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Blog: America’s

Gold Wars

For decades, America has been roaming the world, conquering countries and, to refill its depleted coffers, stealing gold.

Eugene Stovall

Oakland, California April, 2018

In January 2017, the Panama Papers revealed how American corporations hid 1.5 trillion dollars in tax havens around the world. The Panama law firm, Mossack, Fonseca, set up the tax havens that assisted America’s oligarchs steal money from the American people. Yet, despite the Panama Papers’ revelations, just this year, Trump and his Republican cronies reduced the tax liability of corporate tax cheats to give them even more billions to tuck away in their tax havens. But as it turns out, all this cash has caused the oligarchs quite a problem. Their billions are under the threat of a devaluation, which, in turn threatens the American economy with a depression. To avoid the risk of their dollars losing value, the oligarchs need to shore up the value of their billions by replenishing the Federal Reserve’s depleted stock of gold.

The Bretton Woods International Monetary Accords

At one time, Bretton Woods was the premiere leisure spot for America’s elites. Close by Mount Washington on the White Mountain range, Bretton Woods, located in the town of Carroll, New Hampshire, boasts of grand hotels, scenic golf courses and majestic ski slopes. In July, 1944, one month after D-Day, Bretton Woods was chosen as the site of an international economic conference. The 1944 Bretton Woods conference determined how monetary transactions between countries would be conducted after WWII. Representatives of the 44 countries attending the economic conference adopted the global monetary system that became known as the Bretton Woods accords. The Bretton Woods accords were based upon an agreement that after WWII all international monetary transactions between countries would be settled in dollars and that the US government would, on demand, redeem American dollars held by any foreign country for gold. Furthermore, representatives to the Bretton Woods conference agreed that all international monetary activities and transactions would be cleared through the Bank for International Settlements. Controversy surrounded the choice of the Bank for International Settlements to clear international monetary transactions. In 1944, WWII would last another year and the Bank for International Settlements, though nominally Norwegian, had a Nazi board of directors and allegiances to Nazi Germany. But, as will be seen, the Bank For International Settlements was critical to America’s interests, not only in the post-war world, but also in the current wartime environment.

After WWII, the Bretton Woods accords worked well, at first. With America, England and France purposefully isolating the Soviet Union from any meaningful participation in the global economic system or in Europe’s reconstruction, the Bretton Woods accords especially benefitted the American corporations that gorged themselves on Marshall Plan dollars. However, in less than twenty years, in the 1960s, a negative balance of payments and war debts incurred from the Korean, Vietnam and Cold Wars caused the American economy to overheat and the American dollar to become overvalued. In 1965, France’s president, Charles de Gaulle called the Bretton Woods accords, an asymmetric financial system that forced Europe to pay exorbitant financial charges for the privilege of supporting American corporations.

The Bretton Woods Break Up

In 1944, for obvious reasons, Germany did not participate in the Bretton Woods conference, nevertheless, in May, 1971, West Germany officially declared that, in order to protect its own economy, West Germany was leaving the Bretton Woods international monetary system. Germany’s exit caused a panic and other countries began redeeming their dollars for gold. In July, 1971, Switzerland redeemed 50 million and France 191 million dollars. Alarmed by the sudden ‘gold rush’, the US Congress recommended that the dollar be devalued, but the government balked. Then, early in August, 1971, Switzerland exited Bretton Woods, altogether, forcing America’s hand.

On August 15, 1971, President Nixon ordered the Federal Reserve to close its gold window and directed the Secretary of the Treasury to discontinue all dollar-for-gold international transactions. America’s abrupt violation of the Bretton Woods international monetary accords caused a shock to the international monetary system. Americans felt the shock at the gas pumps. Over the next two-year period, instability in the international economic markets caused gas shortages and forced Americans to experience long gas lines. When the crisis was over, the price of gas shot up. By 1973, the Bretton Woods international monetary system was replaced by the current policy ___free floating international currencies backed by the government’s power, prestige and … gold.

Ever since its founding, America routinely broke its agreements, accords and treaties with non-white peoples. America used deceit and force to deal with Native Americans, Chinese, North Africans, Arabs, Hispanics or Filipinos. Non-white peoples did not understand that white Americans have no honor and, like Donald Trump, lie without hesitation. When Nixon issued his orders to violate the Bretton Woods accords, Europeans discovered how dishonorable and deceitful Americans could be. President George W. Bush would later called America’s duplicity in foreign affairs the policy of American ‘exceptualism.’

