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Charley McCarthy propaganda furthers Obama’s AFRICOM goals

Eugene Stovall

Oakland, California

May 19, 2014

Boko Haram kidnapped 200 Nigerian girls, the Congressional Black Caucus [CBC] called a press conference in front of the Nigerian Embassy. Representatives Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio), Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas), Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) and Karen Bass (D-Calif.) demanded that the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls be returned safely.

“We want our girls back and we want them back now,” Barbara Lee, Oakland’s Democratic representative said. “We want this terrorist group brought to justice, and we want the slaughter and the intimidation, the trafficking, the murders stopped today.”

The neo-cons running the US government used the CBC’s ‘Charley McCarthy’ Negroes to send Boko Haram a very strong message: the U.S. is out for blood.

Left to themseves, the Congressional Black Caucus has few “black” issues on their agenda. The missing 64,000 African American women and children are of little concern to the CBC. Missing black women and children do not receive the same media attention as missing white women and children. So it is not surprising that the CBC does not speak out even though a 2010 report shows that out of 273,985 missing minorities, 85 percent were African American. Nor is the CBC interested in the alarming increase in black people being killed by whites. Not even the killing of a 93-year-old Texas woman moves the CBC to issue a statement. Some might claim that the CBC cares little about black people or their issues. That Barbara Lee is more concerned about whites can be demonstrated by the fact that she brought the daughter of the segregationist bigot, George Wallace, to Oakland to explain her father’s role in the civil rights movement. Yet, the CBC is no worse than the ‘first’ black president. As a presidential candidate, Obama promised black people absolutely nothing and, in the past six years, the president has delivered on his promise. However, since whites only allow ‘Charlie McCarthy’ Negroes to hold elected office, it might be that the CBC’s interest in Nigeria bears closer scrutiny.

Any interest in Nigeria begins with oil. Since 1970, Nigeria’s oil production has generated $380 billion from American and European oil producers. Yet oil revenues have failed to raise incomes in Nigeria and 98% of Nigerian’s 200 million citizens live in squalor and poverty. What oil has brought Nigeria is war, famine and political corruption. Between 1967 and 1970, Europeans instigated the Igbo tribe to wage a bloody civil war in an attempt to secede from Nigeria and claim the oil rights on traditional Ibo lands. Similar unrest broke out in the Niger Delta among the Ogoni and Ijaw tribes. They too were urged to grab their share of Nigeria’s oil revenues by European oil interests. But America and Great Britain provided the Nigerian government the weapons and military advisors required to subdue all tribal succession efforts. American and British producers wanted to maintain a monopoly over Nigeria’s oil.

Nigeria policy to crush tribal succession efforts was not intended to benefit its people. The government was taken over by powerful war lords who built patronage networks during the period of tribal insurgency. These war lords used their control over the Nigerian government to control political offices and grow huge personal fortunes. All levels of the Nigerian government __ federal, state, and local ___ operate as a feudal state in a medieval society, barbarous and brutish. The war lords maintain their power using heavily armed personal militias and exercise all governmental authority within their own personal fiefdoms. Even though several governors are under indictment for money laundering abroad and many local politicians are being investigated for a litany of crimes, Nigeria’s war lords continually siphons off the oil revenues that pours into Nigeria’s public coffers while the country’s political and economic infrastructure and public works deteriorate.

In addition to its war lords, corrupt civil officials conspire with European and American corporations to steal the oil generated wealth of the nation. Corruption attends all governmental activities ___ contracts, the allocation of benefits, collection of public revenues, and judicial decisions. Public funds set aside for public works, water, sanitation and roads, are routinely looted through ‘white elephant’ projects. Nigerian officials routinely abuse their positions to grab whatever oil profits become available. Nigeria’s bureaucracies generate waste, thuggery and disrespect for the rule of law. Nigeria’s period of military rule was pathetic; the present regime is disgraceful.

Economic stagnation and a massive increase in young people has splintered Nigeria’s Muslim community. The youth are aggrieved and radicalized by the activities of the government and private oil firms. No roads, no water, no light, no schools, no hospitals. People are at the limits of their desperation. A spark was caused by President Goodluck Jonathan’s rash and abrupt decision to abolish subsidies from oil revenues in 2012. The removal of the oil subsidies caused an immediate doubling in food and oil prices. Five days of strikes, brought the government to its knees. These conditions spawned the Islamic insurrectionary movement known as Boko Haram also known in Arabic as People Committed to the Propagation to the Prophet’s teachings and Jihad. They are uninterested in talking because talking has produced nothing. The youth believe that the only way to get the attention of the Nigerian government and oil firms, the only way to address the unacceptable levels of poverty, is to become militant. Over the past year, Boko Haram has initiated militant attacks, political assassinations and suicide bombings against the Nigerians they blame for the political corruption, environmental disintegration and neo-colonialist exploitation. The movement is fueled by the starvation of millions.

So into this IMF-caused hell hole enters the United States, weapons bristling and drones prepared for launch. The CBC has issued no idle threat. The US and its European allies, once again, intend to murder those driven to desperation by their trade agreements with facists rulers. Barbara Lee and her Congressional Black Caucus confederates accurately express the intention of Washington-based neo-cons and big oil interests.

Camp Lemonnier is the only ‘official’ U.S. base in Africa. According to The Washington Post, Camp Lemonnier is the "busiest Predator drone base outside Afghanistan." Camp Lemonnier is central to drone operations in Somalia and Yemen. The base primarily serves the Combined Joint Task Force/Horn of Africa and currently houses more than 2,000 U.S. personnel. However, the U.S. military's presence in Africa extends far beyond Camp Lemonnier. The US military conducts operations with almost every African military force and in almost every African country and averages many missions each day. The U.S. wages wars from Libya to the Central African Republic and Mali. It conducts airstrikes and abduction missions using special operations forces in countries from Somalia to Sudan.

Large engineering and construction firms doing business for the Pentagon know what the U.S. military is planning for Africa. For years, U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) has maintained its secrecy and consistently downplayed the size, scale, and scope of its efforts. Now the Pentagon and the representatives of some of the biggest engineering firms on the planet are planning the future of Africa ____ and they are talking war.

Here is the reality of the war preparations being made. Over the last several years, the U.S. has built drone bases across Africa, for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions, but now these drone sites are going deadly. “We have shifted from our original intent of being a more congenial combatant command to an actual war-fighting combatant command,” AFRICOM’s Rick Cook explained to an audience of big-money defense contractors.

The U.S. has been “at war” in Africa for the last two and half years. Boko Haram cannot be understood without knowing how the US military is unleashing death and destruction from Somalia and Mali to West Africa. If there is one event that hints at what is in store for Nigeria, it is the vicious NATO obliteration of the state of Libya. U.S. policy-makers are unconcerned with the school girls in Nigeria; they have armed Boko Haram in the North to justify their real goal of occupying the oil fields in the South and killing all indigenous peoples who get in the way. So to prepare Americans for yet another bloodbath, the ‘Charlie McCarthy’ Negroes in the Congressional Black Caucus have been told to issue their propaganda statement ____ and then go back to sleep.