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America’s Asymmetrical Society

America is ‘one nation, indivisible,’ but liberty and justice is reserved for its billionaire overlords and their police state caretakers.

Eugene Stovall

Oakland, California, March, 2018

American society is asymmetrical. Corporate interests control its social, political and economic sectors. Though millions of Americans are homeless, starving and sick, the common good does not guide public policy. The greed of the wealthy dominates governmental and non-governmental activities.

In his 1982 book, The Asymmetric Society, James Coleman, claims the alignment of business and government interests have produced an asymmetrical relationship between individual citizens and multileveled corporations. Coleman argues that when the government refuses to restrain corporate power but gives corporations unlimited access to the treasury and unlimited use of the state’s police power, a police state is created and corporations hold citizens in virtual servitude.

In its 2010 Citizens United opinion, the Supreme Court created the legal fiction that corporations are people with the rights of American citizenship thereby confirming the primacy of corporations over the citizenry. The Supreme Court Citizen’s United decision guaranteed that America would validate its asymmetrical society in law. There would be no restraint on the wealthiest one percent of the people gorging themselves upon the public trough. Furthermore, to impress the society with the pervasiveness of their power, corporations have branded everything. Municipal stadiums and amphitheaters built with taxpayer funds, non-profit public radio and television broadcasts, public buildings, monuments, public parks and even tennis players are plastered all over with corporate logos.

George Orwell, the English novelist and journalist, prophesied the ‘asymmetrical society’ in his 1949 novel, Nineteen Eighty Four. Orwell predicted that ___ acting as Big Brother ___ the government would exercise control over the behavior of its citizens by using every manner of high-tech device to wire tap, monitor, record and photograph private conversations, activities and occupations. Furthermore, to promote the endless wars that are so lucrative for the corporate state, Big Brother made it the patriotic duty of every citizen to hate all foreigners ___ at least all non-white foreigners.

“To be a white, Christian, conservative woman like myself, I’m right up there on the endangered species list…up there with the black rhino — and the black rhino’s got an advantage because he’s black.” Katie Hopkins

A far-right British media personality, complaining about the world’s growing intolerance towards intolerance and the easing of the white man’s burden

In successive regimes ___ Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump ___ America has adopted Orwell’s vision of modern society. And like Orwell’s Big Brother, these successive regimes rely upon propaganda to create the ‘fake news’ required to twist the truth and change reality. To convinces the public that ‘endless wars’ are not only necessary but also desirable, the government uses propaganda to convince people that war is “peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength.” To get its citizens to ignore reality and accept ‘Big Brother’s’ vision, the government uses propaganda. And like Orwell’s Big Brother, the American government tells its people, “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.”

America’s ‘deep state’ has been creating false narratives to promote America’s endless wars for decades ___ and it is creating them today. The ‘domino theory’ justified Asian wars and the murder of a millions Koreans, Vietnamese and Cambodians. The ‘war on terror’ justified regime change in Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia Libya and Ukraine. The war on drugs excused the atrocities in Grenada, the takeover in Panama and the importation and sale of drugs into the United States. These propaganda narratives have conditioned the American people to accept its government’s economic terrorism, international bullying and murdering of thousands of innocent men, women and children around the world.

Operation Mockingbird

Operation Mockingbird, a program begun by the CIA in 1956, created a variety of false narratives and fed them to mainstream media using a variety of methods. Mockingbird created CIA front news organizations and magazines that developed and packaged ‘fake news’ for distribution to major news services, newspapers and media outlets. Mockingbird recruited ‘independent’ journalists as intermediaries between CIA news fronts and mainstream media. Mockingbird also trained journalists and placed them in key positions inside mainstream media. For example, before Anderson Cooper became a major commentator on CNN, he was a CIA intern. Mockingbird furthered CIA narratives by funding various social, political, cultural and student organizations. The agency even funded rival organizations when the agency found groups it could not control. Mockingbird was first revealed in a 1967 Ramparts magazine article.

In his book, The Mighty Wurlitzer: How the CIA Played America, Hugh Wilford provides a comprehensive account of the clandestine relationship between the CIA and mainstream media organizations. According to Wilford, the CIA used media moguls such as Katherine Graham, owner of the Washington Post and William Paley, CEO of CBS as well as sham organizations such as the Congress of Cultural Freedom to spread its propaganda. Frank Wisner, director of the CIA’s Office for Policy Co-Ordination, prepared the Mockingbird propaganda accepted by journalists, television newscasters as well as Hollywood producers. Mainstream media consumed CIA narratives as ‘facts’ without reservation. ‘Fake news’ was the catalyst for the formation of America’s asymmetrical society.

