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Eugene Stovall

Oakland, California September, 2019

For those who believe in God, fascism is the divine right of rule; for those who believe in science, fascism is the ‘survival of the fittest.’ But to idealists with a sense of right and wrong, fascism is the face of evil. Fascist societies spy on its citizens, incarcerate political opponents, murder civilians, subvert regimes and topple governments. Fascists resort to evil as the best way to achieve their objectives. Fascists view idealism and ethical behavior with contempt.

There is a difference between right and wrong…

You’re such a boy scout...

Tom Clancy’s Clear And Present Danger

For years, academia has used pragmatism to guide its scholarly pursuits. In the pursuit of foundation grants, government contracts, speaking engagements and books deals, academics willingly engage in wrongdoing. No project is too evil; no objective is too despicable for a pragmatic scholar in search of funding. Academic pragmatists, though, depend on propaganda to normalize and justify their behavior.

Fascism, Propaganda And The Media

“The most enormous issue posed by the modern media landscape is the industry’s incredible concentration, which allows a handful of private platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Google – to dominate media distribution.” From the ROLLING STONE article “The Pentagon Wants More Control Over the News” 9-5-2019

In the 1960s, the Last Poets predicted that the ‘revolution would not be televised.’ Indeed, television does not tell the public that governments that suppress votes, gerrymander districts, defraud voters, deploy defective voting machines and intimidate voters are fascist. Television reports these activities as nightly news. As racist cops murdered unarmed blacks, the Obama-Biden administration began its invasion of Libya by killing students at the University of Tripoli. Obama-Biden decided that Libyan students couldn’t protest the overthrow of their government if they were dead. Racist cops aren’t charged with murder and Obama boasted: “I’m good at killing folks!”

The Republicans used fraud to put Trump in the White House and the Democrats covered up the fraud by claiming the Russians did it! Now the media claim polls show that the public wants Biden to replace Trump. They don’t want to get rid of Trump because he is a fascist or because he is ‘lining his pockets,’ but because he is not pursuing America’s endless wars that the military-industrial complex needs to amass its billions. Biden is the chosen one. And academics developed polls to manipulate public opinion.

Academia And The Fascist Revolution

“I’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false,” William Casey Ronald Reagan’s CIA Director

The media manipulates public opinion to support the police state. The public is told American terrorism makes the country great. Americans believe in National Socialism that gives corporations billions in subsidies though they pay no taxes. Fascists control Democrats as well as Republicans while the media and academia manipulate the public into believing there is a difference between the political parties.

In the 1960s, California’s master plan for higher education realigned its universities’ academic objectives away from idealism to pragmatism. Other universities followed California’s lead. The trend toward pragmatism coincided with John F. Kennedy’s 1960 campaign and a Eugene Burdick novel, The 480.

Eugene Burdick was a professor of political science at UC Berkeley. When his novels, The Ugly American and Fail-Safe, became Hollywood blockbuster movies, Burdick gained an international reputation as an anti-fascist. In 1965, Burdick published The 480, a novel about opinion polls, computer simulations and JFK’s 1960 election.

Eugene Burdick’s novel, The 480, helps explain why John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Heeding Eisenhower’s warning against the military-industrial complex, John Thatch, The 480’s main character, seeks to avenge Kennedy’s assassination by using the 480 program to win the Republican Party’s 1964 presidential nomination and seize control of the Republican Party. The novel shows how computer simulations, based on polls, manipulate public opinion and control political behavior.

The 480 is based on the non-fiction book, “Candidates, Issues, and Strategies: A Computer Simulation of the 1960 Presidential Election," by Ithiel de Sola Pool, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Pool used his Simulmatics Corporation to develop the 480 computer model from 130,000 Gallup and Roper poll interviews.

With Ithiel de Sola Pool’s computer program, the ‘deep state’ acquired a scientific method to manipulate public opinion. But the government believed that it was unnecessary for the public to know how they were being manipulated. In 1965, just months after the publication of The 480 and prior to the signing of a Hollywood movie contract, Eugene Burdick, a fitness buff, a hiking enthusiast and a jogger, died at the age of 46, while playing tennis. The official cause of death was a heart attack, but some claim that Burdick’s opposition to Berkeley’s fascist takeover actually caused his death.

George Lenczowski was the press attaché in the Third Reich’s Iranian embassy during WWII. Joining other Nazis flooding into the US after the war, Lenczowski joined Berkeley’s political science faculty. As director of the Institute of Middle East Affairs, Lenczowski planned the 1953 coup that ousted Mohammad Mosaddegh, Iran’s Prime Minister. Robert Scalapino, also on Berkeley’s faculty, was director of the Institute of East Asian Affairs and the Vietnam hawk associated with the Phoenix Project. Berkeley was also home for the mysterious A. James Gregor, the eugenicist and segregationist who wrote the Berkeley textbook, Ideology Of Fascism, recommending fascism as a means to pursue America’s Cold War objectives.

