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Barack Obama, the Congressional Black Caucus and Other Black Politicians:

A Scorecard

Black Politicians Are Completely Indifferent To the Needs of the Black Community

The scorecard says of the twelve most important issues to the black community; black politicians have addressed 0 out of 12.

Eugene Stovall

Oakland, California August 7, 2014

Like other black officeholders Barack Obama is silent on key black issues such as the loss of water by poor African American families in and the rising death toll in Obama’s hometown of Chicago. The death and destruction that Obama is raining upon the Third World is finding its roots in America’s black communities. But this is not surprising. Black politicians are capturing headlines, but not for doing anything in their community. The shameful behavior by black elected officeholders is a litany of corruption, greed and egotism among the black political leadership.

Jessie Jackson, Jr. pled guilty to a felony charge of using $750,000 in campaign funds. Jackson, son of civil rights activist, Jesse Jackson, Sr, is serving a five year sentence in Federal prison.

Charles Rangel (D-NY), now 82, is suing John Boehner, Speaker of the House, to overturn a 2010 censure for tax improprieties. Rangel who chaired the powerful House Ways and Means Committee lost his chairmanship.

Former Representative William Jefferson (D-LA), a Harvard Law School graduate, stashed $90,000 in bribe money in his freezer. Jefferson was convicted of taking bribes from businesses wanting to invest in Africa.

Jack B. Johnson, Prince George’s County Executive, was charged with taking over $1 million in bribes. Johnson and his wife, a County Councilperson, are serving seven-year sentences in a Federal prison.

Michael McGee, Jr., former Milwaukee Alderman, was convicted of corruption.

Fidelis Ogbu, 60, DeKalb County Department of Public Works engineering supervisor was sentenced to 3 years in Federal prison for extortion.

Brooklyn’s Clarence Norman was stripped both of the Assembly seat he held for 23 years and his leadership of the Brooklyn Democratic Party, the biggest Democratic organization east of Chicago, when he was convicted of extortion.

Former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is serving 28 years in federal prison on 24 felony counts, including corruption, mail fraud and racketeering.

Former D.C. City Councilman Michael Brown (the late Ron Brown’s son) was sentenced to 39 months in prison for taking a bribe.

Monica Conyers, a former Detroit city councilwoman and the wife of U.S. Rep. John Conyers, is serving 37 months in prison for conspiracy and taking a bribe.

Ray Nagin, the former mayor of New Orleans, is serving 10 years in federal prison on 20 felony counts of taking bribes and kickbacks.

Model of Black Political Behavior

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus are selling their votes to financial, telecom and other corporate interests. Wisconsin’s Gwen Moore, New York’s Gregory Meeks, Georgia’s David Scott, Missouri’s Lacy Clay and Alabama’s Terri Sewell, have pushed for a host of measures to undermine Dodd-Frank’s rules on financial derivatives, the complex contracts that caused thousands of blacks to lose their homes. Gwen Moore has sponsored several measures to allow Wall Street to shift its riskiest transactions out of the view of regulators. Moore is a key congressional supporter of the banking industry. Black congressmen Meeks, Scott, Sewell, and Clay all worked to kill the Volcker rule. This rule denied banks tax bailouts for losses on their speculative trades.

In Georgia, a recent constitutional amendment designed to dissolve public schools and replace them with charters had substantial Republican support. But the constitutional amendment would never have gotten on the ballot without the support of key black Democrats.

A woman in Newark, NJ said that she voted for Corey Booker for Senate because she wanted him out of the mayor’s office. Booker attempted to privatize the city’s water supply and squandered a $100 million gift for Newark’s schools from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The city’s schools received nothing.

On the other hand, Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) called Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, an "uncle tom." for working to strike down the Voting Rights Act. In addition, Thompson also accuses Clarence Thomas of voting to uphold Voter ID laws and ban affirmative action plans.

Barack Obama: A Typical Black Politician

Barack Obama has had no problem following the behavior of most Black elected officials. Obama falls into the mold of politicians selected by black ‘king makers’ ____ the black preachers. The preachers seem always to select politicians who are corrupt, unconcerned with the issues affecting the black community and eager to further white racism.

There is no end to the complaints that Black people have with the Obama administration. [Issue#1] In the Southside of Chicago, where Obama worked as a community organizer before getting into politics, Chicago residents take issue with Obama’s request for $3.7 billion to address the border crisis. One resident complains that the president can get funds for immigrants, but not for African American families being torn apart in Chicago violence or for those stricken by poverty, homelessness and hunger.

[Issue#2] In Detroit, blacks on the city council and the black city administrator have disconnected water service to poor residents. Two-thirds of these shutoffs are occurring in homes with children. In addition to not being able to bathe, prepare food and flush toilets, the city is taking children away from their parents and their homes. At the bottom of this issue is an 8.7 percent city council approved increase in water rates. To add insult to injury, [Issue#3] the city council gave The.Homrich Co. Inc a $5.6 million no-bid contract to shut off water services to residences that are behind on their bills. Because Barack Obama has remained silent on this travesty, [Issue#4] the Detroit residents appealed to the United Nations Commissions on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights and on the Right To Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation.

