capitalism offers ample opportunities for all citizens to become financially secure and socially successful. Big Money, however, has an easier road to wealth and power. No matter which political party controls the White House, Congress or the various state governments, Big Money will always have access to government contracts, set-asides and tax-based subsidies. The reason Big Money can depend on generous national socialist funding is because it rigs the elections and controls the elected officials who allocate tax dollars. The mighty Wurlitzer is as unconcerned with America’s rigged elections as it is with the national socialist economy. The Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee, the Business Roundtable and the National Labor Council, all divide up a one hundred million dollar slush fund that Congress awards the National Endowment For Democracy. This slush fund is used to elect candidates chosen by the deep state that keeps Big Money’s national socialist economy funded.

When Wall Stree banks and financial institutions caused the economic collapse of 2008, the Obama-Biden administration expanded the national socialist economy by doling out billion-dollar subsidies directly to those responsible for the economic collapse, while ignoring the millions of Americans who lost their jobs, homes and retirements. Officers of the financial institutions receiving national socialist funding got salary increases, bonuses and ‘golden parachutes’ while the Obama White House claimed that the Wall Street criminals were ‘too big to fail.’ The deep state’s mighty Wurlitzer was so successful in brainwashing the public to accept the ‘to big too fail and too rich to jail’ doctrine that the Obama-Biden administration decided to extend national socialism into the auto, health insurance and pharmaceutical sectors.

Obama gave auto companies government bailouts and they closed plants, layed off workers and bought back their stock. He bailed out health insurance companies with Obamacare and the health insurance companies trebled health insurance rates and got the government to mandate that all citizens pay their exorbitant health insurance rates. At the same time, the Obama-Biden administration oversaw the closure of hundreds hospitals, clinics and rural health care facilities. Doctors, nurses and health care professionals left the practice of medicine in droves. Obama gave pharmaceutical companies billion dollar subsidies and they dramatically increased the costs of life saving drugs and caused an opioid epidemic that earned the pharmaceutical industry billions while condemning millions of Americans to the agony of drug addiction. While the mighty Wurlitzer approved of the Obama-Biden administration’s expansion of national socialism, billionaires doubled and tripled their annual incomes though middle class wages stagnated and the working class found themselves living below the poverty line, hungry and homeless. National socialism profits were so great under Obama, that Big Money transferred three trillion dollars into private offshore accounts and Swiss banks.

Meanwhile, the mighty Wurlitzer continued spinning such powerful myths that thousands of non-white immigrants flocked to America’s borders. seeking asylum from the war on socialism. When the refugees crossed the border, however, instead of discovering the American dream they encountered the national socialist nightmare. Non-white refugees are incarcerated in government-funded private prisons, which strive to meet government-mandated occupancy quotas. The billionaires owners of these private prisons operate the private prisons like concentration camps. Families are separated, infants are thrown into cages and young girls are molested, raped and murdered.

The deep state’s mighty Wurlitzer targets Negroes as well. Big Money directed the Supreme Court to legalize the suppression of minority voting so as to better rig the elections. Nevertheless, Congressman James Clyburn urged Negro voters to stand in voting lines for six and seven hours to support Joe Biden and defeat the self-proclaimed socialist, Bernie Sanders. In reminding Negroes of Biden’s close association with Barack Obama, Clyburn failed to mention Biden’s even closer association with Herman Talmadge, James O. Eastland and Strom Thurmond, the white racists who organized White Citizens’ Councils throughout the South and advocated ‘lynch mob’ politics. Neither did Clyburn tell Negroes about Biden’s support of the Nazis who launched the Ukraine coup in 2014, murdering government officials as well as their families. After the coup, Biden had his son, Hunter, and other high level CIA agents onto Burisma’s board of directors to direct Obama proxy war against Russia. The mighty Wurlitzer praised Clyburn as a great Democratic leader and credited him with resurrecting Biden’s presidential bid and giving him the Democratic Party nomination.

When the deep state chose a reality TV star to replace Obama, it believed Trump was another Ronald Reagan. Trump shared Reagan’s right wing, racist ideology and, like Reagan, Trump had no inhibitions against breaking laws, destroying families or lying to the public. But as soon as Trump entered the White House, he showed a streak of independence that the deep state had not anticipated.

