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Gabrielle Petito


Seen Being Put In Huntdville Alabama Polic Van

Frank Sommerville

Former KTVU News Host

Christina Nance








Hobgood Elementary School Murfreesboro, Tennessee



















Black Thoughts For Multi-Cultural 




[Demonstrators At The 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention]

“America’s long-term fascist coup may have begun on November 22, 1963 with the murder of John Kennedy. But George W. Bush’s ‘Brooks Brothers Mob’ took it to another level exactly 37 years later.” From Reader Supported News 10-6-2021

Eugene Stovall

October, 2021 Oakland, California

The national and international media covered the disappearance of Gabrielle Petito round-the-clock, yet the Black and Missing Foundation says that the disappearance of 75,000 Black women have little media attention. The FBI says that, in 2020, four Black women were murdered each day, the press covered few of them.

On October 14th 2021, the body of 29-year-old Christina Nance was found inside of an unused police van parked outside a police station in Huntsville, Alabama. She had been missing for two weeks. The press covered neither her disappearance or death.

In 2018, the Urban Indian Health Institute released a report that documented hundreds of missing and murdered American Indian and Alaska Native women. Most of these cases were not even investigated by a law enforcement agency, let alone received media coverage.

Frank Somerville, a three-time Emmy winning news anchor with Oakland television station, KTVU was concerned that the media failed to cover the epidemic of missing and murdered non-white women. Sommerville used the term "missing white woman syndrome" coined by the late PBS anchor, Gwen Ifill, to compare the media’s treatment of missing white women like Gabrielle Petito with missing women of color like Christina Nance. However, the white KTVU news director, Amber Eikel, suspended Frank Somerville, indefinitely, for showing animus towards white women.

Fascists Hate Women Of Color

Women, everywhere, are victims of American terrorism. The worse atrocities occur in US immigration detention camps. Dawn Wooten, a nurse at the Immigration and Custom Enforcement [ICE] detention facility in Georgia, reported that the government forces non-white women detainees to have hysterectomies so they cannot have children as a condition for entering the country. Forced sterilization is one of the deep state’s most cherished policies. In ICE detention centers, women and children are starved, forced to sleep on concrete floors and receive minimal medical care while enduring continual sexual assaults by ICE personnel. The only detainees who are safe from rape are the infants that ICE stuffs into cages. Journalists reporting these atrocities and lawyers attempting to prevent them find themselves under arrest. But immigrants are not the government’s only victims.

Two policemen and a SWAT officer were sent to Hobgood Elementary School in Murfreesboro, Tennessee to arrest eleven black children. The day before there had been a tussle in the school yard between some black and white boys. But the school principal, Chrystal Templeton, didn’t want the boys who threw feeble punches at each other arrested. Templeton had Judge Donna Scott Davenport issue arrest warrants for 11 Black children who she claimed failed to stop the fight. Four of the students were Black girls, a sixth grader, two fourth graders and a third grader. The youngest was 8. Though they had done nothing wrong, the police handcuffed the children and took them to jail.

“Royal Smart remembers every detail: the feeling of the handcuffs on his wrists. The panic as he was led outside into the cold March darkness, arms raised, to face a wall of police officers pointing their guns. He was 8 years old. Neither he nor anyone else at his family's home on Chicago's South Side was arrested on that night two years ago, and police wielding a warrant to look for illegal weapons found none.” By Helen Wieffering, Colleen Long & Camille Fassett AP News October 20, 2021

Fascism Opposes Free Speech

The FBI created a new criminal classification for black people speaking out. Black Identity Extremists are criminals who speak out against white racism. White people demand that blacks be forced to endure white racism and defend white supremacy, as was the case from Reconstruction to the civil rights period. Being a Black Identity Extremists is to express racial pride. State governments, throughout the country, also outlawed black pride by passing a rash of anti-truth laws that criminalize teaching the truth about white supremacy and how white people pass laws meant to maintain white supremacy. Anti-truth laws making teaching the truth about white racism a crime, threaten teachers with the loss of employment, credentials and freedom. Teaching critical r ace theory, ethnic studies or the truth about race is not tolerated in fascist America. But white supremacy does not stop at outlawing the truth, it takes extreme measures against those who tell the truth.

When WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange revealed the truth about America’s international terrorism, he became the deep state’s most wanted criminal. When Mike Pompeo became CIA chief, his first priority was to eliminate Julian Assange and WikiLeaks as a source of information. Pompeo branded WikiLeaks a non-state intelligence service hostile to US interests and directed CIA black ops agents to treat WikiLeaks employees as enemy spies. Then Pompeo ordered senior CIA officials to plan the abduction and assassination of Julian Assange. But when insiders leaked Pompeo’s intentions to the press, the CIA was warned that kidnapping and murdering Assange would trigger a global reaction. Barry Pollack, Assange’s US lawyer, told Yahoo News that the CIA’s planned assassination of his client was outrageous.

