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On Being Unapologetically Racist

Though White Folks Worry About The FBI’s Feud With Trump, They Applaud The Justice Department’s Commitment To The Subjugation Black And Other Non-White Peoples.

Eugene Stovall Oakland,

California, May, 2018

It is not enough that Black Americans are profiled, harassed, subjected to illegal searches and gunned down in the streets. Now the FBI has created a new category of black criminality: the black identity extremist. According to the FBI, the black identity extremist is a threat to killer cops and the communities that exonerate them.

In a Think Progress article, entitled “The FBI is using its ‘Black Identity Extremist’ report to crack down on activists,” Melanie Schmitz and Kay Wicker concluded that the FBI is making it criminal to be black and making it easy for the police state to terrorize, incarcerate and murder black people, whenever and wherever it pleases. Schmitz and Wicker say:

“While white individuals continue to murder innocent citizens in record numbers, our communities are the ones under surveillance and subject to politically motivated arrests ….”

Under James Comey, the FBI claimed that black identity extremists hold and circulate criminal beliefs. The FBI said that black identity extremists believe that black people are being profiled as criminals, that black people are being victimized by police brutality and that a network of cops are killing black people. The FBI says that not only do black identity extremist hold criminal beliefs but they also pose a threat to law enforcement officers as well as to the police state, itself. In at least eight states, police associations, police unions, district attorneys, and cops in leadership positions have been lobbying for “protest suppression” laws. The FBI’s newest category of black criminality is a big support for the cops’ campaign for “protest suppression” laws. With FBI support, killer cops and their supporters will arrest protesters, with impunity, anywhere in the country. By the time the various state and local jurisdictions enact the full-range of ‘protest suppression’ laws, the police state will be able to whisk any demonstrator to a black-ops site, a privately-owned prison camp or a government jail, whenever they wish.

On March 26, 2018, a Texas court began the trial of Christopher Daniels, a 26-year old Black resident of Dallas, TX. Christopher Daniels was tried as the FBI’s first Black Identity Extremist criminal.

America Historically Criminalizes Black People

From its beginning, America criminalized black people. Enslavement of black people was written into the U.S. Constitution. The third stanza of America’s national anthem declares the need to re-enslave or murder black runaways. The fugitive slave laws, black codes and Jim Crow segregation laws criminalized blacks. Any black not immediately serving a white master was arrested, forced into involuntary servitude or lynched. In America, having a black racial identity made a person a criminal.

In 1919, the FBI became responsible for the surveillance of black people when a document entitled, “Final Report on Negro Subversion” ___ a document intended to justify the FBI’s attack on black union activity ___ was given to a 24-year-old Justice Department staffer by the name of J. Edgar Hoover.

In the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, the FBI accelerated its targeting of black activists. Under its counterintelligence program, the FBI conducted nationwide surveillance of black people everywhere, but especially of civil rights leaders. The top civil rights leader on the FBI’s surveillance list was the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. With the approval of Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, Hoover gave FBI Agent, William C. Sullivan, the responsibility for tracking all of King’s movements and wiretapping all his phone conversations. In 1963, Sullivan wrote Hoover a memo, entitled “Communist Party, USA, Negro Question.” In this memo, Sullivan called Martin L. King “a threat to the nation.” In 1968, government assassins ended the Martin L. King ‘threat’ by ending the civil rights leader’s life.

King was neither the first nor the only black activist targeted by the government for assassination. Throughout the sixties, seventies eighties and nineties, black activists were routinely murdered by the government. The list includes Malcolm X, Bobby Hutton, Fred Hampton, John Huggins and Bunchy Carter. When the FBI targeted a black activist, that person would end up in a jail or in a grave.

America’s Racial Policies Inspired The Third Reich

White Americans created a program of race laws and social practices designed to subjugate, incarcerate and eliminate all racial minorities. America’s program of institutional racism was so comprehensive that Germany’s Third Reich ___ considered by some to be the most evil regime in history ___ modeled their laws on America’s racial policies. It is well known that the Ford Motors provided the Nazis with military vehicles, trucks and half-tracks, Standard Oil provided the Nazis with gas and oil and IBM gave the Nazis the technology required to identify and round up Jews. However, less recognized is the degree to which the Nazis and their leader, Adolf Hitler, admired America’s race laws, policies and practices and adopted them for Germany’s Jewish policies. In fact, America’s Jim Crow policies and Black Codes inspired the Third Reich’s final Jewish solution.