The Tower Of Babel

Genesis 11:1–9 tells the story of the Tower of Babel built by the Babylonians after the Flood. The Babylonians wanted to reach the heavens, seize the power of God and rule over the earth. But God was jealous of his power and disrupted the Babylonians’ plan. He confused the Babylonians’ workers so that they could no longer understand or communicate with each other. Babbling about, the workers dispersed into different directions, leaving the Tower of Babel incomplete.

Trump’s domestic agenda did not disappoint his deep state sponsors. He eliminated consumer protections, passed tax cuts for the wealthy and increased corporate subsidies to billionaires. Trump not only appointed right wing racists to federal courts he furthered the deep state’s national socialist agenda by appointing a self-proclaimed fascist to the Supreme Court, itself. But Trump radically departed from the deep state’s foreign policy agenda. He curtailed America’s worldwide terrorist activities and ceased overt attempts at regime change. Trump broke multilateral agreements including the Climate Change Accord and the Iran Nuclear Agreement. He withdrew the troops that Obama illegally inserted into Syria. According to American and international law, the seizure of Syrian territory by American troops was an act of war, but Obama was preparing for the overthrow Bashar al-Assad. Embracing the Zionist single state solution, Trump moved the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Trump even attacked the mighty Wurlitzer, itself, issuing daily tweet storms that lambasted mainstream media for promoting fake news. Trump attacked on the deep state was so destructive that the mighty Wurlitzer was reduced to a Tower of Babel.

The Washington Post Slams Rachel Maddow for Lying to Her Audience

Published December 26, 2019

M. Dowling, writer for the Independent Sentinel, wrote that left-wing writer, Erik Weple, slammed Rachel Maddow in the Washington Post for her irresponsible coverage of the Steele dossier.

The Fox News Lie

Published May 13th 2019

Katie Sullivan wrote in Media Matters that Fox News distinguishes between its right wing prime time hosts and its news production staff. Fox News claims its production staff buffers the network against conspiracy theories, propaganda, bigotry and lies. But Sullivan claims that a Media Matters investigation documented examples of the Fox News production staff spreading at least as much misinformation as Fox’s right wing news anchors.

MSNBC Accuses CNN Of Spreading Lies

Published Jan. 13, 2020

Matt Willstein, Senior Writer at the Daily Beast, reported that MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell said that the reason Trump wants viewers to watch CNN is because MSNBC doesn’t bring on liars.

Republican presidential candidate Joe Walsh says Fox News and Conservative Radio Are Lying To Americans

November 3, 2019

Claire Duffy, CNN. wrote that Republican presidential candidate, Joe Walsh, told CNN's Brian Stelter on Reliable Sources that "The Americans who listen to Fox News and conservative talk radio are being lied to and manipulated every day when it comes to impeachment."

Tucker Carlson Claims The IG Report Exposes CNN and Others As Liars

Fox News Release ""

Thanks to the "Department of Justice IG report, we now know …that the Steele dossier played a central role in the genesis of the beginning of the Russia hoax.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Accused Of Lying About Guantanamo Officials Starving Detainees

Published April, 2019

Brian Flood of Fox News wrote that MSNBC host Joy Reid slandered former President George W. Bush saying that he starved Guantanamo Bay detainees. Media Research Center contributing editor Mark Finkelstein said that the truth is precisely the opposite. “During the Bush era, Guantanamo officials took forceful measures to prevent people from starving. A number of prisoners had gone on hunger strikes to protest prison conditions. Rather than let the prisoners starve themselves to death, the prison officials force-fed them.”

John Oliver Gleefully Mocks Noted Liar (and MSNBC Host) Brian Williams

Published March 9, 2020 By Marlow Stern, The Daily Beast

… the truth-averse Brian Williams, host of MSNBC’s The 11th Hour, made himself look like an idiot on air while discussing the outrageous amount of money Bloomberg burned on his campaign…

When the deep state selected Trump to succeed Obama, it never imagined that its propaganda machine would lose control over public opinion. But, whatever his agenda, Trump’s gangster craftiness made him more than a match for the deep state.

