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BLOG: Trump’s Base

Benefits From Decades Of


Trump’s Coalition Furthers His

Plans For A Second Term

Eugene Stovall

Oakland, California March, 2019

Trumpdy Dumpty sits on a wall

Planning how our culture will fall

With Benny, Francis and ben

Salman, too

This Axis of evil hates me and hates you

Assuming that he is not impeached, Trump’s strategy for re-election will depend upon his base. Since Trump’s base has only averaged 42% since his 2016 election, pundits believe that his base is too small for Trump to have much chance to win re-election. And apparently, a number of Democratic candidates running for president in 2020 don’t think much of his chances, either. Mainstream media have done its upmost to convince the public that a second Trump term is unimaginable. The president was elected with only 46% of the vote. So a mere increase of 4% in his base of support could give him another victory over anyone in the Democratic field ___ including Joe Biden.

That Mueller has completed his investigation without any Trump family member being prosecuted has vastly improved Trump’s re-election prospects. Trump will make his re-election a real possibility when he resolves his feud with the deep state by keeping US troops in Syria and Afghanistan. Then all that will remain to assure Trump’s re-election is for Washington to return to normalcy and the government to implements another one of its infamous disinformation campaigns which will explain away all of the Trump family crimes and lull the public back into its normal state of amnesia.

Propaganda, Disinformation and the ‘Deep State’

Prior to the 2016 general election, pollsters characterized Trump supporters as low-income, under-educated, white, working-class men. This definition was way off base. All the data indicates that Trump’s supporters are well organized and solid. In fact, his base is so solid that it seems to be held together with “super glue.” If the Democrats believe that Trump’s base is waiting to be seduced with platitudes of bi-partisanship and promises of economic growth, they don’t know what they’re up against.

Democratic presidential candidates are tailoring their campaigns to polling results. Yet political opinion polls only show what the public knows or rather what the public thinks it knows. For example, if polls claim that 75% of the public believes that America landed a man on the moon, its only because the public is unaware of the Van Allen radiation rings encircle the earth and create a plasmasphere that prevents anything with a physical mass larger than an electron from entering or escaping the earth’s atmosphere. If the public knew about the Van Allen radiation rings, it would know that it is a physical impossibility for a space ship to either escape the earth’s atmosphere or enter it. The plasmasphere is also responsible for the ‘green house’ effect that traps gases inside the earth’s atmosphere. Trapped gases are the cause of global warming and climate change.

Declassified documents in the Reagan Presidential Library describe how the CIA created propaganda programs to control and manipulate public opinion. The CIA also funded think tanks and publications to feed right wing propaganda into mainstream media. “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false,” Reagan’s CIA director, William Casey, boasted.

A Knight of Malta, William Casey was just one of many Catholic directors of the CIA. Beginning with ‘Wild Bill’ Donovan, other Catholic CIA directors include Walter Bedell Smith, John McCone, William Colby, Michael Hayden, Leon Panetta, and John Brennan. These directors were not only devout, they were either members of the Knights of Columbus, the Knights of Malta or the sinister Opus Dei ___ Catholic organizations that faithfully carry out the Vatican’s directives. William Casey belonged to the Knights of Malta. James Jesus Angleton, the CIA Counterintelligence Chief for six CIA directors, was also a member of the Knights of Malta. After WWII, Angleton provided forged immigration documents to hordes of SS officers and Nazi war criminals who streamed into the US over the Vatican’s ‘ratlines.’

From the end of WWII, the CIA filled the mainstream news media with a steady stream of lies. Not only did it manipulate the public’s Cold War attitudes, the CIA even concocted the lies that covered up the deep state’s assassination of President John F. Kennedy. CIA propaganda and disinformation programs were developed to support the deep state’s many wars, political intrique and regime changes. The public was forced to accept terrorism and torture not only as a legal right but as a moral necessity. After Vietnam, the CIA redoubled its efforts to further its right wing agenda under Reagan, Bush[s], Clinton and Obama. Their efforts always met with success.