The CIA controlled Berkeley’s political science department and Burdick persona non grata. For months after the assassination, prominent and not-so-prominent people with even a remote connection to JFK’s murder were still disappearing and having fatal accidents. Before his own departure, political scientist, Sheldon Wolin, author of Politics and Vision, begged Burdick to leave Berkeley. Yet, the sudden death of a popular anti-fascist UC Berkeley professor was not too surprising to the cognoscenti or the illuminati. The Cold War was entering its most barbaric stage and fascists were sharpening their claws. After his death, Burdick became just an ideological road kill.

Even prior to the 1960 fascist revolution, the government was recruiting pragmatists to further their Cold War objectives. RAND corporation, an academic stepchild, reached the nadir of pragmatism when it secured the Phoenix contract to follow-up on the Vietnam contract the government awarded to Michigan State University.

Michigan State University Turns Pragmatic

In the 1950s, the U.S. government requested Cold War assistance from 42 pragmatic universities. Michigan State University president, John Hannah, was a former assistant secretary of defense and had ‘deep’ ties to Washington, In May 1955, Michigan State University contracted with the US Foreign Operations Administration to provide public administration and law enforcement assistance to Vietnamese strongman, Ngo Dinh Diệm. In 1954, the Viet Minh, a forerunner of the Vietcong, forced the French out of Vietnam. President Eisenhower decided the US needed to replace the French and reestablish white supremacy in South Vietnam. In October 1955 the Michigan State University Group [MSUG] in violation of the 1954 Geneva Accords, rigged a referendum to establish the Republic of Vietnam and declare Ngo Dinh Diệm president of the new republic. Staffed with retired police officers and law enforcement instructors, the MSUG trained Diem’s thugs in arrests, forensics and firearms. Eisenhower supplied the MSUG with massive quantities of arms, vehicles, radios, handcuffs, fingerprint kits and other types of police equipment. In April 1965, Ramparts’ magazine asked, “What the hell is a university doing buying guns, anyway?” MSU’s Hannah replied that the MSUG never purchased guns or ammunition for Diem.

Michigan State’s contract authorized the insertion of a separate, secret unit, staffed and funded by the CIA. The CIA unit created a Vietnamese Bureau of Investigation and trained the VBI in counterintelligence. The CIA instructed, the VBI to check security, detain citizens and ‘bug’ suspects. But Hannah denied MSUG’s association with the CIA, saying: “Let me state without any reservations that Michigan State does not have a spy operation inside its Vietnam Project. The University does not use the CIA operating under cover or in secret from the Vietnamese government.”

The Eisenhower administration contracted MSUG not only to set up a fraudulent government but also to eliminate all opposition to the regime. While accomplishing the former, it failed in the later. Despite using increasingly repressive tactics against the Vietcong, aka, the National Liberation Front, the MSUG-CIA could not eliminate opposition to the Diem regime. Though the MSUG-CIA increased its repression, Washington grew impatient. South Vietnam was not a functioning to Washington’s satisfaction. The Eisenhower administration was embarrassed not only by it’s support for an illegal regime but also by the charge that America had established a white supremacist, neo-colonial state. Blaming their failure on Diem’s corruption, the MSUG-CIA contractors initiated a rural ‘pacification’ program by incarcerating masses of peasants. But when rumors that the Americans were torturing and murdering the prisoners leaked into international circles, a newly elected Kennedy administration stepped in and asked MSU’s Hannah what was going on. Hannah told Kennedy that the MSUG contractors were mere advisors and Diem was too corrupt to turn South Vietnam into a functioning government. Furthermore, Hannah warned Kennedy that South Vietnam could not survive under Diem’s leadership. Diem was stung by Hannah’s betrayal. When the Americans arrived in 1955, they initiated and controlled South Vietnam’s entire nation-building process. MSUG-CIA contractors gave the orders; the Vietnamese, from Diem on down, did as they were instructed. Diem was so angry with Hannah that he decided not to renew the MSUG-CIA/US contract. Diem announced that, after the Americans left, he intended to seek an accord with the Vietcong. Kennedy decided Diem had to go and approved a military coup. On November 2nd 1963, President Ngo Dinh Diệm was assassinated. Twenty days later, on November 22nd 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Operation Phoenix