Keeper Of The Secrets

The deep state used its mighty Wurlitzer to cover up secrets about America’s democracy. In the 1950s, press coverage of McCarthyism and the ‘red scare’ covered up how the State Department, the CIA and the Vaitican secreted Nazi war criminals into the US and inserted them into the highest levels of America’s universities, research institutions and federal agencies. These Nazis form the core of the American deep state. The media proved to be most incompetent when it tried to cover-up the Kennedy assassination. By promoting the government’s ‘magic bullet’ theory, the press tried to substantiate the idea of a lone gunman. Twenty-two years later, the government used the media to squash multiple reports of unexploded C-4 charges being found hidden throughout the upper floors of the demolished Oklahoma City federal building. The official report claimed that a ‘fertilizer’ bomb delivered in a pickup truck had destroyed the Oklahoma City federal building. In 2001, the media conducted a very successful cover-up of the Air Force’s failure to use its Air Defense Command to prevent the 9/11 attack. But a 1999 newspaper article shows how the Air Force protected civilians from a runaway private Learjet 35. The article describes how Air Defense Command should have reacted when the three passenger aircraft departed from their flight path on 9/11 and, hours later, slammed into tbe World Trade Center Buildings and the Pentagon Department of Defense headquarters.

On October 25, 1999, a chartered Learjet 35 filed a flight plan to fly from Orlando International_Airport"Orlando, Fl. to Dallas, TX. Among the Learjet’s passengers was golfing champion, Payne Stewart. Fifteen minutes after the Learjet’s takeoff, air traffic control failed to make any contact with the Learjet’s pilot, after repeated attempts. Air traffic control immediately alerted the Air Force, which dispatched Air Defense Command F-16 fighter jets to intercept the wayward Learjet 35. Within minutes, the F-16s sighted the Learjet, reporting that both of the Learjet’s engines were operating, but the cockpit windows were frosted over. As the Learjet continued to stray further off course, the Air Force sent four additional F-16s to intercept and shoot down the Learjet if it became a threat to the population below. After more than an hour, the Learjet began to spiral downward, crashing into a field near Aberdeen, SD.

"I am grateful for the work the FAA did and for the two Air Force pilots and the others in the Air Force that monitored this plane and made every effort to try to make contact with it,” President Clinton said of the incident.

The Air Fore’s emergency escort for the Learjet 35 included a pair of F-16 Falcons from the Air National Guard at Tyndall Air Force Base. A few minutes later a F-16 and an A-10 Warthog attack plane from Eglin Air Force Base joined the chase. When the Learjet climbed abruptly from 39,000 to 44,000 feet at 10:52 a.m., four additional Air National Guard F-16s from Tulsa, OK, took up the chase, accompanied by a KC- 135 fuel tanker. Minutes later F-16s from Fargo, N.D were scrambled for the chase. At 1:14 p.m. the Learjet began loosing altitude and crashed six minutes later as the Air Force decided that it was unnecessary to shoot down the Learjet 35.

For nearly twenty years, the 9/11 tragedy has been the mighty Wurlitzer’s best kept secret.

Postscript: Fake News Prior And After Trump

In 1969, the mighty Wurlitzer failed to keep a very important deep state secret. When the government announced that NASA had landed on the moon, Fox News called it a hoax. Fox News not only pointed out that there were no stars in any of pictures supposedly taken from the surface of the moon, but that scientific evidence disputed NASA’s claim. Two radiation rings encircling the earth, known as the Van Allen Radiation rings, create physical barriers to space travel. In addition, the earth and the Van Allen radiation rings are encapsulated in a cocoon formed by what scientists call the plasmasphere. No physical matter with a mass larger than an electron can penetrate this cocoon . In fact, the cocoon encapsulating the earth causes the ‘greenhouse effect,’ which makes it impossible for even gases to escape the earth’s atmosphere. This greenhouse effect is the primary cause of climate change and global warming. So, as Fox News pointed out, the the earth nestling inside of an impenetrable cocoon makes NASA’s moon landing a scientific and physical impossibility.

