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BLOG: Cracks In The Contract

President ‘Pinocchio’ Saddles The Deep State

With A Serious Dilemma

I've got no strings, To hold me down, To make me fret

Or make me frown …I had strings, But now I'm free,

There are no strings on me…

I've got no strings, So I have fun, I'm not tied

to anyone … They've got strings, But you can see

There are no strings on me…

From Disney’s Pinocchio

Eugene Stovall

Oakland, California May, 2019

Too Grand A Name

A knee injury sidelined Jo-Wilfried Tsonga for the 2018 tennis season. Recently, the Tennis Channel aired the black star’s return match from Marrakech, Morocco. But for me the match was tarnished. For years tennis commentators have corrupted Jo-Wilfried Tsonga’s name. They call him, Jo-Willy Though Jo-Wilfried Tsonga was born in France of a Congolese father and a French mother, sports television executives decided that Willy fits their stereotype of the non-white athlete better than Wilfried.

When Tsonga was dating a white blonde woman, tennis commentators called him by his given name, rarely slipping in their racist insult. But when Tsonga married Noura El Shwekh, who is neither blonde nor white, the race-conscious media resumed its defamation of Tsonga’s name. And airing Tsonga’s 2019 Moroccan match, the Tennis Chanel consistently referred to the tennis star as Jo-Willy. Tennis Channel executives believe that their racial insults are a small price for Tsonga to pay considering what the black star receives from white noblesse oblige.

Of The Saintly Father James Matthews Easter is western civilization’s greatest holiday. It celebrates the resurrection of the Jewish messiah, after the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate, had him tortured and murdered. What Easter does not celebrate is how the risen messiah inspired the Jews to rebellion. The emperor, the Pontifex Maximus, subdued the Jewish reelliont with such ferocity and bloodshed that Jewish cities from Galilee to Judea including Jerusalem were obliterated. The Romans were so brutal that Jewish survivors holed up in the mountain fortress of Masada chose suicide rather than surrendering to the Romans. The Roman Christ killers scattered the Jews from their homeland in a diaspora that lasted nineteen hundred years. Meanwhile, Christianity became Rome’s state religion erasing any memory of the Jewish rebellion from history. Under Christianity, the holy Roman Empire expanded using lies, torture and wholesale murder for millennia. Deus vult!

