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Blog: Hidden in History’s Shadow

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows! Ha! Ha! Ha! ha!!! The Shadow Radio Show 1937-1954

Eugene Stovall

Oakland, California December, 2020

In September, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed the legislative bill requiring State University students take an ethnic studies course, but vetoed a similar bill for high school students.

White supremacy promotes its rule by falsifying history. Machiavellians promote their racism with lies to justify their genocidal wars against non-white people around the world ___ that wars have not only caused climate change and a global pandemic, but have also impoverished the millions of homeless, diseased and starving Americans bearing the brunt of the economic deceptions. American citizens live on streets and in alleys while millionaires living in mansions, spend billions in public funds to build sports coliseums and arenas for their amusement. Mainstream media propagandizes Americans into believing that fascism is preferable to the rule of law. A self-proclaimed fascist sitting on the United States Supreme Court reflects American values better than a socialist in Congress. Ignorant racism cloaks history in a shadow of lies, frustrating its value as a guide into the future.

To Create A More Perfect Union

One of the methods racists manipulate a culturally-biased historical narrative is proclaiming criminals as heroes. However, criminals, whether they wear military uniforms, like Oliver North, advance technology, Werner Von Braun or sit in the White House, like Donald Trump are not heroes. History portrays Robert E. Lee is as a hero. but he betrayed his oath to the constitution and caused the deaths of tens of thousands of American citizens. Robert E. Lee was a traitor and a criminal. However, the billionaire oligarchs responsible for furthering America’s criminal empire are emboldened by criminals that history calls heroes and to whom white racists have built monuments. As long as greed, racism and militarism remain America’s core principles, white supremacy will thrive.

Ethnic studies have the potential of exposing the forces behind America’s criminal empire without suffering violent repression. While it is true that UC Berkeley professor, Eugene Burdick died mysteriously after the publication of The 480, in the main, academics are victims of state sponsored terrorism. Academia has been permitted to search for a more perfect union even while it serves the forces of evil. As John Cardinal Newman said decades ago, social advancement is achieved through the integration of academic thought. Though he supported the racism the oozes from the bowels of Catholicism, Newman understood that democracy required diversity.

The Truths That Lurk In History’s Shadows

James [Armistead Lafayette]

In the autumn of 1781, America’s colonial army defeated the British at Yorktown. This battle was decisive in the American war of independence. James, a Negro slave, owned by William Armistead, played a critical role in the American victory. At war’s end, like tens of thousands other Negroes, many of whom assisted their slave masters to win their freedom, James remained a slave.

During the Revolutionary War, Virginia plantation owner, William Armistead, supported the effort with arms, foodstuffs and materials. When the Marquis de Lafayette asked Armistead to supply him with a Negro slave to spy on the British army, Armistead gave Lafayette a slave named James. Aware that the slave masters intended to maintain and expand their slave empire after freeing themselves from British rule, James wanted to prove that he was more valuable than any of Armistead’s darkies. Even though the British freed runaway slaves and promised to free all slaves and end the extermination of Native Americans when they defeated the slave owners’ rebellion, James faithfully served his master.

When, masquerading as a runaway slave, James entered their camp, the British granted him freedom and allowed him to remain to perform menial tasks. James provided the British information about Virginia’s local roads and surrounding locale while collecting information on the British useful to Lafayette. Surprisingly, the British found James’ information so valuable that they asked him to spy on Lafayette’s army. Soon, James passed vital information to Lafayette while giving Lord Cornwallis, the British commander, disinformation from Lafayette.

When the British trusted that James with Cornwallis’ plan to use his 10,000 British troops at Yorktown to attack Lafayette’s army of less than 4,000 colonials, the double agent sped the information to the colonials. If Cornwallis’ attack would force Lafayette to withdraw or face annihilation. Worse yet, Lafayette’s forces were to participate in a three-pronged attack on Cornwallis that included Washington’s army sailing down the Chesapeake and Rochambeau’s squadron of French warships approaching Yorktown from the sea. If Cornwallis attacked Lafayette, Washington’s plan to trap and destroy the British army at Yorktown would have failed and the slaveholders’ War of Independence would been lost. Lafayette needed to prevent Cornwallis from launching his attack.