Secret Organizations And Asymmetry

The Cold War was not created by J. Edgar who did not believe in the mafia, but found communists under every bed. Neither did the CIA’s ‘mighty wurlizer’ create asymmetry in the American society, by itself. Literary luminaries like William Buckley, Joseph Alsop, and his brother Stewart, Claire Booth Luce and even Anderson Cooper did not have to be browbeaten into publishing the CIA’s and the FBI’s fake news. Neither were media collaborators solely motivated by agency generosity. The clients of the CIA’s mighty ‘wurlitzer’ and other creators of ‘fake news’ were already ‘true believers.’ They all shared the values that CIA director, Allen Dulles, espoused. The media endorsed the United Fruit Company’s Central American takeover and ‘banana republic’ diplomacy. The CIA’s collaborators found nothing wrong with the overthrow of the Iranian government and the installation of a phony shah who would give American interests control of Iranian oil, The Gulf of Tonkin resolution, the Panama deception and even the Bush- Clinton drug operation were equally supported by a complicit press. They were all members of the same ‘club.’ They all believed in the ‘red menace’___ and the black, yellow and brown menace, as well. They believed that Russia’s support of Third World peoples struggle against white colonialism had to be met with economic sanctions, regime change, terrorism and war. They believed that American liberals were gullible Cold War pawns and had to be stripped of any influence within the American society. CIA collaborators participated willingly. They were inclined to support the CIA narrative by family ties, social standing and racial affinity. Consumers of the ‘deep state’s’ fake news believed it was their duty to chip in and help Uncle Sam keep America white and wealthy.

America’s Power Elite

Mainstream media does not discuss secret societies and admittance into the inner sanctums of America’s most powerful organizations. However, initiates into America’s secret societies enjoy the liberty and justice promised to all Americans. Members of secret societies not only enjoy the benefits of full citizenship, they enjoy political favors, lucrative jobs, financial opportunities and favorable court decisions. Here are a few of America’s more powerful secret societies.


The first ‘modern’ freemason lodge was formed in London in 1717. However, records exist claiming that Jews organized masonic lodges during the Dark Ages so they could travel freely about Europe. Thus the term ‘free’ masons. There are 1.6 million masons in the United States belonging either to the Scottish or the York rites. Each rite has its own lodges, degrees, inner and outer circles. The Negro Prince Hall masons formed segregation lodges. Masonic handshakes, code words, rituals and chains of command inspired other secret societies including the Illuminati, the Knights Templar, the Priory of Sion, the Knights of the Golden Circle, the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, the Organization of American Knights and the Shriners.

The Skull And Bones

The least secret of all secret societies is Yale University’s Skull and Bones Society. Founded by William H Russell in 1832 as a scion of Germany’s Death Head Brotherhood, the Skull and Bones boasts three American presidents ___ William Howard Taft, George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush ___ as members. Since 1930, one hundred and thirty one members have joined the Skull and Bones including Senator John Kerry and William F. Buckley. During World War I, Prescott Bush, father of ‘papa’ Bush and grandfather of ‘baby’ Bush, desecrated Geronimo’s grave. ‘Grandpa’ Bush and his fellow Bonesmen stole Geronimo’s skull and put it on display in the Bonesmen’s New Haven Tomb.


Founded in the early fifteenth century by Christian Rosenkreutz, the Rosicrucians protected its members from persecution, torture and burning by the Catholic Church ___ a fate suffered by all heretics opposing the pope’s rule. The Rosicrucians especially protected those involved in the Protestant reformation. Not only did the Rosicrucians support heretics, they supported every significant anti-Catholic revolt in Europe ___ including the one led by Martin Luther. The leading Rosicrucians in America were General Ethan Allen Hitchcock, Pasqual Beverly Randolph and Abraham Lincoln. Though Pasqual Beverly Randolph freely acknowledged his black ancestry, the Rosicrucians have spent time and resources to prove that he was actually a white man.