A Triumph Of Disinformation

The deep state doesn’t develop disinformation programs to overthrow the American government; it uses disinformation to keep the myth of democracy intact. One example of an effective disinformation campaign is in Syria. The deep state has inserted an army into Syria, bombed and killed Syria’s citizens and defied Syria’s internationalized-recognized right of self determination. This has been done giving Syrian territories and lands to Israel. No other country would have dared commit such a brazen act of international aggression. But the deep state propaganda makes US aggression seem reasonable and legal. The US is guilty of so much illegality that it has denied visas to representatives of the International Criminal Court, investigating war crimes committed by US citizens. Furthermore Republicans and Democrats approve prosecuting and imprisoning those daring to expose the US government’s lies. As such, the press has been identified as a security threat because of their exposes. In 2008, the deep state reached the epitome of disinformation effectiveness when it successfully put a black man in the White House.

No one would have believed that the deep state could have survived the Bush-Cheney years. But by executing a brilliant political strategy, the deep state convinced a war-weary American electorate that America’s fascist neo-con agenda could be reversed by putting a black president and a Catholic vice-president in the White House. Yet under Obama-Biden, the deep state not only retained its power over the government, it helped billionaire plutocrats pour record profits into their coffers whilw increasing joblessness, decreasing wages and presiding over an economic collapse that rivaled the Great Depression. Under the cover of a well crafted disinformation program, Obama-Biden poured billions into the coffers of the very banks, insurance companies and Wall Street brokers that had caused the 2008 financial catastrophe. Americans lost their homes, while Obama paid off the Europeans who lost money on Wall Street’s schemes. Obama-Biden bailed out the auto industry and the automakers bought back their stock and closed factories. The black president and his Catholic VP furthered the deep state’s program of international terrorism and regime change while mandating a health care PONZI scheme that closed thousands of hospitals and medical clinics, caused health insurance costs to skyrocket, and increased the cost of life saving drugs by thousands of percent. After doling out generous government subsidies to insurance and pharmaceutical companies in the billions, today Obamacare has caused the deaths of diabetics who cannot afford their insulin and the addiction of millions of Americans caught up in an epidemic of opioid drug dependency. Under Obama-Biden, corporate billionaires have transferred 2.5 trillion dollars of wealth into offshore bank accounts , to avoid paying taxes. Meanwhile the deep state has made heroes of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Donald Trump And The Deep State

So successful was the deep state under Obama-Biden that it believed there was nothing it could not do. In 2016, the deep state suppressed millions of minority votes and bought off Democratic Party leaders to install a known gangster, Donald Trump, in the White House. But even before Trump took office, the deep state realized that it he had made a big mistake ___ one that, so far, it has not been able to rectify.

Donald Trump is not Barak Obama. Trump is not the deep state’s ‘Charlie McCarthy,’ Trump was given power and he uses it. Relying on his base to fight off the deep state’s attacks, Trump has caught Sessions, Comey and the entire Justice Department off guard. Trump has made the deep state pay for its arrogance and its hubris.

Believe My Lies, Not Theirs

The deep state is struggling for its very existence. Trump’s base has shown itself to be a powerful adversary, matching the deep state’s moves, at every level. The deep state brands Trump a liar, a fascist, a white supremacist, a xenophobe, a traitor, a sexual pervert and a criminal. In turn, Trump tweets that the deep state’s charges are fake news and vows to hold back the horde of drug dealers, rapists and murderers storming over the southern border, to wage war on Islam, to support Zionist expansion and, repeating his ku klux klan slogan, to Make America Great Again. The cabal of power brokers known as the deep state, up until now, has been the most powerful force in the United States ___ responsible for assassinating presidents, toppling governments and stealing tons of gold. Now the deep state must seek a modus vivendi with the White House. If the Democrats intend to defeat Trump in the next presidential election, they had better understand who and what they are up against.

