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Maxine Waters, C-SPAN and the RT ‘Hack’

How “Fake News” Is Faked

Eugene Stovall

Oakland, California

On Thursday, January 12th, as Congressperson Maxine Waters was speaking about the Securities and Exchange Commission on the floor of Congress, the C-SPAN telecast broadcasting her speech was cut off and replaced by music, images and the program logo of RT, Russian television. The ten-minute interruption seemed to support the ongoing controversy over Russian interference in the American ‘democratic’ process.

The mainstream news, cable outlets and social media went into a frenzy over RT’s alleged ten minute interruption of the C-SPAN telecast and universally suggested that RT’s interruption of Maxine Water’s speech was done for ‘nefarious’ purposes.

C-SPAN: Russian TV took over our feed

C-SPAN confirmed RT took over its feed of the House floor Thursday.

Creative Commons By Teresa Welsh

[CNN Newscaster] Shaun King thinks it’s super-sketchy that Russians hacked C-SPAN while Rep. Maxine Waters was speaking

posted by Brett T on

C-SPAN Online Feed Interrupted by Russian TV Briefly

by The Associated Press and Daniella Silva, NBC News

C-Span Online Broadcast Interrupted by Russian Network

By Jonah Engel Bromwich, NY Times Jan 12, 2017

C-SPAN coverage mysteriously overtaken by Russia state television

Aaron Rupar, ThinkProgress.

Not only do these headlines indicate that Maxine Waters was another victim of a Russian hack attack, the Think Progress article drew an even closer connection to Russian attempts to interfere with American democracy by even faking the “fake news’ story. The Think Progress reporter, Aaron Rupar, claimed: “The interruption came as a Congresswoman delivered a speech critical of Trump and Russia.” Waters was actually speaking about the Securities and Exchange Commission. This is just another example of how white folks use “fake news” to control black politicians and pre-empt the real news about how white supremacy controls America.

C-SPAN’s Statement About The Service Interruption:

On Thursday afternoon one of our online feeds which was carrying C-SPAN’s live House telecast was briefly interrupted by a signal carrying the RT network [which we regularly monitor along with many other news feeds]. This did not affect C-SPAN’s television broadcast of the House. We don’t believe that we were hacked, instead our initial investigation suggests that this was caused by an internal routing error. We take our network security very seriously and will continue with a deeper investigation, which may take some time. If we learn anything different as a result of this investigation, we will have a further public statement.

The Impossibility Of RT Overriding C-SPAN Programming

Today, I-Phone users know they cannot send an ‘app’ to another I-Phone without going through their service provider [ISP]. Structural separations prevent a user from forcing an application onto another I-Phone. While application programmers control various games, shopping sites and web page applications, ISPs such as Sprint, Verizon and AT&T control the gat transport of all applications. I-Phone users subscribe to speed and bandwidth their ‘apps’ require. Unfortunately, these rigid structural separations are not in place for cable television.

After the 1984 breakup of the Bell System, Judge Green ordered structural separations between cable transport and cable programming. However the separations were never fully implemented. And with the passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, cable transporters controlled delivery as well as programming. Cable transporters such as AT&T, Comcast, Times-Warner not only charge for the quality of service, i.e., high speed bandwidth and high definition, but also for specific programming ‘packages.’ The transport company packages vary according to the popularity of the programs. Cable operators charge premiums for specific programs such as HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, etc., but include programs that no one watches like C-SPAN in their basic packages. In reality, there are no structural separations between transport and programming in cable television; the big companies, like AT&T, Comcast, Time-Warner, etc. have complete control over everything. RT has absolutely no discretion over how, when and where their programs are shown. A network carrier such as Comcast can air the RT on whatever channel it chooses, anytime and anywhere. Furthermore only a network carrier has the capability of interrupting an ongoing program and showing something completely different ___ like when normal programming is interrupted by the emergency announcements.

If the C-SPAN channel suddenly began carrying RT programming, it could only have been done at the network carrier level and executed by a network carrier such as an AT&T. Any suggestion that RT had anything to do with interrupting C-SPAN’s program is an example of how “fake news” is faked.