Though the CIA quietly dropped its plans for Assange, incarceration, torture and murder remains official US policy. The US operates concentration camps, black op sites and military installations for those purposes all over the world. Since WWII, the deep state has used its military sites to launch genocidal wars, overthrow governments and impose economic and political sanctions. Few countries have avoided America’s fascist activities. Not only did the US attempt to assassinate the prime minister of France, Charles de Gaulle, it actually assassinated Aldo Moro, prime minister of Italy. Other world leaders American fascists have assassinated include Chile’s Salvador Allende, the Dominican Republic’s Rafael Trujillo, the Congo’s Patrice Lumumba, Vietnam’s Ngo Digh Diem, Libya’s Moammar al-Quadhdhadi, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and, most recently, Haiti’s Jovenel Moise. The deep state’s most spectacular assassinations was that of the president of the United States, John F. Kennedy and his brother, presidential hopeful, Robert F. Kennedy. With its decades of unbroken successes, the deep state is fuming over its failure to make Donald Trump the first openly fascist president of the US despite the use of voter suppression in the 2020 election as well as their attempted coup during the January 6th Capitol riot. The fact that Trump and his fascist thugs have not been jailed shows the power of the deep state over the US.

In his book “Base Nation,” professor David Vine, discusses how the US has established hundreds of military installations all over the world giving the American deep state the power to impose its will. Though Abu-Ghraib has become synonymous with America terrorism, the worse US military black ops/ concentration camp is at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where innocent people have been incarcerated, tortured and murdered for decades. American fascists not only incarcerate its enemies in Guantanamo, it uses its military presence to enforce US sanctions on the Cuban people, just as it uses its other military sites to impose sanctions, deprive populations of food and medical supplies and loot resources all over the world.

On September 30th2021, the Council for National Policy gathered wealthy military contractors, media moguls, public education privatizers, republican party leaders, anti-abortion activists and anti-immigration extremists to plot the deep state’s next fascist coup.

The Deep State’s Female Fascists

KTVU news director, Amber Eikel, Hobgood Elementary School principal, Chrystal Templeton and Judge Donna Scott Davenport are not the deep state’s only female assets. Two decades ago, Republican women began winning elections by showing they loved guns, opposed non-white immigration and supported wars of terror around the world with the most committed right-wing ideologues. These women met the white male conception of femininity by being faithful wives, caring mothers and appearing less intelligent than their male counterparts. These women took Sarah Palin, a gun totin’ mama whose ideology consisted of racist right-wing rhetoric, punctuated with intellectual gaffs to delight the press. From Virginia Thomas wife of a Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, to Colorado’s Lauren Boebert, from New York’s Elise Stefanik and Tennessee’s Marsha Blackburn to North Carolina’s Sue Myrick and Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene, as outspoken right-wing white supremacists, these women have embraced hate, evil and war as their path to success.

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene entered Congress as a QAnon supporter. In 2017, a person who identified himself as ‘Q’ and who claimed to be a government insider, began using the internet to post his anonymous right-wing conspiracy theories. QAnon, as he or she was known, advocated a fascist ideology that instigated so many violent acts that the FBI was forced to call QAnon’s supporters terrorists. Nonetheless Marjorie Taylor Greene entered Congress claiming that QAnon violence and the mass shootings were false flag operations. Greene even followed the teenage Parkland shooting survivor, David Hogg, as he walked into the U.S. Capitol to testify for gun-control laws, screaming vile invectives. Greene posts racist, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic rants on the internet and calls for the killing of prominent Democratic politicians. In January 2019, Greene circulated the White House’s petition to remove House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from office. But Greene told her supporters, a bullet to the head would be a quicker solution. Greene shouts racial epithets into Congressman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s Capitol office letterbox and claims that Biden used voter fraud to win the 2020 election.