Trump’s Base: An Axis Of Evil

Trump’s base applauds his support for white racism. Trump’s base is done with political correctness. White people run the world and that is the way Trump’s base wants it and they are unapologetic. With the support of his base, Trump threatens leaders of both political parties with civil disturbances, racial strife and physical violence. The goal for Trump is dictatorial power. With the Justice Department and the Supreme Court firmly in his control, Trump dares a Democratic Congress to obstruct his plans.

Some political pros ___ Republicans and Democrats ___ believe that Trump’s power comes from the right wing media like Fox News and Brietbart Media. However, if the the power behind Trump, the mainstream media opposition would have already overwhelmed his base. The right wing media may play a role, but it is not the essence of Trump’s base. Nor is the right wing media the ‘super glue’ holding his base together.

In 2016, the Jerusalem Times claimed that Trump had been pro-Israel from the day he was born. In 2018, Trump moved the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Posters all over Israel proclaim Trump and Netanyahu heroes of Zionism. On March 11, 2019, Haaretz’s online Israeli news outlet reported that Trump told top Republican donors that, if he ran for Prime Minister of Israel, he would get 98% of the Israeli vote. Trump believes that he has the support of 98% of the Zionists in America, as well. The support of this politically active, economically powerful and institutionally dominant ethnic group gives Trump more political leverage than anyone ever suspected ___ or anyone in the media has ever reported. And since the Jews strive to maintain their political invisibility, it is no wonder that the pollsters have been unable or unwilling to identify Zionists as part of Trump’s base. With eight US Senators, thirty four Congressmen and three Supreme Court Justices, American Jews are a dominant, power-wielding ethnic group.

However, Jewish political power in the United States is second to the power of the Catholic Church, which controls 22 Senators, 163 Congressmen and 6 Supreme Court Justices. After WWII, the Vatican funneled thousands of fascist and Nazi war criminals into the US over its CIA supported ‘ratlines.’ These Nazis have gained as much influence over America’s soical policies as they have over US scientific policy. With the pope’s dictatorial power over the Catholic Church in the United States, Nazis have given the Vatican immense influence over America’s affairs. The Vatican can even dictate his desires to the deep state. The charter school movement and the destruction of America’s public education system is but one indication of the iron grip that the Vatican upon public policy. When Trump gave the Vatican control over the Supreme Court, the pope instructed the Catholic Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, to protect Donald Trump from impeachment. This coalition of Catholic fascists and Zionist Jews gives Trump a powerful base of support.

However, there remains a third member of Trump’s political coalition. This member, with unlimited cash reserves, is the Crown Prince of the House of Saud, Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. It has never been a well-kept secret that the Saudis have significant control over US policy. Since the CIA’s overthrow of Iran’s democratically-elected government in 1952, Saudi petrodollars have played a major role in American politics. But Saudi plots against America got serious with the Saudi participation in the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. However the deep state used disinformation programs to cover up Saudi involvement in the World Trade Center attack as well as the theft of tons of gold stored in vaults below. The Bush and Obama administrations invaded and overthrew all of the Saudi Kingdom’s enemies: Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Tunisia and, of course, Iraq. Furthermore, all the gold held by these countries was looted. In return for support of its war on Yemen and plans to acquire nuclear weapons, the Saudis are providing Trump access to unlimited cash for his re-election ___ adding another resource to Trump’s unbeatable coalition. So as Michael Avenatti discovered, the deep state has reason to fear Trump’s base. With its campaign against Trump and his family, the deep state may have destroyed itself. Trump’s political base of Israeli Zionists, Vatican fascists and Saudi Arabian petrodollars is the most powerful coalition ever assembled anywhere in the world and at any time in history. It is naïve for the public to believe that the Democrats will defeat Trump by reaching across the aisle, making political compromises with white racists and hoping that American aggression around the world will somehow come to an end.