In their response to the complaint, the United Nations issued a statement that the households suffering unjustified disconnections must be reconnected. Furthermore, since the water disconnections affect African Americans disproportionately, they are discriminatory and in violation of treaties the U.S. These judgments give the Detroit citizens standing in the World Court. They could force the Obama Administration to answer in the World Court why blacks are being denied water and why Barack Obama is unconcerned.

Like many black politicians, [Issue#5] Barack Obama has no problem lying to the public about his real priorities. Currently, the Obama administration is committed to feeding greedy private companies more multi-billion tax subsidies using the current round of global treaties Obama is negotiating.

[Issue#6] The Obama administration is pursuing a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) with European nations. The super secret talks anticipate pacts that would make it easier for corporations to override environmental safeguards. Agreements like this are the reasons that the drinking water all over Nigeria is polluted and animals and people are dying of thirst. Washington cynics assume Obama will find reasons to postpone a showdown on trade until after the fall elections. Then the White House will try to soften up opposition among Democrats, by using donations from a corps of corporate lobbyists. If Republicans capture the Senate this fall, Obama will get the help he needs to jam through the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership as well as the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

[Issue#7] Obama’s proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal backed by the IMF and American military would give corporations inordinate power over dozens of weak countries. Among other things, this deal would make it easier for corporations to use lawsuits to get their way over foreign governments. Where lawsuits fail, the US military will be used to overthrow any recalcitrant government.

In negotiating these secret deals, [Issue#8] the Obama administration has invited hundreds of corporate insiders to sit at the negotiating table. Industry-wide lobbyists like the American Farm Bureau and the Nuclear Energy Institute, along with a who’s-who of corporate America like Abbott Laboratories, Caterpillar Inc., Walmart and the fast-food powerhouses, telecom giants and media dynasties. But Obama has locked out environmentalists and labor leaders.

[Issue#9] Last year, the largest US-based companies parked their earnings in off-shore banks located outside the US. These corporations added $206 billion to their accumulated stockpile of $1.95 trillion being held outside the US. Estimates of lost revenue from profit offshoring is between $30 billion and $90 billion each year. States and localities also lose tens of billions of dollars in tax revenue each year to similar offshoring strategies. A recent study found that by closing just one small loophole in state business tax laws, states could bring in a billion dollars in new revenue almost overnight.

How many highways, bridges and housing could these tax dollars build or repair? How many jobs for black people could these loss revenues create? How many teachers and tuitions would it fund? How many mouths would it feed? But the Obama administration supports bank and Wall Street efforts to continue to defraud the American public while giving billions to fascist regimes like Ukraine and Israel.

[Issue#10] Despite the economic recovery, racial discrimination in the labor market and an expanding prison industrial complex perpetuates the declining economic condition in the black community. American citizens make up 25 percent of the world’s prison population. An African-American child under the age of 14 has a 50 percent chance of having his father go to prison. There is a 70 percent chance that an African-American man who does not earn a high school diploma will wind up in jail before he reaches his mid-30′s.

Fifty dollars, that is what someone receives upon being released from prison. It is the seed money they rely upon to reestablish housing, transportation, and employment while millions of dollars are given to university research institutions to discover why black men continue to go back to prison.

[Issue#11] As the decades have passed, the prison industry has become one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. At least 37 states now allow private corporations to use prison labor through contracts. The prison pipeline is not high on Obama’s agenda. Neither is education.

[Issue#12] Earning a college degree blunts racial discrimination for some, but a college degree is no guarantee of a job. In 2013, 12.4 percent of black college graduates between the ages of 22 and 27 were unemployed. For all college graduates in the same age range, the unemployment rate was 5.6 percent.

[Issue#13] Meanwhile the U.S. Supreme Court continues dismantling affirmative action by approving the right of individual states to ban affirmative action policies. Michigan, California, Florida, Washington, Arizona, Nebraska, Oklahoma and New Hampshire have similar bans on affirmative action. This is no problem for the Obama administration. Obama’s administration is uninterested in applying any rules of equity. He’s gotten what he wanted from black people: their votes. Obama is content to allow the black communities to sink deeper into poverty, homelessness and violence.

One of the biggest deceptions Obama has pulled on the black community is the mandated health insurance law that gives the medical insurance industry a billion dollar revenue stream replete with millions in tax credits for insurers. One of the most dangerous developments of Obama’s billion dollar subsidy to the health insurance industry is the proliferation of unproven medical technologies. Here is an example of what such medical technology will soon look like under Barack Obama. FRIED is the technology hospital administrators are purchasing to reduce hospital costs.

“Formatted Recognition of Illness Estimated Diagnoses [FRIED],” bears little resemblance to reality. But every day hospital executives spend hundreds of millions of dollars on clinical decision systems that make diagnosis, prognosis and treatment decisions that do not take into account the patient’s actual condition or required treatment. Increasingly, the computers rely on a concept known as “population health,” in which the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment is based on factors common to many people. So, you’re only as sick, as someone else with a similar symptom, regardless of what other health problems you may have. And your outlook for recovery, and what care, if any, you receive, is increasingly determined by others that fit your “profile,” not your own health status. Thus this trend towards experimental medical technology continues as individualized care fades away. Much of the medical technology is being promoted as the cure for everything from a broken healthcare system to cutting healthcare costs. Obama’s supporters are most proud of Obamacare. Soon Obamacare will be pioneering technologies that will rid the society of people too ill, mentally or physically to survive. The Obama administration is eyeing the black community as its test case.