Lafayette entrusted James with a fictitious military assessment overestimating the size of his army at 8,000 troops. Lafayette’s assessment also claimed that his army was protected by a formidable defensive network. James verified Lafayette’s disinformation convincing Cornwallis to cancel his attack. Washington spring his trap and won America’s War of Independence for the colonial slave masters.

After the revolution, James returned to William Armistead’s Virginia plantation to remain a slave and, like tens of thousands of other Negroes, helped build America’s colonial slave empire. James’ devotion to William Armistead and the Marquis de Lafayette earned him the name James Armistead Lafayette.

Abraham Lincoln

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” Sherlock Holmes

Forty-two days after Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated for a second term as president of the United States and five days after Robert E. Lee’s surrender at Appomattox courthouse ending the civil war, a cabal of slave holders assassinated Abraham Lincoln and took control of the federal government by installing a Confederate sympathizer, Andrew Johnson, as president of the United States. The southern secessionists responsible for the slaughter of tens of thousands of Americans took control of the government because Abraham Lincoln chose a Democratic Senator from the Confederate state of Tennessee as his vice-president thereby signing his own death warrant.

When Abraham Lincoln ran for a second term, it was not as a Republican. Lincoln ran on the National Union Party ticket, a party of confederate sympathizers, Democratic copperheads and pro-slavery Republicans. The Republican Party chose John C. Fremont as their presidential candidate whose party platform said that Fremont would win the war, free the slaves and impose harsh measures on the confederates responsible for the nation’s tragic bloodletting. As the nominee of the National Union Party Abraham Lincoln wanted to ‘reach across the aisle’ to the Democrats and pacify the confederate traitors who attempted to overthrow the constitution of the United States.

Even before the end of his first term, Lincoln initiated some uncharacteristic policies pro-confederate policies. He softened his attitude towards the southern traitors and angered members of his cabinet and Congress. When General Sherman confiscated land from former slave holders and distributed parcels to former slaves, Lincoln reversed Sherman’s orders and returned the land to the slave owners. Lincoln even presented plans to his cabinet to give reparations to southerners for the loss of their slaves due to the emancipation proclamation. During the election of 1864, more than one confederate confided that Lincoln had become ‘sound on the goose.’

Few historians have offered any plausible explanation for Lincoln’s strange behavior at the end of his first term. It is impossible that Abraham Lincoln could have done these things. So according, to Sherlock Holmes’ dictum, the only conclusion is that President Abraham Lincoln either died or was assassinated prior to the end of his first term and the man assassinated in Ford’s Theater on Aril 15, 1865 was not Abraham Lincoln, but a double who had taken his place.

Abraham Lincoln’s death during his first term could not have been publicized. The confederacy would have won the war and the United States would have dissolved. Too many people knew that Hannibal Hamlin, the vice-president of the United States, was a Negro. After all the country had suffered, any attempt to install Hamlin, a Negro, in the White Force would have been disastrous. The Republican cabinet and Congress decided to work with the Democrats, end the war and turn the government over to the confederate traitors.

After Andrew Johnson became president, Republicans made three attempts to retrieve control over the federal government. There were attempts to retrieve the body of the Lincoln imposter and expose the conspiracy, but confederate control of the government prevented any public revelation of the truth. The Republicans tried to impeach Andrew Johnson, but, with no vice-president to succeed him, the Senate was unwilling to plunge the government into another turmoil. Finally, the Republicans passed the Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments recognizing black people’s human, civil and voting rights.

With the federal government solidly in the control of confederate traitors, the confederate states instituted Black Codes meant to re-enslave black people. Black Codes restricted Negro movement, imposed forced labor conditions and eliminated the freedmen’s personal and civil rights. Republicans created the Freedmen’s Bureau to provide the former slaves some protections and allocate them a limited amount of arable land. The bureau set up schools to teach freedmen to read and write and employed agents to serve as legal advocates in local and federal courts. The Freedmen’s Bureau was a branch of the War Department and commanded federal troops stationed in the South. Many of the soldiers were Negro and had fought in the civil war. During his impeachment crisis, Andrew Johnson offered the leadership of the Freedmen’s Bureau to Frederick Douglass, but Douglass refused the position where he could have done so much good for black people. In the end, the Freedmen’s Bureau fell victim to confederate control over local, state and federal governments. In 1872, President U.S. Grant transferred the Negro soldiers protecting the former slaves in the south to west where they were ordered to kill Apaches.