After Trump took office, he announced the formation of his Space Force. As Trump’s ‘mouthpiece,’ Fox News reversed its earlier position on ‘space’ travel. On November 20. 2017, Fox News issued the following statement: “Despite insurmountable evidence to the contrary, conspiracy theorists have claimed for years that man did not walk on the moon [and] that the moon landings were fake.”

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord

He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored

He has loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword

His TRUTH is marching on!

“My principal asked me to mentor one of our school’s new teachers,” Eugene announces.

It’s been three years since Eleanore and I have had a Thanksgiving dinner with both of our children, at the same time. For a number of years, Eugene lived in Baltimore attending Johns Hopkins University and then teaching in the Baltimore Public Schools to reduce a portion of his student loans. Now Eugene is home, teaching at James Madison Junior High School in Brookfield Village, one of Oakland’s toughest neighborhoods,.

“As a mentor teacher you’re going to learn a lot more about teaching now,” Eleanore comments.

Eleanore knows a lot about mentoring new teachers. For five of her fifteen years as an elementary school teacher, she served as a mentor teacher through the Oakland School District’s new teacher support program. After receiving her credential as a Reading Specialist along with her MS Ed in 2008, this year she took a non classroom job assisting teachers with the new Common Core standards and Balanced Literacy pedagogies at Fruitvale School.

“I’m already learning more than he is,” Eugene remarks.

“What do you mean?” his mother asks.

“The new Common Core curriculum puts so much pressure on both teachers and students that only those who have technology as well as classroom management skills can be successful,” Eugene replies. “Everyone else is being left behind.”

“Which seems to be the plan,” I remarked.

“Whatever happened to “No Child Left Behind”? Jennifer snickers.

“If you’re “Racing To The Top” somebody has to be left behind,” I laugh. But knowing how I feel about Barack Obama no one comments on my pun.

After a lapse in the conversation, Eleanore says, “If the students can’t read at the advanced levels the Common Core curriculum cannot advance their education. Successful Common Core implementation depends upon literate parents who read to their children and who read, themselves.”

“And you don’t find much of that in Brookfield Village,” Eugene says.

“In Brookfield Village,” Eleanore says. “You don’t find that anywhere in Oakland. How many black parents do you know who can read and who also read to their children?”

“Do you mean black parents?” I asked.

“They’re too busy watching Tyler Perry and Scandal,” Jennifer laughed.

Eugene ignores the tangent in the conversation and continues with his train of thought. “My mentee graduated from Columbia and has technology skills but is having difficulty managing his classroom.”

“Technology is an essential learning tool …” Jennifer offers.

As a college student, Jennifer uses her computer for everything from school registration and checking class schedules to research and sharing notes with her classmates.

“Dad bought you a computer for school,” Eugene retorts. “Some of my kids don’t even have one computer in their homes.” He pauses, then he continues. “Some of my kids don’t have homes.”

“What do you mean?” Jennifer asks.

“The new teacher that I mentor was having trouble with one of his students so I gave him some intervention strategies ____ one of which was to have the parent come to school and observe the student in class once or twice a week.”

“What happened?”

“At first, the student began to improve. She became attentive and attempted to do her work. But then things started to deteriorate.”

“Deteriorate how?” Eleanore ask

“When the student didn’t turn her homework in on time, my teacher penalized her,” Eugene said.

“Why didn’t you suggest to your mentee that he allow the student do her homework in class?”

“I did…”


“He was inflexible,” Eugene explained. “He said that his students needed to understand that homework was to be done at home.”

“So then what happened,” Eleanore asked.

“The student’s mother stopped coming to class and the student relapsed into her old behaviors.”

“Well that’s too bad.” I said. “But you know you can’t save them all.”

Eugene gave me a strange look before continuing. “Last week I noticed that the student hadn’t come to school for several days so I asked my mentee if he knew what happened to her.”

Eugene hesitated after that, as if weighing whether or not to say anything further . So for a long time he was preoccupied with his food. He had to be prodded into saying anything more.

Finally, after waiting as long as she could, Jennifer asked, “So what happened?”

Eugene sighed. “The student’s mother had been shot and killed and the student was being held by Child Protective Services in Juvenile Hall.”