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Blog: ‘Fair Play’ In A Police State

“The Chinese Don’t Play Fair! They’re Bad Actors! They Forced Trump To Take Action…”

MSNBC Saturday, May 11, 2019

Eugene Stovall

Oakland, California May, 2019

When the MSNBC network asserts that the Chinese are “bad actors” and “don’t play fair” the network expresses the opinion of a broad segment of the American public. There is a well-developed consensus that something needs to be done about the ‘cheating’ Chinese. Even farmers, who earn millions by exporting grain to China, believe that the Chinese should be ‘forced’ to play fair. The government ‘bought’ the farmers’ support with a $14 billion subsidy, followed by a $16 billion dollar subsidy. These subsidies were meant to compensate farmers for their losses caused by Trump’s trade war. Corporate pay offs in the form of subsidies are fundamental to the American notion of ‘fair play.’

‘Fair Play’ For Wall Street

At a recent stockholders’ meeting, Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Wall Street’s largest bank, warned that socialism was the cause of stagnation and corruption in the American economy. However, in 2008, JPMorgan Chase received a $25 billion government bailout after Chase and other Wall Street bankers caused a financial crisis. Wall Street banks had engaged in such reckless and illegal business practices that in 2008 their stock began plummeting threatening to crash the entire economy. Even though government subsidies are remedies used in socialist economies, Jamie Dimon had no problem taking the government’s bailout. Chase and the other Wall Street banks were uninterested in using the market regulation of a capitalist economy to aolve the crisis. After the bailout, the Justice Department fined JPMorgan Chase $13 billion for engaging in their criminal banking practices. But even though JPMorgan Chase earned $35 billion in annual profits, the government allowed the bank to deduct the $13 billion penalty from its tax liability forcing the American taxpayers to pay for JPMorganChase’s crimes. In the meantime, Dimon and the other Wall Street CEOs whose illegal business practices made billions for their corporations, pocketed millions for themselves. So when the market tried to punish the bankers, the government intervened with socialist handouts. But the millions of Americans who lost their homes didn’t get bailed out; the millions of workers who lost their jobs and their savings, didn’t get bailed out. In 2008, fair play meant bailing out criminals, and betrayed the American public.

America’s Upside Down Socialism

American capitalism is a myth. The federal government, along with the federal banking system, operates an upside down socialist economy ___ an economy resembling Germany’s national socialist economy which led to WWII. America uses its unlimited and unchecked police powers to create a bloated defense budget and a smorgasbord of government subsidies to benefit America’s largest multinational corporations. American ‘fair play’ means capitalism for the poor and socialism for the rich; patriotism for the middle class and military contracts for corporations; taxes, regulations and prohibitions for the public and loopholes, exemptions and subsidies for the wealthy.

‘Fair Play’ And The Needy

The federal government recently announced that it will reduce the inflation rate used to determine the poverty line. Reducing the inflation rate will allow the government to reduce the number of children receiving medical care and food stamps. The government is cutting medicaid and food stamp programs as another step towards eliminating all social entitlements, including medicare and social security. The money the government saves will be used to increase aid to corporations, ‘beef up’ the military budget and enlarge the private prison industry. The anticipated changes in the inflation rate does not mean that there are fewer hungry and homeless children. Inflation always disproportionately affects the poor. Lowering the inflation rate to raise the poverty line is just another lie to justify the government’s march towards a more authoritarian state. CEOs like Jamie Dimon applaud measures to curb social welfare for the needy to support America’s upside down national socialist economy.

A National Socialist Sampler Of Corporate Subsidies

Farm subsidies

In addition to the recent $30 billion dollar farm subsidy, the federal government doles out annual subsidies to the largest animal and agricultural industries. Individual Congressmen and Senators have become billionaires from farm subsidies. The conservative Heritage Foundation notes that government gives the largest agribusinesses $20 billion annually even though these corporations should be capable of operating without government welfare. The largest 15% of agribusinesses receive 85% of all farm subsidies. Sugar subsidies alone cost taxpayers $4 billion annually even though U.S. sugar prices are twice as high as world prices. Sugar subsidies keep domestic sugar production artificially high and curtail more productive uses of irrigable farmland.

Oil Subsidies

Big oil is allowed to deduct operating expenses from their taxes. The government gives oil companies $2.3 billion to deduct 100 percent of drilling expenses annually and a $1.5 billion subsidy to undervalue inventory.

The government gives big oil various direct spending subsidies. One is the $229 million Inland Waters Transport subsidy exempting oil companies from paying federal shipping fees. Another is the $107 million Onshore Drilling Management subsidy that transfers Bureau of Land Management costs for drilling operations to the tax payers.

Oil companies pay significantly lower royalties on the oil and gas they extract from public lands due to a $1.1 billion annual royalty relief subsidy.

Oil companies receive various regulatory subsidies. BP received a Oil Spill Legal Settlement subsidy permitting BP to deduct $334 million from its tax bill ___the penalties charged by the government for BP’s Deepwater Horizon spill. BP paid nothing for the billions in damages it caused the taxpayers, the government and the environment.

Annually big oil deducts an oil depletion allowance from its taxes. The annual oil depletion allowance is more than the cost of the company’s initial investment. As an example, if an oil company invested $1 million in an oil field, it receives a $2 million annual oil depletion allowance for as long as it owns the oil field. This is America’s notion of ‘fair play.’

Export subsidies

The federal government provides as much as $200 million in aid, loans and guarantees to exporters through the Department of Commerce, the Foreign Military Financing program, and the Export-Import Bank. The Export-Import Bank provides loan guarantees and other aid to some of the nation’s largest corporations, such as Boeing and General Electric.