My family planned to attend Easter services at Christ the Light Cathedral where my friend, Father James Matthews was rector. Father Jay ___ the Diocese of Oakland’s first black priest ___ was only the second black priest in the United States to become the rector of a Catholic diocese. Father Jay and I shared a bond of both attending the diocesan seminary. In fact, I was the diocese of Oakland’s first black seminarian. “Technically,” Father Jay once laughed at me, “an African was the first ‘black’ to attend St. Joseph’s Seminary.” “If you mean Father Walter Minhoto,” I replied, “I Father Minhoto may have been two classes ahead of me, but he entered St. Joseph’s two years after I did.” We shared a good chuckle. Father Jay knew that while the African a thoroughgoing assimilationist, I had “plowed the ground” for black students to enter Catholicism’s sanctum sanctorum. Two weeks ago, Father Jay heard confessions, said evening mass and returned to the rectory for the evening meal. This was his iast supper. Father Jay collapsed at the supper table and died from a massive heart attack. Catholics and non-Catholics throughout Oakland and, indeed, throughout northern California were stunned. The local television channel aired a special about Father Jay and a great outpouring of sympathy flowed from various religious communities and diverse political and social organiations. Everyone loved Father Jay. A procession brought Father Jay’s remains from St, Benedict’s Church in East Oakland where he had been the pastor for over twenty years downtown to the Cathedral of Christ the Light. For hours, crowds thronged into the cathedral to pay their respects to the wonderful man who had touched so many lives. The cathedral held a liturgical service that included gospel music, offertory prayers, a recitation of the rosary and ceremonies by the Knights of Peter Claver. Various dignitaries including Oakland’s mayor, the Fire Department Chief, Oakland’s Congressman and the pastors of Oakland’s largest black churches conveyed their sorrow at the passing of this saintly and loving black Catholic priest. Yet, though he was in attendance, the Most Reverend Michael Barber, S.J., Bishop of Oakland, whom Father Jay served faithfully for over four years, offered neither a prayer, nor a condolence, nor a tribute. The bishop of Oakland sat stone-faced on his dais throughout the proceedings and, as soon as they were concluded, Bishop Barber slinked away for fear of having to engage with any of the predominantly black mourners. Bishop Barber isn’t at all a liturgical “stuff shirt.” During a prior Easter service, the bishop descended into a row of church-goers to utter a few words to Jerry Brown, the former mayor of Oakland and current governor of California. Giving Brown a warm hug, the bishop returned to the altar to continue the service. Even though Oakland’s former mayor facilitated the building of the multimillion dollar Catholic cathedral, Brown’s solicitude for the Catholic Church did not extend to Oakland’s minority community. Brown, a former Jesuit seminarian, did his best to gentrify Oakland by making it easy for San Francisco developer to purchase public land and driving up rents and housing prices far beyond the means of Oakland’s minorities ___ intentionally driving minorities out of the city. Brown systematically fired hundreds of blacks managers from their city and the school district jobs claiming to be a progressive and against political patronage. So Bishop Barber displayed his fondness for Jerry Brown for all to see, the Catholic prelate would not associate with the minorities who came to honor the memory of the holy and great-hearted Father James Matthews who had served the Diocese of Oakland so faithfully for so many years. The bishop’s behavior could have been predicted. Jesuits are committed to white racism. Some years earlier, in an Easter homily, Bishop Barber told the congregation that his fondest memories were as a Marine chaplain in Iraq serving General James “Mad Dog” Mattis. Bishop Barber recalled that ‘Mad Dog” called upon him to bless troops massing for their genocidal mission against the Iraqi people. The Jesuit bishop described how he was inspired by the might of western civilization arrayed as an irresistible manifestation of God’s will against the forces of ‘evil.’ When he blessed the troops, the bishop prayed that God would assist the Marines in their mission to kill as many Iraqis as possible. Bishop Barber seemed to me the reincarnation of Pontius Pilate directing his murderous legions upon their Christ-killing mission. So a Jesuit could have little sympathy for the passing of a saintly black priest who prayed only for the good of his fellow man. Jesuits mourned Junipero Serra, the murderer of Native Americans who was canonized a saint by the Jesuit pope. Blacks Are Just ‘Too’ Sensitive.

Black people are just too sensitive claim some white people. Whites complain that blacks often find slights where none are intended. Furthermore, even if an occasional remark is offensive, blacks shouldn’t react by making white people feel uncomfortable. After all, the acceptance of an occasional ‘unintentional’ insult is the ‘price of admission’ blacks must pay. The more successful blacks understand what is expected. Despite all the insults Barack Obama has endured, he never fails to lecture black audiences on the value of accommodating white folks. No one is more humble and accommodating to white folks, especially rich white folks, than the first black president. But white people expect black people to be more than accommodating. Whites expect black people to accept even more pernicious mechanisms of social control than mere racial insults. These mechanisms include ‘walking while black’ and ‘sleeping while black.’

‘Walking While Black’