Warren Harding

Mr. President, do you have Negro blood?

There may be a ‘nigger in the woodpile’ somewhere in my family. paraphrased from The Shadow Of Blooming Grove

During Harding’s presidential campaign, the secret service kidnapped his sister, Carolyn, and held her incommunicado until after the election. Carolyn Harding lived in Harlem and told everyone that her brother was running for president. Before entering politics, Warren Harding lived with his family in the Negro community of Marion, Ohio and, with his father, published the local Negro newspaper, the Marion Star.

On May 31, 1921, Albert Fall, Warren Harding’s Secretary of the Navy, gave the Navy’s oil reserves, located at Elk Grove, California and Teapot Dome, Wyoming, to a cartel of American and Canadian oil companies. The cartel included Sinclair Oil, now Exxon-Mobil, Pan American Oil and Transport, Marathon Oil and John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil. The same day that the oil cartel stole billions worth of oil, white supremacists, Masons, Ku Klux Klansmen, local law enforcement officers and Oklahoma National Guardsmen summoned by the Tulsa Tribune, descended upon the black business and residential community of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Big Oil’s capital city. With the fury of a coordinated Nazi blitzkrieg, the white racists killed black people and destroyed and later confiscated their property. Airplanes owned by Sinclair Oil set businesses, office buildings and residences owned by black people ablaze by dropping dynamite and fire bombs. The Sinclair airplanes machine-gunned women and children as they fled the burning buildings.

For the next two weeks, the news media ignored the theft of the public’s oil reserves by Harding’s oil billionaire cronies while covering the oil city race riot, extensively.

Though a Negro, Warren Harding was invested as a 33rd degree Mason, a Shriner, a Knights Templar and a Ku Klux Klansman. Harding’s sponsor was Harry Ford Sinclair, founder of the Sinclair Oil Company and scion of the Sinclair family descendants of the Merovingian dynasty founded by Jesus Christ and his wife Mary Magdalen. The Merovingians occupy the thrones of most of the kingdoms of Europe. The brazen oil theft and the barbarity of the coverup is typical of masonry’s contempt for the law. Masonic lodges protect masons and their illegal activities. Harry Sinclair admitted Harding into masonry’s highest levels because he was useful.

Marcus Garvey’s back to Africa made his Universal Negro Improvement Association a nuisance to colonial efforts in Africa. Garvey’s newspaper, the Negro World, was so effective in raising indigenous people’s awareness of colonial efforts to steal land and natural resources that any African caught possessing the Negro World was executed. But Garveyism found a home in Liberia. Many Liberian officials belonged to a UNIA chapter and the Liberian government even gave Garvey thousands of acres of land for UNIA rubber plantations. Garvey’s hold on Liberia so alarmed the colonial powers that Harry Sinclair ordered Harding to eliminate Garvey’s Liberian presence. Harding sent W.E.B Dubois to Liberia on a mission to eliminate the UNIA. Dubois’ mission included assassins with orders to kill Liberian government officials who were UNIA members. Dubois negotiated a hundred-year lease at ten cents an acre between the Liberian government and Harvey Firestone, also a mason, to take control of the UNIA’s million acres of rubber plantation land. Harding loaned Liberia $5 Million which was repaid by the government passing a forced labor law enslaving indigenous Africans and forcing them to work on Harvey Firestone’s rubber plantations. When a Liberian judge declared the forced labor law unconstitutional, Dubois’ men assassinated him.

During an Alaskan voyage, Warren Harding fell ill. He died in San Francisco’s Sheraton Palace Hotel. It was rumored that Florence Harding, Harding’s wife, poisoned her husband when the book, The President’s Daughter, revealed that Warren Harding, a Negro, had a child by a fifteen-year-old white teenager, Nan Britton.

Lessons of Black History

We need to study the whole of history, not to fall back into it, but to see if we can escape from it. Ortega y Gasset

A sign at Jonestown read ‘those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’ White supremacy thrives on lies. spewed from pulpits, rostrums, televisions, films, music recordings and internet links. Ethnic studies can shed a light on the truths lurking in the shadows of culturally-biased history. Black lives matter only when critically thinking matters.