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How America Legitimizes The Bush Doctrine of

Pre-emptive and Perpetual War

By Eugene Stovall Oakland, California

The vulgar are always taken in by appearances and the world consists only of the vulgar … Machiavelli

While war and death clutch the planet in blood-drenched maw, the American public seems decidedly indifferent to the suffering of millions. But in all fairness, many Americans are far too engaged in their own personal ‘life and death’ struggles to pay much attention to what is going on elsewhere. For example, every day twenty- two American veterans multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan commit suicide. Over 8000 veterans committed suicide in 2014. In denying additional funding to the Veterans Affairs Administration for funding mental health treatment, the Republican congress said nothing could be done for anyone determined to kill him or herself. As a veteran, I find it appalling that American soldiers are sent all over the world to spill oceans of blood for Big Oil, Big Banks and Wall Street only to return and out of loneliness and misery to take their own lives on the American shore. But since the Bush Doctrine of Perpetual War this has become the new reality. But to conceal these and other disturbing developments, the government utilizes “conflict propaganda.”

The Bush doctrine of Pre-emptive and Perpetual War required an American police state to carry out the various acts of murder, intimidation and espionage, inside the US and around the world. The ‘silent coup’ that created this police state also gave the government a near monopoly over the media. Operating according to the dictates of homeland security and foreign intelligence surveillance laws, the mainstream ___ and not so mainstream press now uses government-controlled propaganda to fabricate Wag The Dog stories to cover it program of international terrorism. When the government dispatches its agents on missions to change regimes and plunder resources, it creates a compelling story to rally the public to the government’s point of view. The reason that the Bush doctrine of pre-emptive and self-perpetuating conflict is fueled by the media’s sensationalizing of threats to Americans and the need for military strikes against “international terrorists” resisting the demands of American economic and political imperialism.


Conflict propaganda goes into overdrive when it comes to black issues as the sad case of Gary Webb demonstrates. Newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post, at the urging of their CIA contacts, spent an enormous amount of energy trying to discredit Gary Webb by poking holes in his sensational story about the CIA distribution of crack cocaine in South Central Los Angeles. The involvement of the U.S. government in international drug trafficking to support regime change in Nicaragua caused many high-ranking government officials, including the POTUS, to fear criminal prosecution. The Los Angeles Times took an especially aggressive attitude towards Gary Webb and organized a 17 person Get Gary Webb team. “We’re going to take away that guy’s Pulitzer,” the team vowed. They took away more than that. Webb lost his job at the San Jose Mercury and was hounded into poverty. On December 10, 2004, Gary Webb was found dead from two gunshot wounds to the back of the head. The Sacramento County coroner ruled it a “suicide.”

Similar media blitzes distract, deflate and defuse issues arising from police intimidation, violence and murder of unarmed and defenseless black men. Serial killings ___ or serial lynchings ___ are being carried by members of the Policeman’s Union and are being instigated by some white racist organization. But when protests against these lynchings erupted in Ferguson, Staten Island and Cleveland, the government unleashed a propaganda blitz. Charles Barkley puffed up like a black imitation of Mussolini calling Ferguson’s demonstrators, “scumbags.” Sydney Shelton, Vice Chairman and Washington Chief of the NAACP, provided the ideal propaganda response to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer when the newsman asked the ‘civil rights’ leader: “What do you think is behind the killings of so many blacks in America?”

Without hesitation the NAACP mouthpiece responded: “Poor training! To make the necessary changes, we need better training.” Whether the NAACP wants the cops to get better training on the firing range or blacks better training at “ducking,” Sheldon did not clarify. But recent reports of NAACP chapters cozying up to the KKK, removes any acknowledging that black men are being “lynched” by white cops from the NAACP’s agenda.

Mia Love, the ‘first black woman elected to Congress as a Republican, gives us a perfect example of how conflict propaganda shapes black issues now and into the future. When Republican congressman, Steve Scalise was discovered to have ties to the KKK, Congressman-elect Love gave the white racist her unqualified support. "As far as I'm concerned, Representative Scalise has been absolutely wonderful to work with,” Mia Love, R-Utah said in an interview with ABC News, before even being seated in Congress. “He's been very helpful for me and he has had the support of his colleagues." It remains to be seen whether or not this black woman who insults black people everywhere by defending the KKK will be welcomed into the Congressional Black Caucus. Clearly the Republicans plan to use Ms. Love to shape black attitudes, especially towards Mitt Romney candidacy for president. As well as covering up the campaign of murder against black people, conflict propaganda makes wars of aggression, the toppling of governments and the assassination of heads of state seem like business as usual.


When the public and congress objected to Obama’s Syrian air war, Obama used the beheading of white journalists by white jihadists to rally American support. This classic use of conflict propaganda stirred up so much public support for Obama’s Syrian air war and support for ISIS fighters in Syria that bombs began dropping even before Obama obtained Congressional approval ___ which he has yet to obtain. Now Obama must concoct a propaganda message to explain how the Syrian war “morphed” into yet a third Iraqi war and why the Obama’s administration provided ISIS with the advanced weapons it is now using to overthrow America’s puppet government in Iraq.


