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Neo-Cons Could Block Hillary’s White House Bid

The black community has but two types of capital: intellectual and political … and very little of either. Black intelligence is so limited that a 2011 report said that less than 3% of black Junior High School graduates nationwide can read at the proficient level and less than 1% can read at the advanced level. In higher education, black professorships and research fellowships are held almost exclusively by assimilationists and accomodatio- nists who are too busy pleasing their white mentors to produce anything of value. As will be discussed, black political capital is squandered by the feckless greed of a black leadership that is tied to the interests of a democratic party little concerned with the woes of the black community. Today black people have neither the intellectual ability nor the political will to prevent the neo-cons’ long-term plans to suppress the black vote. In which case, the neo-cons, who Hillary Clinton only half-heartedly opposes, could prevent her from becoming the first woman ever to enter the White House.

Hillary Clinton seems almost a shoo-in to become the Democratic Party standard bearer in 2016. In the opinion polls, Clinton holds lopsided leads over all of her potential rivals. This lead is greatly enhanced by Clinton’s near unanimous black support, undiminished neither by Clinton’s neo-con sympathies nor her Republican past.

It is a tremendous advantage for any politician seeking national office to have a solid block of votes. And Clinton’s black support is rock solid and immune from the type of erosion that invariably plagues long term, two-year presidential campaigns. Hillary won’t have to worry about losing black support because of changing international conditions nor will she worry about losing their support because of a downturn in the job market or because blacks are losing their homes in record numbers. Not even the blatant murders of black children or the mass incarceration of black men need trouble the Clinton band wagon.

Hillary Clinton won’t worry about losing her black support for failing to deliver on campaign promises. She doesn’t have to promise black people anything. Bill Clinton didn’t promise or give them anything, unless you count his Welfare Reform Act, limiting black women’s access to financial support for their children. Hillary Clinton needn’t fear that black politicians will chide her for suggesting that the United States pour billions into the Ukraine but nor a cent into Oakland. Black people won’t expect that if and when Hillary becomes president she will put money into any black community … or reduce the monumental black unemployment rate. That is how black politics work. Black politicians promise nothing to their constituents and always deliver on their promises. In fact, by not providing any relief for the inner cities, Clinton will give black leaders a reason to call for another “march on Washington”. On the other hand, she will insure that black preachers receive their “faith-based payoffs.” However, one issue that Hillary Clinton will avoid like the plague is the epidemic drug problem infesting America’s black communities.