It was 11:30 pm and Alexander McNab, a Columbia University student, needed to wrestle with his senior anthropology thesis. But the black senior was hungry. Even though McNab knew that “walking while black” was especially dangerous at night, the 22-year old decided to go over to Bernard College where free food was available to Columbia students. Racing to catch the light before it turned red. McNab crossed the street that divided the Columbia and Barnard campuses. As luck would have it, McNab ran right in front of a parked Bernard police van. So the Columbia student slowed to a walk before passing through Barnard’s campus gate and heading for the library. Almost to his destination, McNab heard someone behind him shout: “Hello, sir! Hello, sir!” But the student didn’t look back. The 22-year old black senior remembered the other times Barnard campus police officers had stopped him ___ once when he needed to use the restroom and again when he was assumed to be homeless because he was barefooted. He was almost at the library, so McNab kept walking and with a sigh of relief entered the building. Then he made his way to the food. But just as he was scooping up some lamb and rice curry, Barnard campus police rushed in ___ first two of them, then four, then more. The police grabbed his arms, pushing him against the counter and then they forced him to floor. But when a Banard student, Caroline Cutlip, began filming the event, the police released the black student and allowed him to get up and show his student ID. One officer took McNab’s ID and, walking out, commanded McNab follow. But fearing for his safety. McNab refused to leave the library. So, after checking his ID, the police officers returned it and reluctantly departed. After waiting some time McNab left Barnard’s library. Back at Columbia, McNab considered himself fortunate to have only lost several hours of sleep and a good deal of dignity.

‘Sleeping While Black’

It was 10:30 PM when a Taco Bell employee called the Vallejo, California police to report that a driver had fallen asleep in the drive-thru while waiting for his order. When they arrived, the police officers claimed that the sleeping black driver had a handgun in his lap. So, rather than waking the black man, the police positioned their patrol car to block the front of the black man's car and called for backup. When a second police vehicle arrived, it was used to block the rear of the still sleeping black man’s car. Additional police units arrived. The Vallejo police awakened the sleeping black man by commanding him to put his hands up. Startled awake, the young black did not immediately comply. According to the police, the black man “appeared to move his hands down to the firearm.” Within four seconds, six Vallejo police officers all fired their weapons. More than 20 pistol and shotgun blasts tore into the surprised driver, later identified as Willie McCoy. Within those four seconds a live human being was turned into a bloody, mutilated corpse. David Harrison who was Willie McCoy’s cousin claimed that the 20-year old rapper known as Willie Bo, did not even own a gun.

The ‘Cracked’ Social Contract

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it … Declaration Of Independence

The Declaration of Independence is a ‘cracked’ contract. It defends the inalienable rights of white citizens, but not the rights of minority citizens. Minorities have no rights that white folks believe that they need recognize and, under the direction of white supremacy, the government subverts, denies and curtails minority rights. Furthermore, whites treat the lives and liberties of non-white people, not as rights but as ‘privileges’ to bestow or rescind at their pleasure. Until quite recently, the American government withheld a broad assortment of civil rights from non-white citizens including the right to public access, education, fair housing and the vote. Well into the 20th century, lynching minorities was not even a crime. That minorities have no rights that whites are bound to recognize was not only a matter of practice but also a matter of law. No sooner had minority civil rights been codified as ‘legal’ privileges in the 1960s than white supremacy began rescinding them in the 1970s. The rescinding of minority rights have proceeded unabated until the Supreme Court in its 2013 Shelby County v Holder decision revoked minority voting rights. Thia Supreme Court decision directly led to the election of Donald Trump and a racist society was allowed to remove its sheet and normalize policies like putting children in cages and separating families. But in the normalization of racism, the deep state ___ the caretaker of white supremacy ___ now faces a dilemma: ridding, itself, of Donald Trump while keeping its power.

To Be But Not To Appear To Be … Racist

The Mueller Report attempts to convince the American people that the Russians interfered with the American elections. Russian interference got Donald Trump elected. But the Russians don’t control the television media that gave Trump five times more free television campaign coverage than any other political candidate, Republican or Democrat. The Democrats claim that the Russians hacked their computers to help Donald Trump. But the Russians didn’t suppress millions of minority votes, deploy thousands of defective voting machines in minority voting strongholds and, in the old south, intimidate voters, steal absentee ballots and falsify election results. The Russians did not control the television networks nor control the electoral processes. Even James Comey’s election shenanigans favored Donald Trump. The deep state employed every ‘dirty trick’ in their arsenal to elect Donald Trump _____ the Vatican’s, the Zionists’ and the Saudis’ candidate. But to the deep state’s dismay, Trump is now singing “there are no strings on me.” The deep state face the dilemma: maintain their power using Trumpism or re