Elise Stefinik

In May 2021, House Republicans appointed Elise Stefinik to the post of House Conference Chair, the third highest position in the Republican caucus. The Republicans removed Liz Cheney of Wyoming from that leadership post for criticizing Trump’s claim that the 2020 election was rigged. Elise Stefinik was the Republican caucus’ point person in Trump’s effort to overturn the 2020 election, working with Richard Graber, president and chief executive of the Bradley Foundation which bankrolls Trump’s effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Virginia Thomas

On Wednesday morning, January 5th 2021, Virginia Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, sent ‘love letters to friends’, who would participate in the January 6th Capitol riot that was meant to make Trump America’s first fascist dictator. Ginni Thomas, a right-wing Republican, is an avid Trump supporter. She insists that Trump was a victim of a coup in 2020. Ginni’s 2020 campaign tactics included telling blacks to reject preventative COVID-19 measures, urging black Democrats to vote Republican and condemning Black Lives Matter. During Trump’s tenure, Ginni compiled a list of disloyal federal employees and urged Trump to fire them. She requested the White House hire Clarence Thomas’ former law clerks.

Ginni Thomas’ lobby organization, Groundswell, opposes transgender military service. Groundswell drafted Trump’s 2017 transgender military ban. When a lower court blocked the ban, Clarence Thomas lobbied the Supreme Court to lift the lower court’s order. Clarence Thomas has never recused himself from any case involving Groundswell or any of his wife’s lobbying activities.

Lauren Boebert

Lauren Boebert, a gun-loving, conspiracy-theory-spouting congresswoman from Western Colorado, bucked the anti-Trump trend and was elected to Congress in 2020. After her election, Congressman Boebert immediately began working to overturn the 2020 presidential election. During the January 6th insurrection, Boebert tweeted out Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi’s Capitol Building office location. Upon being sworn into Congress, Boebert toured the streets of Washington, D.C. displaying her loaded pistol and telling the press that she intended to carry her Glock inside Congress. Though Boebert claims to represent working-class voters, Charles Perko a steelworker and president of the local steelworkers’ union says that Boebert has refused to meet with his union or discuss worker issues. Over 32,000 Colorado voters signed a petition to remove Boebert from Congress.

Marsha Blackburn

In 2018, Twitter blocked an advertisement supporting Congressman Marsha Blackburn's bid for the U.S. senate. Blackburn, an eight-time Tennessee congressman, claimed that, as the chair of the House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives, she had prevented Planned Parenthood from selling baby body parts. Though Blackburn’s claim caused a wave of investigations into Planned Parenthood’s activities, no evidence was found that Planned Parenthood sold fetal tissue for profit. Twitter said that Blackburn's campaign statement was inflammatory and likely to evoke strong voter emotions.

Sue Myrick

Congressman Sue Myrick, a right-wing conservative, was a breast cancer survivor when she began refocusing her political interests on health care. Nonetheless Sue Myrick remained a rabid foe of non-white immigration and a vociferous antagonist to Islam. Throughout her career, Myrick would launch into hate-filled tirades against non-white immigrants, in general, and Muslims, in particular, anywhere, at any time. In the forward of the book, Muslim Mafia, Myrick writes that Islam is a disease. In 2009, Myrick called the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a pro-Islam nonprofit lobby, a subversive organization and demanded an FBI investigation. Recognizing Myrick’s lifetime of anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant service, the CIA and the intelligence community awarded her the National Intelligence Distinguished Public Service Medal, the highest award anyone outside the intelligence community and the deep state can receive.

Nazi War Criminals And The Deep State

Smuggling Nazis into America as Jews [is the height of hypocrisy.]” A blacklisted writer [Kelly McGillis] to an ostracized FBI agent [Jeff Daniels] in the 1988 film, House On Carroll Street

After WWII, the State Department and the Vatican used Operation Paperclip, Operation Tobacco and Operation Rust to smuggle thousands of Nazi war criminal into the US. Under the cover of the purge, known as the red scare, instigated by Joe McCarthy, Bobby Kennedy and Roy Cohn, Nazi criminals were insinuated into the highest levels of government, business and academia. President Eisenhower called the deep state controlled by the Vatican’s Nazis, the military-industrial complex. When John F. Kennedy tried to rein in the Nazi deep state, they assassinated him as well as his brother Bobby.


Necessities, Amenities, 


We Require The Basic Necessities, Food, Clothing And Shelter; We Value The Amenities, Life, Liberty And Happiness And We Desire Luxuries, Wealth, Leisure And The Esteem Of Others.

Eugene Stovall

Oakland September 2021

The long running National Geographic documentary series, Life Below Zero, produced by BBC Worldwide, films residents of the Alaskan wilderness living at the subsistence level trying to get what they need to survive. Life Below Zero highlights the adventures of Alaskans, Sue Aikens, Chip and Agnes Hailstone, Andy Bassich and Ricko DeWilde, as they cope with subzero weather, avoid the treacherous ice and snow packs and fend off hungry predators. To some, Life Below Zero dramatizes class, culture and race struggle in American.

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