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Blog: The Difficulty of Teaching Positive Human Values

By Dr. Eugene Stovall

Oakland, California December 31, 2013

In a Linkedin Discussion Group on Educating Black Children, Nwezeh Chinwe, a member of the academic staff of Nigeria’s Obafemi Awolowo University, asked this question: How can we prepare our children to think positively?

Antoinette Pierre, an educational consultant responded saying: We must provide a culture that lends itself to positive thinking and attitudes as we interact with our children in schools. It is important that we are the models for our children, therefore the behavior we exhibit as we interact with them must be positive because it is not always positive in other aspects of their lives.

This was my response:

It is very difficult to teach black children to think positively about human values when

they are being raised on lies. The media, whether it be network news, cable news, reality shows, or black dramas, constantly bombards black children with lies. In black movies such as Django Unchained or The Butler, buffoonery is substituted for reality. Black music, especially hip-hop and rap, assaults human values with wave after wave of filth and decadence. Even if they wanted to defend their children, black parents are helpless in the face of this deluge of evil cascading over the airwaves.

The schools are little better. History and social science courses are filled with half-truths, distortions and outright lies. The dominance of European culture requires that black children be overawed by the power of European culture even though its is largely myth. Even as Europeans invade countries, overthrow governments, assassinate leaders and steal resources, they continually claim to be the innocent victims of non-White and non-Christian fanaticism___ declaring a worldwide War On Terror against all non-Europeans.

In the face of these facts, how can black children be taught positive human values?

Because black people do not comprehend, analyze, synthesize or apply new information, they are always behind the dominant thinking of the age. This was true of the agrarian, industrial and the present information age. The latest economic indicators show that black people are unaware that they now live in a 'cashless' society. The intellectual pathologies observed by E, Franklin Frazier in his classic study, Black Bourgeoisie, are still operative in the black community, today. In the black community, social status is not based upon reality, but upon pretense.

Black people who do not read, cannot role model reading for their children. It is difficult to teach kids positive human values if parents don't know what a human value is and don't have anyone to enlighten them. Furthermore, many blacks who do read are not increasing their intellectual capital. If one were to examine the list of top ten best selling books in the black community, fiction as well as non-fiction, one would discover that the black readership favors erotic literature over all other literary genres by an overwhelming margin. Sex remains the major preoccupation of black readers. With black adults so preoccupied with sex, it is difficult to see where black children will get any positive attitudes about human values.