The Knights Templar

The Order of the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon ___ also known as the Order of Solomon's Temple, the Knights Templar or simply as the Templars ___ was founded in 1119 and was active until dissolved in 1312. Pope Innocent II recognized the Templars as a Catholic military order in 1139. The founder of the Catholic Cistercian Order, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, was the nephew of André de Montbard, one of the Templars nine founding knights. An additional inducement for the pope to legitimize the Templars was the large amount of gold the Templars gave the pope. Despite legend, the Templars were more preoccupied with accumulating wealth than protecting Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land. The Templars created a vast economic structure throughout Europe that utilized innovative financial techniques for transferring and lending money. The order erected a thousand fortifications that formed the backbone of a banking system.

In 1307, King Philip IV arrested, tortured and burned all the Templars that he could find. The king had Jacques de Molay, the last Templar Grand Master, burned in Paris on 18 March 1314. Some Templar knights escaped with their treasures to the Switzerland to establish a headquarters for their international banking system. Other Templars became pirates ___‘free booters’ who flew the Templar Cross and the Skull and Bones while preying on Spanish galleons laden with treasure bound for their Catholic majesties and the Pope.

Opus Dei

Founded in 1928 by the Spanish priest, Josémaría Escrivá de Balaguer, Opus Dei means ' God’s work.' Directed by the Vatican, Opus Dei assisted General Francisco Franco to overthrow the democratically-elected Spanish government in 1936. In appreciation for their support, Franco installed Opus Dei members in his fascist government. Within the Catholic Church, Opus Dei's mission is to further the Vatican’s deeply held fascist beliefs including the eradication of communism, socialism and liberalism. Opus Dei works for the reestablishment of the primacy of the Vatican over world affairs and for a return to the Catholic doctrine and practice existing during the Dark Ages when the Vatican could compel obedience through torture, slavery and burnings at the stake. The current pope, Francis, confirmed the Vatican’s commitment to its dark age traditions by canonizing as a Catholic saint, the man who enslaved, tortured and murdered 300,000 native Americans. The pope deems that the behavior of St. Junipero Serra worthy of being emulated by Catholics, worldwide. As the pope’s primary instrument of repression and terrorism, Opus Dei takes its mission, seriously. In a rare public comment, Opus Dei declared that its mission is to influence politicians, law enforcement and wealthy people who have significant influence on society. FBI agent, Robert Hanssen was a member of Opus Dei. Former FBI director Louis Freeh is also reputed to be a member of Opus Dei. Several justices on the US Supreme Court, including the avowed fascist, Neil Gorsuch, are also thought to be members of Opus Dei.

American Legion

The American Legion is a veterans organization that was formed in Paris, on March 15, 1919. Headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, the American Legion was chartered by Congress on September 16, 1919. While the Legion provides support and assistance to Veterans Administration hospitals and clinics, its primary objective is to engage in issue-oriented politics with a major focus on “Americanism.” The American Legion has a great deal of political influence at the local, state and national levels; it was responsible for getting the GI Bill enacted in 1944.

The Legion has “Copperheads” roots. Copperheads were pro-slavery Democrats who lived and operated in the North during the Civil War. The Copperheads actively lobbied northern state legislatures and influenced local newspapers on measures favored by the Confederacy such as the anti-draft petitions and prisoner release agreements.

Many Copperheads were members of the Knights of the Golden Circle, the organization that provided a great number of members of the Confederacy’s government including Judah Benjamin, the Confederacy’s Secretary of State. Over ninety percent of the Confederacy’s military officers were members of the Knights of the Golden Circle. After the Civil War, the Knights of the Golden Circle were disbanded and many of its Copperhead members joined the newly created Order of American Knights, which became a nucleus of the American Legion. Some American Legion posts refer to their Copperhead origins:

Retired Copperhead meeting will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the American Legion Post 1 located at 365 N 7th Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Copperhead Creek, Owatonna American Legion Post 77, 137 W Broadway St, Owatonna, United States.

American Legion Post 560 Copperhead Creek Shooting Club __ a Texas State Rifle Club

American Legion Department of Florida Golf Tournament Copperhead Golf Course in Lehigh Acres, FL.

American Legion Post 45 North Carolina Asheboro Copperheads Baseball Team

24th Annual American Legion Veterans’ Day Race Legion Hall in Uptown Butte – Copperhead Martin Golden

Toys for Tots Pittsfield American Legion Copperhead, New Canton