Concerning The Missing Gold

Former Congressman Ron Paul believes that a great deal of the gold held by the Federal Reserve is missing. Ron Paul says:

“Even if you could walk into that vault and see a lot of gold, you wouldn’t know…whether it’s been loaned out or sold. They haven’t convinced me that we have total control of it [America’s gold reserves].”

Not only are there reports that gold is missing from the Federal Reserve, the media reports that gold is missing in other parts of the world, as well.

Kuwaiti Gold

After President George Bush ‘green lighted’ the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, Saddam Hussein confiscated Kuwait’s gold reserves. Then Bush, during the first Iraq War, seized the 3,216 bars of Kuwaiti gold worth about $700 million from Saddam Hussein. Though Bush promised to return the gold to Kuwait, there is no record that the gold was ever returned.

World Trade Center Gold

New York Times writer, Jim Dwyer, claimed that in November, 2001 nearly 1 billion dollars worth of gold was missing. According to Dwyer’s article, A Nation Challenged: The Vault, the gold was stored beneath the World Trade Center, but following the 9-11 attack, gold bars were found lying outside the storage vaults. On the morning of September 11, 2001, the gold stored beneath the World Trade Center was being sneaked out even as the building was collapsing. In the aftermath of 9-11, recovery workers found a 10-wheel truck and a number of cars in the World Trade Center basement crushed under steel and concrete. Evidence at the site and statements by recovery workers confirm that the mangled truck was the last of a fleet of gold-laden vehicles that had taken some 300 tons of gold from their World Trade Center vaults.

Iraqi Gold

After the second invasion of Iraq, the US Army’s 230th Finance Battalion shipped truckloads of gold to Kuwait for ‘safekeeping.’ There is no report of the gold’s origins, however it is speculated that information about the various locations of Iraqi gold caches was extracted using torture. Gina Haspel, Trump’s newly appointed CIA chief, directed the CIA’s program of ‘enhance interrogation’ to find the separate Iraqi gold caches .

On June 5, 2003, Paul Salopek wrote an article for the Chicago Tribune entitled, In Iraq, Army Blocks Mysterious Gold Rush. Salopek’s article says that a U.S. Army checkpoint at Kirkuk, Iraq, stopped a truck hauling a fortune in gold bars. This was the third truck transporting gold bullion seized by the Army in two weeks. An officer with the 173rd Airborne Brigade said that 1,183 gold bars were recovered from this last truck and that, altogether, the Army seized more than 4,100 gold bars from all three trucks,. The combined value of the gold was calculated at between 718 million and 1 billion dollars. This gold was also flown to Kuwait for ‘safekeeping’.

Tunisian Gold

In January 2011, the Obama administration forced regime change on Tunisia. As the government began collapsing under Obama’s pressure, a Daily Mail’s correspondent, David Williams, reported that the chief of Tunisia’s central bank had given one-and-a-half tons of gold worth more than £35million to Leila Trabelsi, wife of ousted president, Zine Al Abidine Ben Ali. However, a spokesman for the bank, Zied Mouhli, told the BBC that no bank official received either verbal or written orders to give any gold or currency to Tunisia’s former ruler. Though Zied Mouhli reaffirmed to the BBC that Tunisia’s gold reserves had not been moved for years, the Daily Mail stood by its story.

Gaddafi’s Gold

At the time that Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton ordered Gaddafi’s murder, Libya had a reserve of 140 tons of gold. The gold funded Libyan and sub-Sahara African development projects, including the removal of mines and unexploded ordinance left in the Libyan Desert by the British, Italians, Germans and Americans after WWII. The mines had been maiming and killing as many as a thousand Libyans a year since the end of the WWII.

In March 2011, two weeks after France began bombing Libya, Hillary Clinton's friend and advisor Sidney Blumenthal, passed her a secret intelligence memo via private email. The memo tells Clinton that the French president's true motivation for toppling Muammar Qaddafi was to grab Libyan oil and Libyan gold.