For decades, American beliefs about Cuba centered on the Castro regime’s human rights violations, lack of free and fair elections, religious suppression and restriction on workers ability to form labor unions. But in a recent press conference, Obama announced a series of sweeping measures designed to improve relations between US and Cuba. Obama said that he would ease travel restrictions and permit the use of American bankcards for transactions in Cuba. Obama also set in motion the process of establishing an American embassy in Havana.

This new era in US/Cuba relations was signaled by an exchange of three Cubans jailed in the US for Alan Gross imprisoned in Cuba. Alan Gross was a USAID worker who was arrested, tried and imprisoned for five years as an American spy. Gross made three trips to Cuba, delivering computers to the Jewish Cuban community. Conversely, the Cubans imprisoned in America were all convicted in secret US FISA court as spies. Alan Gross worked for the United States Agency For International Development [USAID] and the media portrayed him as a law-abiding citizen illegally convicted of espionage in a Cuban court. However, USAID has a history of espionage in Cuba.

In 2010, USAID hired the D.C.-based group, Creative Associates International, to create a "Cuban Twitter app.” The app was meant to stir up opposition to the Castro brothers. USAID set this audacious program in motion by using shell companies around the world and luring 40,000 unsuspecting Cuban subscribers with seemingly innocuous text messages about sports and popular music to participate. When the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Vermont Democrat Patrick Leahy, heard about the Cuban Twitter idea, he ripped it as “dumb, dumb, dumb” and withdrew government funding.

Not to be deterred, USAID continued its Cuban espionage activities. The Obama administration concocted a scheme to undermine Castro by using hip-hop to criticize the Cuban government. USAID once again used the D.C.-based group, Creative Associates International, to recruit hip-hop artists for honing anti-government propaganda and stirring up social change. Among those artists recruited were Los Aldeanos, which emerged in the mid-2000s as one of Cuba's most fiery, best respected, political rap groups. USAID spent thousands through a secret Panamanian slush fund to produce a TV show with Los Aldeanos for distribution throughout Cuba. The USAID plot was revealed when Cuban authorities seized a Los Aldeanos' computer.


Conflict propaganda is a primary weapon in the US war on North Korea. Without any proof of North Korean involvement in the Sony hack, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews called the North Korean president “a blustery, tinhorn dictator, with a bad haircut, who could not be allowed to interfere with America’s freedom of expression.” The general atmosphere of insulting name-calling by the American press was heightened by the publicity surrounding Sony’s movie about assassinating Kim Jong Un. America’s claim of “freedom of expression” is merely the white privilege to disparage and vilify anyone or anything opposing white cultural hegemony around the world. The Obama administration told members of Congress that it intends to increase pressure on North Korea with additional economic sanctions.


A defect of conflict propaganda is the need for accuracy in story details. Inattention to the details of the story can unravel the entire fabrication. Such an oversight is found in the press coverage of the Paris tragedy. The Charlie Hebdo killers are linked to the anti-semite murderers of a “female police officer” and a “sanitation worker” both of whose identities have been mysteriously withheld. It is strange that none of the media knows anything about them. Even more strange is that Hayat Boumeddiene, the wife of one of the slain terrorists appears to have left Paris before her husband’s rampage. She has been reported seeking refuge in Syria with the American-backed Syrian rebels.

This week's terror attacks struck that nation.eems however that none of the mainstream ___ and not so mainstream ___ press seems interested either in the identity of the dead “ female policeman” or ther sanitation worker who tried to protect her.

Who cannot be allowed to shut down a major Hollywood motion picture. RT News uses conflict propaganda when it reports that the murder of Michael Brown reveals that the US has a two-tiered justice system: “one for the police and one for the rest of us.” RTNews would have reported the truth if it had said that the US two-tiered justice system ___ one for whites the other for the rest of us.

Using conflict propaganda, the Obama administration convinces the American public that Alan Gross, a peaceful American going about his business delivering computers to the Jewish community in Cuba, was convicted by a corrupt Cuban court. However, the Cubans that Gross was traded for Alan were legally convicted by a US FISA court which sits as a rubber-stamp for the CIA and the NSA and is known even in the American judicial community as a ‘kangaroo court’ without even the pretense of fairness or impartiality. Since all of the FISA court judges are appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, all serving judges are of the same political party, the same ideology and without any pressure, private or the i to their rulings which reflect their extreme right wing, neocon beliefs ___ beliefs masked by conflict propaganda.

The American public knows that the government maintains a police state every bit as vicious and illegal as the most vicious in history. Not only is the government maintained by a corrupt legal and criminal justice system, controlled by secret societies, and manipulated by handpicked insiders.

In New York, the media frenzy centering upon Mayor Bill De Blasio’s instructions to his son on dealing with the police. The police union called for the New York cop’s to turn their backs on the mayor for taking the black victim’s side.

Even if 100% of Congress was on the payroll of the 1%, there is still a need for public opinion is manipulated in favor of government policy. to successfully manipulate public opinion scrutiny away from daily horrors and criminal behavior activity being carried out in the name of the American people, caring nothing for any other than the top 1% economic and political needs of the 1% of America’s top economic and social class. These are the true beneficiaries of America’s campaign of international terrorism known as the Bush Doctrine of Pre-emptive and Perpetual War.