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A Darkness at Ingraham's Crest 1979


In this sequel to the The Dahomean , Hwesu, has lost his land, people and even his name. No longer Nyasanu Dosu Agausu Hwesu Gbokau Kesu, son of Gbenu, he is simply Wes Parks, black slave. Yet, the former Dahomean prince has lost neither his physical power nor his metalworking and healing skills. Nor has he lost the magical skills left to him by his ancestors. And with magic, intelligence and sheer will, Wes, wages a relentless struggle against his white masters. But if there is a white person who can strip Wes Parks of his, it is the Northern-born, liberal-minded, Pamela Bibbs, owner of the Ingraham's Crest plantation. And despite the twisted feelings and emotional ties Pamela has for her Black slave, she, too, is swept up into the consciousness of being a slave owner whose use of the whip on her hapless victims is her right. So Wes realizes that if he is to make good his plans for escape and revenge, he must decide how to handle Ms. Pamela Bibbs.

Hard Bound $150.00

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