Black Politicians And “Fake News”

‘Fake news’ about how Russia influence on America’s presidential election continues overshadow the real news about the Republican Party’s illegal and unconstitutional manipulation of the entire election process. The media has discussed the Republican party’s police state activities only superficially if at all even though prominent Republicans have boasted about suppressing the vote, rigging elections, tampering with ballots and disenfranchising whole segments of voters. The real news story concerns the scandalous election-rigging that gave Trump the White House and its similarity to how the Supreme Court gave the White House to Bush in 2000. The real story is the complete subversion of the federal judicial system. Instead of the media carrying the real story, they carry “fake news.” reporters, Thom Hartmann and Richard Greene, gives a sample of how the real story should read:

The election of 2016 may well have been stolen — or to use Donald Trump’s oft-repeated phrase — “rigged,” and nobody in the media seems willing to discuss it.

The rigging was a pretty simple process. In 27 Republican-controlled states (including critical swing states) hundreds of thousands of black people showed up to vote, but were mysteriously blocked from voting for allegedly being registered with the intent to vote in multiple states.

Greg Palast writes in Rolling Stone magazine (August 2016 edition), that … a program called the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck had been … used by Republican secretaries of state in 27 states to suppress and purge African American, Asian and Hispanic votes in … the swing states of the 2016 election.

Crosscheck was started by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach back in 2007. According to Palast, a total of 7 million voters—including up to 344,000 in Pennsylvania, 589,000 in North Carolina and 449,000 in Michigan … [were] denied the right to have their votes counted.

The Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck was not the only method the racist Republican Party used to suppress the black vote. Michigan declared that Trump won the state's count by 10,704 votes, but 75,355 ballots were not counted. Black voters in Detroit and Flint stood in long lines in the freezing snow to cast ballots that the white folks did not count. Furthermore 87 voting machines responsible for counting tens of thousands of ballots broke down in Detroit. Flint deliberately used faulty and un-calibrated machines that would not count the ballots submitted by black voters.

These were not the only criminal methods that the Republicans used to suppress the black vote and rig the election for Trump. In Michigan, the law permits voters to make one mark that casts a vote for every Democrat (or Republican) on the ballot. But Michigan knowingly deployed faulty voting machines in black areas that invalidated ballots with straight-ticket votes.

Though these problems could have been resolved had the uncounted ballots been physically counted, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette prevented any examination of the ballots cast in precincts where the number of votes and voters did not match. Count these Detroit and Flint ballots and Trump's victory would have vanished. But, just as in 2000, the US Supreme Court intervened and disallowed a recount.

Wisconsin used the same disenfranchisement tactics as were used in Michigan, Wisconsin deployed faulty voter machines in Milwaukee where black voters held a majority. These faulty machines did not count thousands of "spoiled" or "invalidated" ballots. To coverup all these criminal activities, a false narrative is being drummed into the American consciousness by the Democratic as well as Republican parties that Russia hacked America’s democracy. This is a bipartisan effort to cover up how America’s police state rigged the election, undemocratically and illegally.

Black Politicians Need “Fake News”

“Fake news” is important for the survival of Black politicians. “Fake news” claims that the black vote counts when real news gives evidence to the contrary. Black politicians exhort their constituents to waste their time voting for a society of white privilege. Black people don’t get jobs; they get drugs. Black people don’t get justice; they are murdered in the street. Black students attend public schools; white people design a school to prison pipeline. Black leadership uses “fake news” to tell to black people how much white folks care about democracy and how non-white peoples are a threat to western civilization and white folks’ “democratic processes.”

Michigan’s John Conyers cannot say anything about the suppression of the black vote if he wants to get re-elected. John Lewis is all over the media concerned over Russia’s political interference, but the so-called ‘civil rights’ icon remains silent about the fraudulent American political system. Neither is Lewis concerned about white racists imposing fascism on non-white people in America and around the world. Barack Obama has said nothing about white racists suppression of hundreds of thousands of black votes that put a fascist into the White House. However the so-called Black president has imposed sanctions on Russia for interfering in America’s democracy. Black people should be asking black leaders why thousands of black people stood in long lines for hours in the freezing snow to cast votes that Barack Obama and his black cronies knew would never be counted.

“Fake news” is the lie that black votes count. “Fake news” is used to keep black people involved in the demeaning and dehumanizing American political process. Wake up, black people! The Republican Party hates you and plans to eliminate you. The Democratic Party hates you and exploits you. Both parties favor the policy of racial genocide, masked as the War On Terror and the War On Drugs, that white are waging against non-white people in America and around the world.

Just because some black folks ‘coon’ for the white folks, doesn’t mean they’re going to survive. White folks are taking away your health care and your social security and when your turn comes, they’ll let you die in the street. But Derrick Bell calls the ‘coons’ the Faces At The Bottom Of The Well. He says that the white folks are saving them for last.