Aviation subsidies

The federal government spends billions of dollars a year on the operation of the air traffic control system and airports. Reforms in Canada and Great Britain demonstrate that the operation of airports and air traffic control can be separated from the government and funded by airline industry profits.

Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

Earned Income Tax Credit is a $70 billion business subsidy. The program allows businesses to hire workers at a lower cost, with federal taxpayers picking up part of the wages. The EITC effectively maintains a permanent class of low-income workers because it is implemented in lieu of raising the minimum wage.

Renewable Fuel Subsidy

The Renewable Fuel Standard is a $10 billion a year subsidy that requires transportation fuels to contain biofuel, primarily corn-based ethanol. The standard is a subsidy to corn farmers and the renewable fuels industry, which raises food prices and pollutes the environment.

Energy subsidies

The Department of Energy spends $4 billion a year on subsidies for conventional and renewable energy. This subsidy goes to energy and power companies operating nuclear reactors.

Defense Budget

Subsidies are not the only corporate welfare programs. The defense budget is America’s largest corporate welfare program. An out of control defense establishment that promotes endless wars against people living in villages spends nearly $600 billion annually. In 2018, defense spending took 54% of the entire federal budget. In September 2018, the U.S. Government Gold Reserves were valued at only $310.5 billion. The disparity between the federal budget and the US gold reserve is the reason why the US no longer uses gold to monetize the dollar. Like Germany in the 1930s and 1940s, the US national socialist economy dictates a foreign policy directed towards overthrowing governments, looting gold and killing civilians.

National Socialism And ‘Fair Play’

Teresa Todd, the city attorney of Marfa, TX was driving home when she spotted three teenage Hispanics walking down the road. A female was in physical distress and lagged behind the others. Todd pulled over and discovered that the teenage girl needed immediate medical attention. The City Attorney instructed the Hispanic teenagers to sit in her car while she contacted county refugee services and the Border Patrol. When a sheriff’s deputy arrived, two of the teenagers were taken to an ICE detention center. Privately-owned ICE detention facilities, subsidized by the government, currently incarcerate over 460,000 civilians in cages, in solitary and on hard, cold ground. The sick girl was taken to a regional medical center where she was found to be dying of starvation and dehydration. In addition, the child had infected wounds and muscle injuries that were contributing to her kidneys failing.

After the Hispanic teenagers had been detained, the sheriff’s deputy arrested Teresa Todd for allowing the ‘illegal aliens’ to sit in her car. Todd locked up in the county jail for three hours. Before releasing her, the sheriff charged Todd with the felony of “knowingly transporting undocumented individuals” even though the Todd did not drive the three Hispanics, anywhere.

A Public Defender, The Press And ‘Fair Play’

Bryan Carmody awoke to the sound of the gate of his San Francisco home being bashed with sledgehammers. The operator of the North Bay Television Company, a freelance news outlet, raced to the window to discover that it was the San Francisco police doing the bashing. Carmody called out for the police to stop and, opening the gate, allowed the ten-man police unit to rush into his home with guns drawn. The police began a search for a confidential police report that Carmody had used in a news story done for three local television news stations. The news story was about the strange death of Jeff Adachi, San Francisco’s public defender. The police wanted know who had provided Carmody with the confidential report. For six hours, the police kept Carmody handcuffed while they searched his home and, afterwards, his downtown San Francisco North Bay Television Company offices. When the confidential police report was found in an office safe, the police arrested Carmody for possession of “stolen or embezzled property.”

Carmody’s arrest added to the intrigue surrounding Jeff Adachi’s death. An Asian-American, Adachi ___ the only publically elected public defender in California ___ had created tensions between the Public Defender’s Office and the Police Department because of his overzealous investigation of police misconduct. Adachi’s death, at the age of 59, officially called a heart attack, followed the death of San Francisco mayor, Ed Lee, another prominent Asian American politician. Lee also died of a mysterious heart attack. After his release, Carmody accused the police of crippling his business by seizing scanners, computers, tablets, hard drives, thumb drives, cameras and cell phones. Carmody said that the police even seized his reporters’ notebooks. According to Carmody, the San Francisco police didn’t play ‘fair’ with him.

MSNBC’s Hero Of ‘Fair Play’

On Friday, May 10th, Rachel Maddow praised the former FBI general counsel, James Baker for his ‘heroic’ commitment to ‘fair play.’ Maddow told how, in 2002, as a White House staffer, Baker thwarted a Bush-Cheney attempt to run a spy program on American citizens without the proper Federal Intelligence Security Act [FISA] authorization. The FBI’s inspector general singled out Robert Mueller, James Comey as well as James Baker for acting in accord with the highest professional standards when they insisted that the White House submit the proper forms to the FISA court to legally conduct the Bush-Cheney spy program on American citizens.

In 2015, FBI director, James Comey appointed James Baker to the post of FBI general counsel. Thus, Rachel Maddow says that when the law enforcement and intelligence communities discovered that Russia was helping Trump get elected, James Baker was at the top of the FBI. Maddow says that Trump repeatedly attacked James Baker through Fox News and other conservative media outlets for just doing his job. After Trump forced him out of the FBI, Rachel Maddow called Baker a ‘hero.’

Yet, following in James Comey’s footsteps, Baker did not investigate the suppression of millions of minority votes in the 2016 election. Neither did Baker investigate the deployment of defective voting machines in Democratic strongholds, nor did he look into the cases of widespread voter fraud in the South. But neither did James Baker’s fellow ‘heroes,’ James Comey or Robert Mueller. Prior to the election, Comey did all he could to help Trump and after his investigation Mueller has gone into hiding. Just like the Bush-Cheney spy program, Baker along with Comey and Mueller only wants to prod the White House to play ball with the ‘deep state’ and its national socialist agenda.