In his The New Yorker Magazine article, Alex Ross remembers “How American Racism Influenced Hitler.” Ross says that the Nazis idolized American culture. The cult of sport, Hollywood propaganda and the myth of the western frontier all fired the Nazi imagination. The Nazis compared Germany’s eastern expansion for Lebensraum to America’s westward expansion to fulfill Manifest Destiny. Hitler even praised the white settlers who gunned down ‘redskins’ in preparation for the westward expansion of the Aryan race. Whenever Hitler spoke of Lebensraum ___ Germany’s expansion into Eastern Europe ___ he compared it to America’s expansion over the dead bodies of Africans, Asians, Hispanics and Native Americans. In Mein Kampf, Hitler praised America as a country that purified itself by imposing racial quotas and excluding inferior races from immigration and citizenship.

Spawned from the American police state, the Third Reich decided to subject white people all over the world to an American brand of terrorism. Jews like John Quitman, governor of Mississippi and Judah Benjamin, US Senator from Louisiana and the Confederacy’s Secretary of War helped draft and pass racist legislation like fugitive slave laws, black codes and Jim Crow laws. It is ironic that the most extreme provisions of America’s race laws were incorporated into the Nazi’s Nuremberg Race Laws ___ the laws that legalized Germany’s Jewish genocide. America’s Immigration Act of 1924, which imposed national quotas and barred most Asian people altogether, supported Germany’s holocaust by preventing thousands of German Jews from entering America.

When criticized for their concentration camps, the Nazis pointed out that Americans incarcerated Native Americans ___ at least those remaining after the genocide ____ in American concentrations camps called reservations that were located all over the West. Inside these reservations, white people systematically starved Native Americans to death. When the Nazis invaded Russia, they called the Volga River, our Mississippi. The Nazis recruited German families, with the American pioneering spirit to populate Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. Like the Americans, the Germans tried to kill off the Slavic occupants of their conquered territories and starve the survivors. America’s successful westward expansion ___ past Hawaii, past Guam, all the way to the Philippines ___ and America’s eugenics movement which was America’s theory of white supremacy convinced the Nazis that their plans for Lebensraum were not only militarily obtainable, but also morally acceptable.

Some Nazis, however, thought America’s race laws unduly complex. In his 1936 study “Race Law in the United States,” Heinrich Krieger, a Nazi lawyer, tried to sort out the inconsistencies in the legal status of non-white Americans. But Krieger found that America’s race laws were needlessly complex. So the Nazi lawyer concluded that America’s legal apparatus was unnecessarily preoccupied with concealing its racist objectives. On the other hand, when the Third Reich attempted to adapt California’s sterilization program into its 1934 sterilization law, the Nazis found that some amount of obfuscation was necessary. Nevertheless, Krieger concluded that America’s failure to codify the true nature of its race relations was the only major difference between America’s racist police state and Germany’s Third Reich.

An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem And Modern Democracy

In 1944, it was clear that the defeat of the Third Reich was inevitable. As the Allies began planning the Nazi war crime trials, they worried over the obvious similarities between America’s and Germany’s race policies. To prevent embarrassing comparisons from disrupting their showcase trials, American policy makers commissioned a study by Swedish sociologist, Gunnar Myrdal, to show that ___ although American policy included a minimal level of racially inspired terrorism ___ America did not share the genocidal impulses that animated the Third Reich. Myrdal set out to prove that America’s political norms were derived from America’s ‘democratic’ creed which served to prevent the excesses like those of the Nazis.

Myrdal’s theorized that ___ though whites believed there should be as few blacks in America as possible___ white Americans advocated the use of ‘democratic’ means to achieve a reduction of the black population. Myrdal claimed that whites, inside and outside the government, favored means for handling blacks other than intimidation, involuntary servitude and lynching. Unlike Nazi Germany, according to Myrdal, America adopted less violent and more humane means of reducing the black population. These measures included controlling the ‘Negro’ leadership class, subjecting black Americans to economic deprivation, discovering diseases to which blacks were uniquely susceptible, sterilization, contraception and homelessness. But today America has returned to terrorizing its non-white population. ICE agents use midnight raids and overwhelming force to round up innocent Hispanics and dump them into privately-owned concentration camps, the border patrol and customs agents are banning Muslims from entering the United States and killer cops shoot down unarmed black citizens in the streets. The return of white terrorism as a population policy created the Black Lives Matter movement. So now FBI identifies another black crime, the crime of having a black identity. In so doing, the American police state looks to fully realize the full potential of white supremacy. And like the Nazi Third Reich, America is ‘racking’ up an impressive body count of inferior races both at home and around the world.