"… the history of American involvement in Vietnam was a series of decisions which cumulatively narrowed the choices for each succeeding President.” Robert A. Scalapino, Director of the Institute of East Asian Studies, University of California at Berkeley,

President Lyndon Johnson gave Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara responsibility for fixing Vietnam. McNamara believed the MSUG failed because it could not eliminate the Vietcong’s ‘will to fight.’ McNamara gave RAND, a think tank that developed strategies for waging war, a Vietnam contract to answer the question: “What makes the Vietcong tick?” Privately, however, McNamara instructed RAND to stop the Vietcong from ticking. RAND’s Vietnam team known as McNamara’s Whiz Kids conducted a Vietcong Motivation and Morale study discovering that the Vietcong encouraged the Vietnamese peasants and villagers to end white supremacy and both French and American colonialism. The Whiz Kids concluded that neither US firepower on the ground nor air power would force peasants to accept the South Vietnam government or the American occupation as legitimate. So the Whiz Kids decided the best approach to destroying peasant opposition was to assassinate peasant leaders, village leaders, union organizers, teachers, artists and all others encouraging peasant resistance. The Whiz Kids drew up a “hit list” developed by interrogating prisoners still held in MSUG incarceration centers. The Whiz Kids called their assassination program, Phoenix, because out of the ashes ___ and dead bodies ___ they promised Washington they would build a new ‘democratic’ Vietnam under American control.

Torture hadn’t been part of the job description when Russo signed on at RAND. Of the first victim Russo met, he said, “I never will forget. He was washed out and looked very sad. He told the translator that they hung him up by his thumbs and beat him real bad. They said that he had thrown a bomb, but I knew he was innocent.” The peasant did not survive the torture, nor did the other 89,000 Phoenix victims.

Torture and murder became America’s only mission in Vietnam. The Whiz Kid hung victims by their feet or thumbs, water boarded them and applied electric shocks to their genitals and tongues. When they wanted reliable ‘intel’, the Whiz Kids used psychological techniques before inflicting physical pain and murdering their victims. Isolation, sleep deprivation and prolonged subjugation to loud noise were used as psychological torture. Their sadism made the Americans feel invincible. Realizing that Washington wasn’t going to tie their hands, just for fun they raped, beat and subjected to electric shocks civilians who were not even on the Whiz Kids’ hit list. The Whiz Kids called Phoenix a pump and dump operation. Victims were ‘pumped’ for information and then their bloody, mutilated bodies were ‘dumped.’ There were three separate CIA torture operations. The CIA had its own in country ‘black site’ interrogation centers; it continued to conduct the VBI torture training originated by the MSUG in 40 provincial interrogation centers; and the CIA conducted expanded torture training for 85,000 trainees at ‘black sites’ located around the world. William Colby was the CIA’s chief of Vietnam ‘pacification,’ He worked on the original MSUG-CIA team as well as the RAND contract. Later as the director of the CIA, Colby testified to Congress that Phoenix killed 20,587 Vietcong. Reliable sources upgrade the number of dead to 89,000. For decades following the Vietnam War, the CIA conducted the RAND-designed torture program at ‘black sites’ located on four continents around the world.

Fascism And The ‘Magic Bullet’

Government propaganda was used to cover up the JFK assassination conspiracy. Hiding the fascist takeover of the government depended on convincing the public that a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, assassinated President Kennedy. So the Warren Commission invented the ‘magic bullet’ theory. The commission claimed that the bullet that hit the president in the back of the head and exited through his throat turned upwards to pass over the front seat and then turned down and to the right to hit Governor John Connelly who was sitting in the front seat. The ‘magic bullet’ entered Connelly's back, exited his chest below the right nipple, passed through his right wrist and then punctured his left thigh. Ignoring the ‘magic bullet,’ the fact that Kennedy and Connelly were hit by several bullets fired by several shooters. The number of shooters indicates a conspiracy that involves the highest levels of government.

Bobby Kennedy assassination also involved a ‘magic bullet.’ The two-.22-calibre bullets from Sirhan Sirhan’s pistol entered through Bobby Kennedy’s armpit and lodged in the fleshy part of Bobby’s shoulder and lower neck. However, a third bullet, the bullet that killed Bobby Kennedy, also entered through the armpit. But instead of lodging in the fleshy part of Bobby’s neck and shoulder, this bullet continued upward, smashed through bone and skull and finally lodged in Bobby Kennedy’s brain. If this third bullet came from a .22 caliber pistol, it was truly ‘magical’ and possessing the firepower of a far larger weapon. But the kill shot was fired from a second larger caliber weapon by a different shooter. Two different shooters assassinated Bobby Kennedy and again the highest levels of the government covered up another assassination. And the fascist revolution was not televised.