For: Hillary From: Sid Re: France’s client & Qaddafi’s gold April 2, 2011

Qaddafi has nearly bottomless financial resources to continue indefinitely, according to the latest report we have received:

On April 2, 2011 sources with access to advisors to Salt al-Islam Qaddafi stated in strictest confidence that while the freezing of Libya’s foreign bank accounts presents Muammar Qaddafi with serious challenges, his ability to equip and maintain his armed forces and intelligence services remains intact. According to sensitive information available to these individuals, Qaddafi’s government holds 143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver. During late March, 2011 these stocks were moved to SABHA (south west in the direction of the Libyan border with Niger and Chad); taken from the vaults of the Libyan Central Bank in Tripoli.

This gold was accumulated prior to the current rebellion and was intended to be used to establish a pan-African currency based on the Libyan golden Dinar. This plan was designed to provide the Francophone African Countries with an alternative to the French.franc (CFA).

(Source Comment: According to knowledgeable individuals this quantity of gold and silver is valued at more than $7 billion.)

Nobody knows the location of the missing Libyan gold, but it is believed that Clinton and Obama sent CIA agents trained in enhanced ‘interrogation’ to find it.

Germany Upsets The International Monetary Fund ___ Again

In January, 2013, Germany’s central bank requested that 54,000 gold bars worth $36 billion located beneath the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Banque de France in Paris be transferred back to Germany’s Bundesbank headquarters in Frankfurt. The Federal Reserve told the German bank their request for the 374 tons of German gold from Paris and 300 tons of German gold from New York would take seven years to fulfill ___ until 2020. However, in August, 2017, Germany's central bank announced that its plan to repatriate the country's gold reserves from New York and Paris, had been completed three years ahead of schedule. Some Germans commented on the origin of Germany’s gold, but, in general, the Germans appreciated the foresight shown by the Bretton Woods conference to use the Bank For International Settlements. The reason that the Nazi bank was chosen to clear international transactions in the 1944 conference was to guarantee that the secret deal made at the Bretton Woods conference would be honored some three decades later.

After World War One [WWI], Germany had no gold reserves. The Treaty of Versailles imposed such heavy reparations on the defeated Central Powers that Germany was bankrupt and the government was forced to borrow money from the United States to meet its obligations. Germany had no gold until Hitler’s Wehrmacht looted gold, silver and everything else of value from the countries the Nazis invaded.

In 1944, America and her main allies, England and France, agreed to return to postwar Germany the 674 tons of looted Nazi gold held by the Americans and French. In return, the Americans demanded immediate access to Nazi research, scientific information, technical drawings and schematics for the building of jet aircraft, ballistic missiles, and most, importantly, atomic bombs. In addition to releasing all their scientific data, the Americans required that the Nazis turn over German scientists familiar with the basic and applied research. After the war, Operation Paperclip, Operation Rust and Operation Tobacco gave America battalions of additional scientists, Gestapo police, concentration camp administrators and intelligence agents to fully staff research teams housed at American universities and research institutions. Some of the Nazi scientists helped develop the atomic bombs that America dropped on Japan; some of the SS officers staffed the Army’s infamous School of the Americas assassination and torture program. In short, the Bretton Woods accords promised to returned Germany’s 674 tons of stolen gold in exchange for the ‘nazification’ of the American police state.

America Targets Their Enemies’ Gold

Since tax havens like Switzerland and Germany guarantee the value of only gold-backed dollars, America’s oligarchs want the US Federal Reserve to replenish its gold stocks. Giving Germany 674 tons of gold put a strain on the Federal Reserve’s gold supply, already depleted by war, corporate giveaways and political corruption. Imitating Nazi Germany’s WWII policies, America’s wars of aggression have given the government opportunities to grab their ‘enemies’ gold ____ as well as silver and oil. America has been so successful at the business of looting gold that it has created additional ‘enemies.’ Syria has 26 tons of gold; Venezuela has 351 tons of gold. America’s most important enemy, Iran, has a reserve of 907 tons of gold. Iran has been an ‘enemy’ since America instituted regime change in the 1950s to take control of Iran’s oil. When America attacks Iran again, it plans to steal not only its oil but its gold, as well. With additional ‘evildoers,’ Mike Pompeo, John Bolden and Gina Haspel added to ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, Trump is creating incidents of terrorism at home and abroad in preparation for another round of wars of aggression. Trump’s base, his billionaire cronies, are ecstatic with his performance, thus far. With all that cash stashed in their tax havens, the oligarchs only need for the Federal Reserve to replenish its gold stock and they will have everything they ever dreamed wanted.